Increase Obakan's Counter Attack or Make Other Buffs — Share Your Ideas & Discuss

It seems like all heroes that use counter attack or riposte as it’s sometimes called, has had their counter percentage increased, well all apart from Obakan?? He uses counter attack but his level has stayed at only 115% whereas ALL others have increased from 115 to 125. It only seems fair to increase his aswell or increase it to ‘and nearby allies counter attack’. I can understand if it was just 1 or 2 but all counter/riposte heroes have had this increase!!!

Quick ? - Did Sumi’s or Boss Woof increase too?

Sumitomo’s counterattack was already at 135% but no, you are correct about Boss Wolf. As far as I know he has t had an increase. He’s still at 115% aswell but unlike Elena he has excellent defence & that’s my point regarding Elena, she dies before the special skill has time to activate with having slow mana & very low defence. She’s on the cover of the game & she’s 1 of the main protagonists in the main story along with Richard & Vivica yet her defence is pathetic whereas theirs is decent enough so you get to use their special skill. Elenas attack should’ve been reduced a little so her defence can be increased. Especially for a main character!!!

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let’s switch atk and def of elena…haha for sure, she won’t die with 3 blue tiles…:slight_smile:

My point exactly!!! What’s the point in increasing her special skill attack & counter when she dies with a mere puff of breath!!! That much of a discrepancy between attack & defence isn’t right IMO. Of course some heroes are biased towards attack or defence but not that much & not for a main character in the game!!!

Just adding a link to this related thread:

i got her in my main team, cause no other good 5 red. her tile damage is insane, but if she’s focused by IA…pain and pain…i agree with you. uping attack with a poor survability is not very efficient

I think that after buffing a lot of 5 stars, maybe it’s time SG gives a much needed buff to the most underwhelming 5 star in the game - Obakan.

Generally speaking, his fast mana does not compensate for his awful special.

Any buff will be beneficial to that guy, as currently, he looks like a 4 star more than to any of his fellow 5 stars.

I’d love to see any kind of change, and I know we already have a purple sniper, but here is my general suggestion:

Let’s make his counter attack apply to the nearby champions and increase the damage to 300 or 310%. This will make him a very decent hero to have with some neat utility function on attack raids, and maybe even a good F2P purple tank.


If he gave counter to other heroes and hit by 300% at fast charge, he’d be ridiculous. A solid change for him would be 260% to 3 (as opposed to the minor damage to nearby) and counter raised to 125% like other counter heroes.


That is an interesting suggestion indeed, but as with mine, it will make him a bit broken, as he has 20 more attack than Quintilus with 10% damage difference, so this will make him a fast mana Quintilus with self riposte :joy:

Yeah 300 might be a lot in my suggestion, maybe 280 for it. Or make him 300 but remove nearby damage

Maybe 290 with nearby allies have half the counter attack percentage or something.

I just think that giving him riposte to nearby heroes will make him a very niche hero, that will be very useful in some situations, even if the damage stays 260% :grin:

SG can crunch the numbers better than we can in any case, but he desperately needs some bbuffs of any kind :grin:

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Oh sorry, I meant to all enemies he hits now haha, so still splash damage, not damage to all, cause yeah, that would be nuts as well. I think 3 hit for 260 and counter at fast for 125% is pretty solid.


Yeah, that sounds better :grin:

If he got to be a fast mana quint, I won’t be mad either, as a week ago I got a second Obakan and I swore out loud hahhaha :joy:

It’s always the heroes we have that we want the buffs for the most haha. When I pulled Hatter all I could think is… if they made him fast and target one, he’d be so much more useful to me (like a super powered Caedmon), but alas, that’s never going to happen. I do however believe obakan will see a buff at some point and really think it could be what I listed above.


If he wasn’t part of the latest bunch of buffs of v20, I doubt he will ever be upgraded. And I wonder why. SG must have their reasons. But I do think he’s under-powered. Now more than ever.

I was really surprised that Obakan got overlooked in this past round of buffing. I agree that he is one that sorely needs it. I’d take any kind of buff that added Ripose on neighboring allies. If his hit had to remain weak to do that, so be it. So many others do damage that I’d like to see his unique special get some help.

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Make him purple 5 star Sumitomo - imo the most balanced of the reflectors

He can be selfish, but right now he’s like the guy that brags about his prowess ad nauseum, then straight up fails like a belly flopping rookie when given the chance to perform…

With great hair comes great responsibility - but looking like He-Man Mallfoy only gets you so far…

Cyprian is 4 capes - Obi is all the fixins’

Trade 3 targets for fast speed and some damage - ok good start -

But need just enough more to seriously consider him

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Yes, I was also surprised that Obakan got no buff. Counterattack as a tank is fine, but Obakan has low Def and single counterattack does not help much. Low attack to three opponents is not really helpful either.

TBH, He is the only hero that I’ve ever had, thinking it needs a buff. 4 others I considered for logical buffs and I think they all got them - Kadilen, Elkanen, Boss Wolf and Khagan.

I’m a proud owner of Richard and while many people dislike him, he is one of my favourite 5 stars.

@Redeye Agree, neighbouring counterattack on his special will make me want to ascend him for sure, even if he still has lowish attack.

I agree with the others as well - was really surprised he got no buff whatsoever :grinning:

@Petri Any news from the kitchen? Is a buff to Obakan waiting in the near future or at least considered for this year?

Or he should keep his actual stats, but changing to a Very Fast mana.

However, considering that changing mana generation speed is quite drastic, extending his Riposte to nearby allies and changing his damage to 260% to three enemies instead of minor damage to nearby would be nice.

Obakan is fine as is. He is decent, not great, but all heroes can’t be great. He is better than other 5* heroes.

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