What's the possibility to make some changes for Margaret

All previous HOTM heros are just amazing in them skills but till this month everything went to another direction to expectations to gambling to possibly or probably
Why Margaret is drive me like other players to be frustrated???
Why the treatment changed?
HOTM cost really well gems to get it
Pls do something for her skills
Make some changes like
1- dodge for " attacks" not for “special attacks only” or at least make her skills stay for 4 turns
2- each dodge (related to case 1) give an amount of mana for the target or at least a specific ratio of mana from all attacks.

3-add to element link 2-5% health , she’s a nature hero so be gentle to give her some healing. with low defense it’s not enough the defense against fire.

With current situation of her she not deserves to be a HOTM and not rise up to the level of 5* normal heros.
Don’t treat her as grade c or d she’s the HOMT!!
Don’t make her looks mostly scared in the shadow.
You make a Possibility within a probability…
If dodge then xyz… Which mostly will not dodge the special skills. So getting her skills like gambling like Wu (at least he’s better because more possibilities to applying a perfect offense for all the team not only for neaby))

Sorry but when I say more I remember more disadvantages of her skills.

I’m sorry @GeoWaseem I find your suggestion comical as she’s the current HoTM and you’re asking for changes?!?!

There is a whole thread debating the positives / negatives of Maggie. Can I suggest you add your thoughts there :confounded:

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Yes sure I can write there , maybe I’m in rush for judging a HOTM but let’s see soon where’s her place between the top 100 players.

That only tells us about Defence. She has a place on offence.


LOL she’s been available for three weeks and people clamoring for a buff already?

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In fairness, it was faster than that for Atomos.

But Margaret is actually quite useful on offense, IMO. I personally think a “Buff Margaret” thread is premature–if it ever ends up being timely :slightly_smiling_face:


I just started using her. Had a raid against a team with Lianna who fired 3! Times and never hit anyone. I think she is pretty slick.


Margaret blows. Let’s have some intellectual honesty here. No damage, you can hope she dodges damage, and then…hope she dodges again. Dodges kill no one. First HOTM that I really don’t care that I don’t get. And Aegir was my first. Wanna complain that the OP was dead on after you waste tonics on a nothing burger? I will enjoy reading that post.

I actually have her currently 60/3 and climbing all the way to the top with mats waiting and I can’t wait till she is completed.

In defense I have won 70 to 80% of my raids.

In offense she is amazing as I find her specials activate more often than not.

If she this goid now I can’t can’t wait till she is finished and had a few tokens added.

Your suggestions are extremely premature I feel and you haven’t either given her a fair chance or you are not placing her correctly.

Here is an example for ya and there more to watch there if your interested.



Replace her with someone decent and compare.


I have both her and Inari and I quite enjoy them both and both do really well and have there place in the game.


If ya don’t have Evelyn, Lianna, Tarlak, MN, Albi, or any number of green 4s superior to Margaret, sure. She is fine.

Does that draw a mods ire, or are opinions still allowed?

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Opinions are fine, are long as they’re expressed civilly and without attacking fellow players.


Using Tile Damage Effectively

Margaret must seem like a strange and frustrating hero for people who don’t know how to use tile damage effectively. Using tile damage reliably for kills is an advanced technique, so it’s not surprising that many people think she’s an awful hero.

Tarlak and Inari and Wu Kong are three other heroes in the same mold: very high attack stat, no damage on special, and a focus on using tile damage for kills. It’s funny, yet sad, how many early-game players feed Wu away because they just don’t get how to use him. I suspect there is a similar problem with Margaret.

The importance of not taking damage

It’s really counter-intuitive, but a 90% chance to not take a killing shot is dramatically more useful than a 33% or 50% chance to rez a hero after the killing shot.

Indeed, in general it is far safer to not take damage at very fast mana, than it is to take the damage and hope for an average or slow healer to erase it later. It’s just too easy for the damage to add up to a kill before the healer fires.

So while dodge’s don’t, in and of themselves, cause kills, they actually keep other heroes with strong species alive. Dead Liannas and dead Evelyns also don’t kill anyone with their specials.


Do you feel the same about Inari? If not, why? If yes, have you used Inari on Raids?

Or run North/Marg/Eve/Lianna/Lianna. marg keeps them alive and North fixes any that don’t make it. The other three blissfully kill.

Thanks everybody and for nice video from @Ozy1.
So let’s say as @Garanwyn said it’s just need to know or find the right strategy of using her tile effectively.
I’m thankful and glad of sharing your good experience.


I am using Margaret as tank.

I don’t see much of problem. Similar win/loss as compared to other tanks anyway.

BTW, I am still hanging around 2600 with her. Bad moments do drop me to around 2500.

Just remember to flank her with strong heroes. She ain’t a strong hero by herself on defense.
Also, her tile damage is awesome. You don’t see this often with other heroes. I do flank her with Evelyn and Lianna on offense.

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Let’s post some opinions here on what you guys think SG should do to improve her(but probably won’t :smiley: ). I think her special is interesting but still need something extra. I see a lot of people are dissapointed with her (including me) so i want to start this thread and see what you guys think.


I would have loved to see her with a small heal over time for 3, her not being able to be dispelled, that would have been a pretty cool addition. As she is now, I won’t be feeding tonics for a bit.