Don't nerf Telluria

I have Telluria. I saved gems ever since I saw the hero here in the forum (I think it was in December) hence I saved money for those gems.

Telluria gets rebalanced before coming out to the market, that’s ok I still like the hero, I will still save money to get it.

I stored hundreds of heroes in TC so I can max Tell in one day if I hit the odds.

Saved Atlantis coins, Valhalla coins, keys, event coins, gems… I spend around $20 a month, so I was putting all my focus in Telluria. Even tho I wanted Vela too, I could not take the risk of not getting any of them. So my gems went for my main objective.

Now I get Telluria, I’m so happy. I waited for months, I wanted this hero so bad. Such a great day.

But wait, what is happening? there are some people unhappy with the hero… why? it’s a great hero… well, they must have their reasons… I don’t understand, but I respect that. I’m happy with Tell.

Oh no… wait, they are asking for a nerf… a nerf? what is that? English is not my mother tongue so I’m gonna search for the term. Oh… oh no…

In computer gaming, a nerf is a change to a game that downgrades the power, effectiveness or influence of a particular game element in the attempt to achieve balance. The term originated as a reference to the NERF brand of child toys, which are made to minimize possible damage. In the same way, “to nerf” describes the action of making something less harmful.

The act of making something worse or weaker
The verb form of nerf.

So, they want a downgrade or a tweak to the hero in the name of balance. Mmmm, but that was made before releasing the hero… they also talk about a combo, that the combo Ve, Te, GM is too powerful. So it’s the hero or it’s the combo which they don’t like? And if the combo is the problem, why to attack directy the hero?

But are all of them asking for balance? No. Some of them are, but some of them just can’t play. How do I know that? well, they claim “she is impossible to defeat”. But it’s not impossible to defeat, I’ve watched dozens of videos of people defeating it with teams compounded of 4* and 5* working as a TEAM. So they may want to rethink the way they play. Besides, in a video game, there is no impossible character to defeat.

But what about the ones that ask for balance? that’s good for the game. Yes, it is.

But they are approaching the matter wrong.
I’m a user, and I’m a consumer of E&P. I paid money to get those gems, I spent money to obtain Telluria.
It was a risky investment because I could have ended with nothing, as investments are, but was the risk I wanted to take. So, it’s not fair that I as a consumer, get the product I bought “tweak” for the worse, because I didn’t pay for that, I don’t want that. If Tell has to be tweak then it must be left at the same level it is now within the same abilities, but different capacities… “but you didn’t buy the hero! cuz you didn’t pay directly for it!”

Well… when I pay for summons, I pay for random heroes, and turned out one of them was Telluria, so yes. I bought Telluria.

I’m sure SG is working on new abilities that will change the game, and Telluria won’t be the god of the tanks forever. All you people asking for a nerf have to be patient because Tell has been out just for a month and you are overreacting already. Pretty sure changes are coming, not because of Telluria. This hero is just part of a plan.
Do you think SG plans things looking at the next 3 months? of course not. They have a plan for the next year at least. They have a long-term projection because that’s what big companies do.

Instead of insisting on the absurd of nerfing, give ideas of how to fight it.
“But you have Telluria and that’s why you don’t want it to be nerfed”.

You’re goddamn right. As long as I have Telluria, I am the one who knocks.

And guess what? I don’t have Guinevere and I never went around asking for a nerf, and she was the queen of the game. I don’t have Ursena and I never went around asking for a nerf. I don’t have Finley, BK… tons of the best heroes.

I just enjoy the GAME. If not, I just would not play it.


I have to admit, that I wholeheartedly agree with your position on this.
It’s way too late to downgrade Telluria.
People looked at the Hero of the Month on offer and used money etc to get him/her.
Some people in my alliance used lots of money to get Telluria.
My question is - if Telluria is downgraded by E&P as some are suggesting, how do you compensate the players who used goods (cash / gems) to get her?
And if she is downgraded, does that mean someone returns all the trophies that I lose overnight to raiding teams using Telluria as a Tank?
And how do you then recalculate war scores?
Like I said players “paid” to get Telluria based on her skills / stats etc. You can’t then take it away because others are struggling to defeat her. It’s like a garage selling me a sports car that is faster than my neighbours. They then complain. And the garage replaced it with a Fiat or whatever …
Let’s just play the game and have fun


The thing is that SG doesn’t have to compensate. They reserve the right to make any changes to their product as they wish.

The argument that you paid money to get her also doesn’t hold. People paid money for gems, which people used to try and obtain Telluria. If you want money back because of a nerf, they might as well give money back to everyone that didn’t get her…

I’ve said this before tho; anyone that is against a nerf with the only argument that they spend money to get her cares more about the value they got for their money then having an actual balanced game. And that’s should never be the decisive argument. I’m not whale-shaming her btw, for anyone that’s about to accuse me of that.

I did spend money on pulls, but ended up getting her on a Valhalla coin pull. I am, however, pro nerf because I truly believe she is overpowered.
She’s beatable without emblems, but with emblems (and who doesn’t give her those), she’s the most broken hero this game has ever seen in my opinion.


For me it is not impossible to defeat.
I defeat him every time I face him


How many different teams do you have to beat Tell?

