Mok-arr needs to be rethought

Mok-arr is just awful… it’s one of the worst 5* hero’s. He has a small dark team niche but isn’t even good on holy titans where people reguarly stack 2-4 of the same color hero’s. He’s basically anti wu in your team as well.

So I’m not sure what the point of this hero is? He isn’t even good on raids where people generally stack multiple dark hero’s vs Guinevere tank teams as his damage isn’t great either…I just don’t know how this hero made it through beta without any real use…

My recommendation is if you want to keep this design change his immunity from all dark hero’s to an immunity to himself and closest allies. This at least will shake up a players team setup. Making them choose at least 2 hero’s on thier team that has to eat mok-arr atk.


He seems like a useful yellow titan killer to me, especially considering that his special does pretty heavy damage at average mana. Tiburtus - Panther - Khiona - Mok-arr - Tarlak seems like a winning combo.


5 Dark defense team - pick any 4 or 5*

He does has a decent atk stat at 741 however his special damage is just 250% w extra vs holy. On titans mainly it’s the tile damage that matters so even if we ignore the small amount of damage his special does to the Titan it’s just going to hurt your non dark hero’s you want to use like tarlak.

At that point why even take him when you could take several other dark hero’s that are better then him for titans? In your example which is probably the most ideal list for him you would still be better off with hel instead of mok-are. She has a better atk, higher damage special, and a useful ability on titans and most importantly doesn’t hurt your team… heck even if you don’t have hel it’s better ascending a duplicate for titans then ascending mok-arr.


Even with that obvious niche he’s still not worth leveling over many other dark hero’s (including many duplicate dark hero’s) who are still better in that setup.


Would agree… That seems to be the only area where I would play Mok-Arr since it’ll take a very brave soul to go 5v5 Dark, considering the attacker has to rely heavily on a good board, while defense just waits to get hit.

Pulled it for free so not complaining, but been wondering as to how such a 5* came about…

Whatever the plans or changes are for this 5* (which feels more like a 4 to me), I’ve got Sartana, Domitia, 2 Tibs, 2 Sabina, Proteus & maybe Cyprian to work on first… ■■■■, I need a lot of tools and tabards… :persevere:

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I played extensively with him in beta and he was awesome against Guin where you are already stacking anyways. So like him or not, he’s as designed and intended.

I don’t see how his special is anything to talk about vs guin! It’s a weak 250%. Just take hel, panther, sartana, tibertus, Sabina or any other viable dark hero vs guin… or double up on most of those or use merlin proteus etc which are all vastly better vs guin.

I guess in beta where they give you completely leveled up hero’s to use it’s ok to play around with for amusement. But mok-arr is one of the worst 5* in the game even when you try to perfectly setup him in his own niche.


250% of a 741 attack stat is good, though, especially for an average-mana AOE. I’d compare his special to Azlar, which is 205% of 793 and is slow mana.

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you are still better with the average casts of hel, panther, even tibertus. Sure they only hit 3 targets but they are still better then mok-arr. my point isn’t that he is never going to have a time you could use him. It’s that he is just bad. He requires such a specific set up and specific target to be useful and luck on a decent board. He will almost never be ascended because even when you align the stars to make him useful he isn’t even the best choice to use.

Azlar also has an extra 360dam DoT and doesn’t hit your team… yes he’s slow but he’s also not the most popular hero. If it wasn’t for azlar very high atk he wouldn’t be used much at all.

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True, he’ll never be the best, but that doesn’t automatically make him bad, more like a B-. Compared to truly bad heroes like Guardian Owl and Boss Wolf and Thorne, he’s at least usable for something. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Extremely slow hero’s is another problem but even then I’d ascend boss wolf before mok-arr if it was a choice between the 2.

Thorne makes no sense they literally made Richard the same time and basically made an inferior copy of Richard. Who isn’t anything amazing either.

But that’s kinda my point mok-arr is in thier company of the extremely bad hero’s. It’s like a list of which one is worst.


He delivers extra damage to yellow as well. Most don’t have Hel or Panther. And the 4* heroes get popped quick against a 4k maxed 5* team (other than Rigard). Let’s not also forget that Guin is a totally situational card in her own right (raid defense).

I’m not trying to compare him to any other card, I’m just saying that I used him very successfully against Guin in extensive testing in beta where he was the only card I used (with my normal cards).

I think he’s a solid card and I’d be happy to have him. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

I can’t think of a worse purple 4 or 5* hero what is the point of hurting your own team unless his hit was overpowering and it isn’t, it’s kinda of underwhelming if I got him I do just as I did to boss wolf and guardian owl and feed him to a 5* nearing 80


I wouldn’t feed him just yet though… Atlantis is still a long way from completion… Who knows what lies ahead and who knows what crazy ideas some people who might have leveled ‘Lenny the Shark’ might come up with for its use.

Heck… I’m even holding back from feeding my 3* in case they come up with Atlantis specific events that might require specific setups, or if they decide to buff/alter the specials of some of the Season 1 heroes.


Now that I think about it, a team like Panther - Mok-arr - Khiona - Mok-arr - Wilbur might work better. Assuming that Mok-arr’s self-hits trigger Khiona’s attack increases even when hitting dark heroes and that Khiona’s attack buff has no limit, using the order of specials (Khiona, Wilbur, Mok-arr, Mok-arr) would boost the center 3 heroes’ attack by +245% consistently without needing enemies to do anything.


He was designed for players like me who run single color teams. I tried for him but didn’t get him. He would have looked good with Sartana, Panther, Aeron, Khiona. I guess Sargasso/Obakan/Domitia will have to do

Anyone who says Mok-Arr is trash or doesn’t like him or thinks he’s only useful on mono purple teams has no imagination and is taking out their ■■■■. Don’t trash a hero before you think or experiment.


A much more effective demonstration would be of a yellow Titan or final level of Shiloh. 12-9 makes it extremely hard to gauge his effectiveness as that stage can be farmed using auto attack with a 3 star team.


He’s fun to play with like your video said however there are plenty of better choices to waste your Tabards on…

At least put up a video of him vs a 9-12* yellow Titan so we can see if he does anything special or a decent diamond level raid. I don’t need mok -arr to farm story zones.

I had 7 tabards I got mok-arr and I used them to ascend hel to rank 4… becuase she does more damage then mok-arr and has a better ability and also does extra damage to yellow without hitting my own team.

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