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This thread is for discussing whether Frosth is well-balanced, or whether you think he needs a buff or nerf.

This thread is NOT for general discussion of Strategy or Summons related to Frosth. For that, please see: Frosth – 5* Ice/ Blue - April 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

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  • I think Frosth is reasonably well-balanced overall
  • I think Frosth is excessively weak, and needs a buff (increase of their strength)
  • I think Frosth is excessively strong, and needs a nerf (decrease of their strength)
  • I’m not sure yet

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:speaking_head: Discussion

  • If you think Frosth is well-balanced, too strong, or too weak — why?

  • Are there specific, concrete suggestions you’d make to the game designers to alter Frosth? Or are there specific reasons you think they should remain unchanged?

Purpose of this thread:

To provide an aggregate place for the topic here on the forum; thus preventing there being a million threads popping up. And to provide an actual set of impartial votes rather than a #ideas-feature-requests which has no real voting.

In short, to neaten the forum and to give players and outlet for their thoughts on her balance without bogging down the rest of the forum or the other Uraeus thread.


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From my point of view, the minions lack healthpoints.

Bera and freya are the best examples. They have better abilities and much heavier minions at the same speed.

Possible solution for me would not be of just pushing the minions % up, that doesnt work.

Why not changing froshts passive ability to:
- when a minion owned by (Frosth) is killed, cleanse status ailments and stacks of (Frosth) and nearby allies

it would be to much to clean all allies.
And you cant control if or when froshty minion is killed.
But it gives frosth a better offense usability, and even on defense he would do something.

And he would be a little counter against skadi.


Cleanse doesn’t remove Skadi stacks, FYI.

I’d be fine with his minions also cleansing on death, but don’t think he NEEDS a buff to be viable. The mana gain given to teammates is very strong. Turning your fast heroes into VFast, Average into fast, and slow into 9 tiles is way stronger than people give it credit for.

(Makes less significant of a difference on Avg speed heroes, unless you lack lv 23 mana troops)


Exactly, and thats why my 2 cents would be to even give frosth exactly that ability to cleanse and delete stacks. As a buff that doesnt really change his playstyle. (It would be too easy to give minion 20% hitpoints and let them do 170 frost damage over 3 turns :wink: )

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