🔔 Watching or Ignoring Hero Balance/Buff/Nerf Threads

Introduction & Purpose

Some Forum members enjoy discussing rebalancing Heroes — others do not.

To help each Forum member find (or ignore) threads about Hero balance (i.e. nerfing or buffing), I’ve created a new Forum Tag: #hero-balance

Making Use of the #hero-balance Tag to Find or Ignore Threads


You can find these threads by searching for #hero-balance, or clicking on the hashtag link.

You can also combine the tag with other search terms to find individual posts, for instance:

#hero-balance Telluria (click to run this search)

#hero-balance DoT (click to run this search)

Automatic Notifications About ALL #hero-balance Threads

In your Forum Preferences, under Notifications > Tags, you can subscribe to notifications for posts in #hero-balance threads.

You have three options:

  • Watched — this option will automatically notify you of EVERY new post in a thread tagged with #hero-balance; this is equivalent to turning on Watching for each thread with that tag

  • Tracked — this option will automatically show counts of new posts in the “Unread” Forum tab, for each thread tagged with #hero-balance; this is equivalent to turning on Tracking for each thread with that tag

  • Watching First Post – this option will notify of new threads tagged with #hero-balance; you will not automaticallly receive notifications about subsequent replies in those threads, but can choose to subscribe to notifications for individual threads that you’re interested in

Muting/Ignoring ALL #hero-balance Threads

If you prefer to reduce your visibility of #hero-balance threads, you can Mute them in your Forum Preferences, under Notifications > Tags.

If you do this, any thread tagged with #hero-balance will no longer show in the Latest Forum Tab,

This will NOT prevent you from receiving notifications in these threads if you are tagged or quoted. If you wish to also suppress notifications, you must individually Mute each thread.

Enabling or Disabling Notifications for Individual Threads

As with all threads on the Forum, you can individually adjust your notification and visibility preferences at the bottom of a particular thread.

  • Muted – this will suppress ALL notifications, including if someone tags or quotes you; this is an effective option if you want to ignore a thread completely

  • Watching – you’ll receive a notification every time someone replies; use when you don’t want to miss any replies in a topic

  • Tracking – a count of new posts will show in the Unread Forum Tab; use when you want to keep up with a topic, but don’t want a notification for every post

  • Normal – you’ll be notified if someone tags or quotes you, but won’t otherwise get notifications or see the thread in Unread

Creating New Threads

When created a new thread about Hero Balance, i.e. suggesting or discussing changes to an existing Hero, you can apply the #hero-balance tag to help others find or ignore the thread as they see fit.

Helping as a Forum Regular

If you have earned Regular status on the Forum, you can assist the moderators by ensuring that the #hero-balance tag is properly applied to new threads about buffing/nerfing/balancing heroes, and is NOT applied to extraneous unrelated threads.

Existing Content

I’ve applied this tag to several of the existing Hero Balance discussion threads:

These and future threads can be found by searching #hero-balance, or clicking on the hashtag link.


@zephyr1, thank you for this. I didn’t know I needed this until you created it


Great idea @zephyr1. A lot of people will appreciate this, and it will save people a lot of time who wish to focus on improving their game.


Naaaiiiiisssss. 20 awesome hurrays


Too bad you can’t restrict some threads so that any person can only comment ONCE on that thread…like a response to developers on upcoming balance changes…everyone gets one post to respond to them


We’ve discussed the merits of a system like that, but I’m not aware of any way to implement it in the Discourse Forum software, at least in our current configuration.


Lol I guess everyone is different, I like to be tagged :joy:

This is awesome… but I can’t help but watch the carnage in the Nerf/Buff threads, never seen it so crazy.
I won’t give me 2cents here as that would rather be flying in the face of this great addition to the forum :grin::+1::+1:


@zephyr1 I have a slightly OP but related question, this was the closest topic I found :wink:

Is there a way to see who is watching a thread, specifically one that I’ve started? I’ve been suggesting readers to “watch” our recruiting thread for auto notifications of new openings, but I wonder if there’s a way for me to see who might be watching it, or even if it’s being watched at all, or just a count of current watchers, maybe?.. any insight into that function would be helpful tbh. I’m guessing the answer to all of the above is “no”, but I figured if anyone might know for sure it’s you. :crossed_fingers: :smiley:

Not that I know of.

You could double check the Discourse documentation, though.

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Cool, thank you. I did check before bother you about it but didn’t see anything. No worries, thank again.

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Creating such threads?

  • Yes
  • No
  • it’s just bait
  • :thinking:
  • :wink:

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