Buff/ Update Guardian Chameleon

Can you please update G. Chameleon? For a 5* his is useless and his special really has no point. He definitely needs a rethink.

Hmmmm not sure you have much support based on the feedback/ discussion thread…

Don’t think anyone has voices the “he’s useless” opinion on there yet…

Also, that thread may be worth a read with some tips about how to use Chameleon…

Personally I see him as an awesome attack support hero… the ability to completely remove buffs from the enemies is perfect to prepare for launching your own specials & tile cascades…

He’s also particularly powerful as a support because of the attack and critical buff he gives… Essentially makes your tile damage hit like nukes…

Finally, the change colour ability is very very good for those defence teams where the enemy have the flanks as the inverse to the tank colour. This way you can stack colours against the tank, kill them off then fire Chameleon. Now all of a sudden the enemy flanks are ALSO weak to your colour stack.

Example of this being a Yellow - Purple - Yellow center.

Against this stack 3/4 yellows and chameleon. Kill off the purple tank, then fire Chameleon. The two flanks are now ALSO purple & hence weak to your yellow stack. Now kill them off with tiles and you’ve got the centre to ghost tiles and just the wings to kill off…


To add to that. You can dispell the color change and keep all the buffs.

Think of him as you think of Wilbur - giving damage share to the opponent is definitely not ideal, but if you bring a Melendor type of guy with you you basically just got their D down a whole bunch and can hit for easy kills.

I’d love to have him.

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Yeahhh ok. You have your opinion. Let’s agree that his is the worst 5*. Last on the list of wish to have.
Also imagine going against a full holy team, you go all purple and then the Cameleon turns them to purple so your hits aint powerful anymore.
I believe his is the worst 5 * of all. Name a worst.

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Lol these threads happen so quickly…


Really? Name a worse 5* hero? Well let’s just start with worse greens:


Now let’s look at some of the other colours:
Guardian owl

Just to name a few…

So no, we can’t agree that Chameleon is the worst 5*

As I said, he’s quite powerful if you think on how to use him…


Also about the feedback on the poll of if he is worht summoning for, 34% Yes and all the rest is NO 66%. Lol

Actually… 58% say yes he’s worth Summoning for…

Then only 10% of the remaining 42% say no outright… Rest are not really sure…


LOL am I the only one who reads this as an advantage for Chameleon?? He did exactly his job. Turned a weakness (dark stack vs holy) in a BIG strength (yellow stack vs yellow).

I think the ones you named are better. Only worst maybe Mok arr the purple shark, then goes the chameleon. My opinion.

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You honestly think Guardian Owl & Margaret are better than Chameleon?

He’s definitely a complicated hero to use, understand and master. But he’s original, unique and very well designed. He’s a good hero, that is not up for debate. If you only know how to use healers and snipers that’s not the hero’s fault lol.


Eh, that’s fine. You’re entitled to that opinion.

I was just answering your question and trying to suggest some uses for Chameleon…

You don’t have to level him. Hell, if you hate him that much feed him to another hero or the hero academy… Your choice in the end.

I think tho that you’re not quite thinking him and his use thru…


Then don’t bring chameleon in this scenario?

Here’s another scenario. You face holy tanks every war. You don’t have a deep enough purple bench to consistently get one shots. You bring holy heroes and chameleon. It’s a gamble, but you get to turn the tank to purple and attack with strong tiles with heroes that would be very weak going into holy tanks.


Maybe I see different poll that says 34% Yes Not realy 32% not at all 10% only p2p 24%.
If the question was for a good 5* the answer whould be 90% yes

Tell you what, in the unlikely situation that at an office party someone gets drunk enough to enable trading heroes for 24 hours I will commit to trading one of my dupes of: Kunchen, Hel, Onatel, Frida, Alberich, Tarlak or Evelyn for him… Other options also exist they’re just the ones that immediately spring to my mind that my supply outstrips my need for…


You’re seeing it, just interpreting it wrong… so seeing as I created the poll, I’ll explain.

Yes, definitely = yes everyone should summon for him = 34%

Only P2P = yes for P2P players who can afford to go after him = 24%

Not really = not 100% sure but I don’t think you should = 32%

Not at all = no = 10%

So in total you have 58% saying yes, he’s worth Summoning for. 32% not really sure but leaning towards no and only 10% who say no outright…

Also, if you read the comments on the thread not any people saying he’s useless… Confusion and questions as to the best place to use him but you’re the first & so far (only) advocate for him being useless.


Anyone got vids of usin him?

If so i can recommend a thread to show him off:


Thanks for the reminder on that. Does it count as a buff? So if you have Evelyn you can trigger Chameleon and then Evelyn and it resets them back to their original color? I suppose I could test it myself but it sounds like you already know :yum: :upside_down_face:

Not sure… When it’s on your heroes it’s an ailment as you can wipe it out with antidotes…

So I don’t think you can dispell it…


At least during the event you could, I’m 99% sure. I haven’t encountered him in raids so I have yet to re-try it.

Oh right, I only tried it with Antidotes - I assumed it would work with dispell, but haven’t really tried it because I only got stupid Guardian Owl :frowning:


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