Tarlak needs a buff!

I know there are worse heroes out there, but as far as buffs go, I feel Tarlak needs one. His first ability is amazing, I don’t think anyone would deny that, but his second one is literally useless.

He gives the entire team heals for 4 turns, but those heals are so minuscule that they don’t make a difference, especially against heroes like Azlar, Proteus and Gravemaker (to name a few). My suggestion is simple, double the amount of heals from 324 to an even 650 over four turns and he will be a lot better.

If Alby, Ares, Aeron and Guin have such high HoT, then I think Tarlak deserves a boost too, especially seeing as all the others I just listed can do a lot more than Tarlak can.


I’m going to disagree. As a Tarlak owner, I’d love it, but his other special is so good, it’s not needed. think of the healing as a bonus, like the elemental link heroes have, but for your whole team. He still has a nice high attack, and once his special fires, all your other heroes hit twice as hard as they did previously.


I never thought I’d see the day lmao. Tarlak is considered a must have hero and you want them to buff him? Insanity. He’s already great. The heroes you mentioned in comparison are designed to be healers. Tarlak has a nice little heal but his main role is for the attack buff. Also I can’t imagine a scenario where you’re attacking a Gravemaker team with green heroes so that’s just your mistake lol


Wow… I want Tarlak sooooo much that reading he needs a buff makes me laugh… A lot!


Tarlak would be great even WITHOUT the healing skill.


Lol, I wouldn’t say no, if tarlak would be a healer too.
Then I would have more 5* healer in my war teams. :sweat_smile:
But he don’t need a buff.


One word from me


Fairly simple, if you’re dissatisfied with him, just feed him away! :rofl:


Disagree with a buff, but reserve the right to change my mind if I were to get him.


I’m thinking the intent of this post might be to satirize all of the “this hero doesn’t do this one thing as well as someone else so he/she needs a buff” posts we’ve been seeing.


So why not get rid of his heals altogether and give him something else? The “little” bonus heals don’t do anything for him or the team anyway, especially if they are already poisoned or burning.

@beave, this post was originally a gag, but after thinking about it, not anymore.

Tarlak is pretty buff as it is. I think the only way he could be more buffed, would be with steroids. And we all know what happens to men when they do 'roids!! :rofl:


LMFAO… Omg… :joy:


I agree, but ONLY if my Grave Maker gets one also cause he is way to slow


Rolmao now… really… now GM… y’all are too much… killing me… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Once Miki comes out with a bit higher damage (110% vs 100%) and a secondary of 3 target 4 turn silence, this thread will probably hold a bit more water… sure, miki is slow but 2 tiles for his secondary seems more than worth it.

Nah I think he’s fine, even once Miki is released.

The healing honestly can be ignored, or thought of as a small bonus. Not really great but hey it’s there.

He already works well as a hero, considering he gives a significant attack up buff that rips a new hole in titans… I just don’t think the secondary effect being “ok” is really a concern for him. He works for what he needs to do :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s because I only have him at 3/70, but I’m not impressed at all. That low heal is worthless but I’d love to see it replaced with something else.

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Then maybe use another hero…

Tarlak will need a buff for sure, but only when I have him. :wink:


Yeah, other than Tarlak, Wu and Ranvir badly need a buff too…lol.
Tarlak’s 1st ability is already so good anything else that comes with it is a bonus.

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