Fix Atomos

I know he is just landed but really SG why you make such diference in heroes he is like baby,only good is design one one hand you make overpowered Guin or Grave,and on other garbage like Atomos or Ageir, both needs a huge buff tnx

Have you levelled him yet? Maxed him? Used him? Tried different combinations? If no, then I think the moan is a little premature.


I’ve but a few miles on him - he’s not great … especially for a featured hero of the month that’s 5 star…and only available a few days a month

Think he’s undertuned - specifically with a stealable buff, damage tuned to mana and slow cast

Sure, you can put him in his on family, use a bunch of toons to buff him up the ying yang; but I can do that with any other 5* green card to similar results.

Chances are if he had a roll - as is - it could be countered before he goes off or killed before he’s charged.

Guessing he’s tuned with Titans in mind - which is cool - but not at the expense of being devoid of value in pretty much any other scenario… ever there, I could get reasonably similar results from double stacking a different green 5* in my color block vs chasing him

Given these things take time - posting early gets him on the radar for review while more pull him, level and test…

Give us a better reason to chase him :slight_smile:


I agree, i think he should be definitely buffed and more balanced
1: damage too low for max mana it’s too similar too Quintus. If you keep slow mana then buff the damage at least.

2: slow speed… Give him average unstead

3: to balance average speed: ressurection should be reduced from 5 to 3 turns, and be undispellable.

4: else lets completely change the ressurection buff to apply it to allies but with 50% chance


They’ve already started the balance adjustments for v20 in beta. They do these major balance changes once a year. So maybe they’ll get to Atomos next year. He was tested in beta, have to see how he plays out. People thought Gravemaker was pretty “meh” when he came out too.

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Il gonna up my atomos and see where i can use him, i see some potential for attack combined with high tile dmg.

But first, i pulled prothee and i wanted him. :3

This was Atomos’s beta stats…

Original stats:

679 attack
811 defense
1334 health
Average speed
225% to 255% AoE
All allies regenerate 900 hp over 5 turns
All enemies get -75% healing received

He was too strong so they gave him a bunch of estrogen pills


Ok they could do some nerf but now he is just to weak hero â– â– â– â–  why i would work on him he is one of the weakest green hero


I speend over 300 euros to get tarlack and get atomos i say ok he is not bad but when i see they change him all things from beta and make junk from him and it’s just ain’t fair grave and guin are there in all top players and when i se heroes like ageir and atomos that’s just stupid so much diference

that version of the card was never in beta

The beta one was much better


Agreed, never in beta.

I don’t know where half this stuff comes from, lol.

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He is junk and no discusion over that â– â– â– â–  is worth like GM Or Guin or is soo like some poor baby

Correction…YOU didnt see it in beta. That same card can be seen on YouTube by a Russian beta tester…today

that card was just artwork it was never in beta

Ok it was no in beta but please look at him and say is he good and slow mana c’mon

No, I assure you, that card NEVER hit beta.

What was his original beta

Read 12 posts up above…the stats are there

The released hero was the same as the beta version

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