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This thread is for discussing whether Erlang Shen is well-balanced, or whether you think he needs a buff or nerf.

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  • I think Erlang Shen is reasonably well-balanced overall
  • I think Erlang Shen is excessively weak, and needs a buff (increase of their strength)
  • I think Erlang Shen is excessively strong, and needs a nerf (decrease of their strength)
  • I’m not sure yet

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:speaking_head: Discussion

  • If you think Erlang Shen is well-balanced, too strong, or too weak — why?

  • Are there specific, concrete suggestions you’d make to the game designers to alter Erlang Shen ? Or are there specific reasons you think they should remain unchanged?

Purpose of this thread:

To provide an aggregate place for the topic here on the forum; thus preventing there being a million threads popping up. And to provide an actual set of impartial votes rather than a #ideas-feature-requests which has no real voting.

In short, to neaten the forum and to give players and outlet for their thoughts on his balance without bogging down the rest of the forum or the other Erlang Shen thread.

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I think he’s fine, but in mana fast with that kind of damage it’s just too much. If possible, please modify it to reduce damage a bit


He is FINE, well balanced.

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His ability needs to have limitations to it, because the debuff does too much and triggers with everything.


He is quite clearly the strongest Equalizer war hero currently which should tell you at little.

The fact that he can also reset his own effect means 2 Erlangs can effectively kill 3 heroes on fast speed and I think this is a huge issue. Most kill 3 (or 5) combos need 3 heroes, so it’s clear there is something wrong here. 2 Jove’s also have the same issue hence their upcoming nerf.

Considering the relative strength of other heroes, the above would help, otherwise a nerf to his secondary damage could be in order, with double lb it can easily do 800 damage per hero, which is hard to avoid thanks to his speed.


He’s the only strong hero i have, hope he will not get nerf. The game already lacks more powerful heroes. What is the point of introducing a hero in one form, and then changing to a weaker one ?


He should have his effect reworked to have his activation to be in line with Queen Guowang: “removed by a special skill”.


This Heroe is stupidly strong :

1 Almost kill an ennemy
2 Almost kill entire ennemy team if the team is healed by a cleaner
3 revives if he is killed
4 fast mana speed

To stop him being overcheated, something, between 2, 3 and 4 has to be absolutely nerfed. Then he will be
just cheated.

It’s very difficult to overcome this stupid ailment. When you have the newest defenders of Atlantis heroes being trapped by him due to their family bonus giving AU, you know this hero is busted

I was lucky on a single pull and got Erlang Shen. He is easily the most powerful hero I have, but then again I only have 22 5* heroes.

I did test him in beta but he was overshadowed by the other heroes that were also being tested at the same time.

Now though, it has turned out that he is arguably one of the most powerful heroes in equaliser wars but this is not the only form of war, and, he is not even available in certain formats of raid events.

Is he OP? Not in my book. The reason? My reason is simply this:

He is not by himself the game changer that heroes like Aramis, or Hippo, or Hathor are.

He can win games for you, but he cannot do it alone. I have used him extensively, and when I have the aethers, I will give him the second limit break, if only to increase his attack and defense.

Adjust the skill so only attack buff or cleanse skill can trigger the DOT. Not war field effects.

This hero is absolutely insane for war equalizer. At level 90 the ailment removal was doing 880-900 damage! I feel like it damage should only be triggered by a special skill. Or take the damage down

my issue in general is with 2LB.
it is a big reason that made many heroes broken.

2LB needs to be adjusted first and stats need to stop increasing to infinity with every new hero.

erlang is another victim of this, heroes shouldn’t be touched until this fundamental issue is fixed


First jove, now this guy?

It seems that everyone will have some or other beef with a hero.
The big balance update that was going to nerf over 200 heroes was also going to affect Erlang Shen, but, instead he got a buff to his stats.

Once players stop putting 2 or more of the same heroes on defense at the very top and maybe use some imagination, things would not seem so jarring when a nerf actually comes down.