Buff Jean-Francois (Feb 2020 Hotm)

JF need buff, and I can’t make a thread for vote to buff him, but please someone who can and think he need buff make a thread for buff him.
I try to use him and he just upset me, not better than Falcon 4*
You said emblem and giving troop to him make he good heroes, yes but if I give emblem for better heroes its totally upgrade them more than JF.

Why can’t you make a thread about giving JF a buff?

Edit: looks like your vote thread is up and running @Lagun :+1:


Just give him 150% damage to his current special!! OR make his dot at least 3 turns. His defense buffs are not that good either because Frida, Panther, Evelyn can dispell them… so he just counter Finley, Isarnia, Kunchen, Athena.

He was so good on paper, but desigers went the wrong nerfing way


Thanks so Much for your help @Palms!!! Awesome
Hope JF get enough vote to make SG want to buff him a bit


Yes , I like if JF have 150 % damage , or add his DOT damage (2 turn is good because it can be dispel)



Guv, Guv, it’s here, it’s finally here!!! :smiley:


Yeah, had to split it out into a new thread myself :stuck_out_tongue:

@JonahTheBard didn’t want there to be one :wink:


Thanks @Guvnor for your help to make my 1st vote thread comes true. :+1:


I agree. He’s basically useless. Compare him yet again to the massively ridiculously unbelievably overpowered Telluria and the new Season 3 Hero’s and it’s obviously unbalanced.


God yes. Such a great card when he first appeared. Give him some initial damage or at least some extra turns for his burn. It’s a shame that they overnerfed him.


Lol oh boy… here we go again :roll_eyes:


I should vote for this just so I can laugh in the “JF is overpowered, please nerf” thread that comes out 1 week after he’s buffed.

Edit: also, isnt he the February hotm? Title is wrong


Thanks already edit the Title :wink:
I hope the buff not make him To OP, just make him as good as Vella and Telluria. SG have awesome Beta Player for test and Feedback, to make him Good equal to GM oldest HOTM but not over power


I mean… buff JF?

Could we buff Margaret or Grimble first maybe?


Just buff them all in the next game update :wink:


So u want him to buff or still be like this @Rigs ? Lol
I don’t wish his original design , but little adjustment to make him cool like Vella will be good to bring him 4/80 ( with so much foof , iron and 4* mats that really hard to get)

Agreed, adjust who is bad to face who is to OP

lol, another buff this guy or nerf this guy topic. this will go on forever - every time a new hero gets introduced. only solution - end at the same total power for every hero with a fixed total number/score distributed across att, def, health, specials, etc for every hero.


I’m not seeing JF much in the top 100 and when I’ve fought him, even with 18 talents, I haven’t been very impressed.

I think they overnerfed his burn damage. I mean, it doesn’t make much sense that he only does 302 burn damage when Vela does 208 DOT damage plus 150% direct damage. And now a new HOTM Clarissa does 298 DOT damage plus 135% direct damage, and her speed is very fast!

Doesn’t seem right, JF should be doing slightly more DOT damage if there is no direct damage. I think this is another case of over nerfing from beta feedback, kind of like what happened to poor Neith.

He needs a small buff, not a major buff.


I agree! I love jf but what would make him even better is initial damage just like vela. Thats it. No increased dot turns. Just initial damage.


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