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This thread is for discussing whether Costumed Xnolphod is well-balanced, or whether you think he needs a buff or nerf.

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  • I think Costumed Xnolphod is reasonably well-balanced overall
  • I think Costumed Xnolphod is excessively weak, and needs a buff (increase of their strength)
  • I think Costumed Xnolphod is excessively strong, and needs a nerf (decrease of their strength)
  • I’m not sure yet
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:speaking_head: Discussion

  • If you think Costumed Xnolphod is well-balanced, too strong, or too weak — why?

  • Are there specific, concrete suggestions you’d make to the game designers to alter Costumed Xnolphod ? Or are there specific reasons you think they should remain unchanged?

Purpose of this thread:

To provide an aggregate place for the topic here on the forum; thus preventing there being a million threads popping up. And to provide an actual set of impartial votes rather than a Ideas & Feature Requests which has no real voting.

In short, to neaten the forum and to give players and outlet for their thoughts on his balance without bogging down the rest of the forum or the other Costumed Xnolphod thread.

I was glad to see they didn’t bring back the 20% mana bump after saying it was too powerful to exist in the game.

So they listened to beta testers?

Yeah I agree it was good they listened to players, I’m just curious as to whether they should have made him do something else. Looking at the polls he appears to be underpowered and far worse than the original :thinking:



Yes he it’s worst than the original but at least it’s different.

Anyone do the math on how much mana he gives in chunks?

I’m pretty sure i said… give the 20%, but over 4 turns…