Thanks for the reply much appreciated.
I know that SG can amend a hero, but I thought that was to improve it rather than downgrade it. Is that not right?
It does concern me that we repeatedly see calls for changes to heroes as soon as they are released. All this should be sorted in testing.
We had lots of people shouting about Jean-Francois when he was released. Lots of people shouting about Guinevere - Black Knight - Kunchen etc. etc.
When I got my first HOTM people Even created about Onatel …
With all that said - when players learn how to defeat Telluria (and they will) some other new hero will appear that everyone wants and everyone complains about.
With regards to defeating her when she has emblems. I took her on today in war. In her team was Mother North and Seshat and can’t remember the other two 5 star. All were emblemed. And I beat the opponents team with Tiburtus, Rigard, Proteus, Quintus and Sabina

Edit - just looked at the team I defeated
Mother North +5, Ariel+2, Telluria+8, Seshat+3 and Alasie+5


This is what happened to Magni, Athena and (in a minor aspect) Hel:


I beat Telluria at +19 with Sabina+20-Rigard-Boltuskdtusk-2x Scarlett.

I won after 13 fails. When Guin was absolutely best tank in Game, she was much easier to beat with 3-2 4* TC team than Telly. You can said its beacuse of emblems, thats true, but it isn’t ONLY beacuse of emblems.

I like hunting 5* emblemed teams with 4* regular team. Great tanks like Kunchen, Ursena, Vela, Yunan(incredibly rare), Delila etc. etc. are hard to beat with 4* but hard on sensible level.

Telluria is basicly LJ +HoT and average mana, this is just too strong. Her mana debuff should be lower or she should heal only nearby(maybe even only she shoud geting heal)


I agree, people always have a hero to complain about and usually I disagree.

But Telluria is a different story to me:

  • There aren’t many great red damage dealers and the ones we have are mainly behind a paywall;
  • Gravemaker barely affects her, her HoT is higher than his DoT basically nullifying it;
  • Her damage is pretty balanced, I’ll give you that
  • Her mana debuff is strong, annoying and barely counterable.
  • As a Paladin she has a huge chance of getting that extra defense buff, because a lot of people have her at high emblems (I haven’t faced one that didn’t get the defense buff at least once);
  • All that packed in an average mana speed hero…

That being said… I think Telluria is overpowered BUT bringing back balance doesn’t have to be done by nerfing her. I think the main issue that we are facing right now is the imbalance between offense and defense because of emblems. And Telluria having an already high defense stat enhanced by emblems exposes that issue better than any other hero in the game.

But that’s a topic for another thread which I may or may not create soon.


Thank you @FraVit93
I had no idea they had done this
I am amazed


I have about 15 maxed 5*, some with emblems.

I have about 40 maxed 4*, many with emblems.

This makes millions of combinations.

All of which I can beat Telluria teams with. And yes, I beat the 4700 power Telluria teams, that have other good heroes like GM, Vela, Ursena, Finley, etc. The ones where Telluria has 18 to 20 emblems, and so does everyone else, and all troops are high 20s or even all 30.

Easy to beat if you have played enough to have some maxed heroes. Even TC20 ones like Rigard and Tiburtus.

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Cheers. It’s giving me a headache in this forum lately. Players are getting so stressed and angry with each other
But not me
I have 2 x Telluria … lol …

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Show me… make a video attacking 6 +16 and above Telluria’s with 6 different teams, no hero used twice as if you were doing warhits. You don’t even have to win them all, if you come close to winning them, I’ll back off and won’t complain anymore. But it has to be consecutive, no editing in the video or retries.

I have over 50 maxed 5* and most of them are not working unless I get an incredible good board.

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If I cared to, I’d show you millions of videos. A defeat with any of millions of combinations, most with a blend of 4* and 5* teams with 3900-4200 power.

But I care not to. I don’t have to.

I know I’m right, and I have no need to convince you, Mr. Chef.


There’s already another thread with plenty of folks showing their victories over Telluria tanks. Well-known it’s possible, with many different combinations…

Here’s one: Telluria: Ender's TKO Tips On Defeating Telly


Enjoy your multiples tellurias!
I saved some gems , i spent money but i couldnt get her !! So frustrated with It .

Anyways , no , i dont agree with the nerfing thing.
Let Telluria as It is , better strengh in coming heros, make telluria seems like a child(ok no, keep the balance but create good counters besides the counters already exist for her).

Its kinda boring to see the top ladder … All people with the same team


Unfortunately, Zynga’s Terms of Service mentions in Ownership/Limited License (Section 4) and Payment Terms (Section 8) that:

… you do not own any Account that you create on our Services, including in our games, and your Account is not your property. Likewise, you do not own any Virtual Items that you obtained through our Services, regardless of whether you “earned” those Virtual Items or “purchased” them.

My non-professional interpretation is that we are paying for a limited license access to their Services and that sucks because we don’t own anything. (Note: There may be different terms for Google and Apple stores.)

However, if you live in Canada and U.S. it looks like you can start a class action lawsuit if there are problems with the Service that damages a group of players, but that would be ridiculous :rofl:.

Is nerfing the Telly-Velly-Gravy combo or imbalancing the game a problem in the Service? Not sure.

My view is that it is ok to correct a plain error but bad taste to nerf something after months of advertising and promotion without fair notice. There are other ways to re-balance the game without nerfing…

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fix tc20, release friendly HA and maybe free 10 pulls every now and then to save balance…otherwise the game will lose tons of players in no time :slight_smile:


Well, millions of combinations to beat her is quite the statement and I only asked because I’m curious to learn.

If you truly have “millions” of combinations (which I think isn’t even possible with every 4 and 5* in the game), you might just be the best E&P player to ever walked this earth and I would really like to earn from you, sensei!


Assuming there are 25 5*s (yes, I know there are many more), the possible combinations number

25 * 24 * 23 * 22 * 21

~6.3 million. A little less if you don’t care about what position each is in, but still >2 million. Doesn’t a) accurately reflect true number of 5s, and b) doesn’t include 4s.

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