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  • I think Noor is reasonably well-balanced overall
  • I think Noor is excessively weak, and needs a buff (increase of her strength)
  • I think Noor is excessively strong, and needs a nerf (decrease of her strength)
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  • If you think Noor is well-balanced, too strong, or too weak — why?

  • Are there specific, concrete suggestions you’d make to the game designers to alter Noor? Or are there specific reasons you think he should remain unchanged?


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As far as I see the only good thing about Noor is her Sparrow Summoner which seems to be the only action she will get, a slow hero like that should at least have some extra usefull special, looks like one of the worst HOTM ever to me otherwise. Adding a dispell speciality or/and some immunity or/and some extra actions to minions could solve the problem.


Here is the sad thing about Noor, she will end up getting a buff down the line. Right now with her stats and special, she’s worse than Baldur unfortunately


Making her average is good but needs another effect, summoning alone is not enough…
I suggest her minions give some utility to their owner when they destroy enemy minions!


I’m thinking of how to improve on her with more unconventional ways, including my redesign.

  1. Minion size extender- as long as she is active, max amount of minions for all allies is increased to 4

  2. Additional sparrow effects- removes all status effects on the target if the sparrow minion destroy it’s minions

  3. My redesign-

Stats: same as before
Class: changed to cleric

Special: Sparrow’s blessing- recharge average

  • recovers 25% (42%) health for the caster and nearby allies

  • Summons a sparrow minion for the caster and nearby allies. The sparrow minion inherits 18% (20%) hp from the caster.

  • Each sparrow minion buffs it’s owner with the following…
    +10% skill effect (+1 skill level)
    +8% mana generation

  • The caster and nearby allies takes any damage for their minions for 2 turns

(She keeps her passive skill)

(this redesign turns her into an average speed vanilla healer that adapts and supports in any situation. And is designed way better as an anti minion hero. Skill effect buffing has not been explored in E&P so the sparrow minions will be quite valuable. Because of this I created temporary battle protection for her minions, but they’re not protected by destruction from skill effects so heroes like grimble can be used against her effectively, therefore it’s fair game. This new mechanic while situational, using it wisely with the right summoner heroes (Freya, Lady of the Lake) might prove to be beneficial.)


(Nerfing of redesign- +10% skill effect I’ve realized is too broken if paired up with certain heroes like Ariel (with three sparrows she could reach up to 78% mana generation which is insane). So instead of upping a huge chunk of skill effect, I decided to increase skill level by 1 which still increases skill effect by a smaller but still significant percentage.)


IMO either change her to average speed, or make it so the sparrow minions automatically seek out and destroy other minions instead of relying on RNG. Or maybe both.


Make her innate ability summon a minion for at least her whenever the ~allies~ enemies summon a minion. If Telluria spawns 5 minions, she should immediately get 3. This doesn’t fix the Vela/Telluria resist problem, but it helps.

I still think she’d need other changes, but this would at least make her more of a Telluria counter.


Yeah I don’t get this hero at all, she kinda only helps her self really… yeah?

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Just wondering - how many folks commenting have played with her maxed out or gone against her maxed? Imagine hard to get a good read on her until doing so?


I’m ok with her not being strong enough to be “in the meta”. Again, just like my attitude towards Raffaele, I don’t think every single HOTM has to be a powerful, meta-changing hero or a counter to current heroes.

She could fit on a fun minion team with QoH, Puss in Boots, Freya, and Seshat.


As mentioned above, even the small change of having her auto effect cover herself AND nearby allies would be nice. Would give a slight but much needed buffer against the all too frequent GTV encounter, since it’s usually not tough getting Telly to fire first.


Not really usefull in any situation. Could have been a fun hero but nobody in beta understood her slow mana. It just didn’t make any sense. But she is what she is :frowning:


I’d go further… No HOTM should be meta-changing on their own.

And no HOTM should be at the pinnacle of power creep at time of release.

They should be strong and interesting, but not such that they’re automatic picks to ascend over rarer heroes (ie: S3, event, seasonal).
Equivalent to S2 kind of power IMHO would be appropriate - let’s not forget that these are by FAR the easiest and cheapest specific heroes to target and pull.

I fail to see how Santa is still seen as a great hero and so many people think Noor is underpowered.

Both have slow mana. Santa gives defense down and attack down, but most people are using Wilbur in their red stacks which kinda defeats the point of defense down. Wilbur also gives you defense up which Santa doesn’t do. Attack down is nice but not game changing in anyway. Santa’s minions have 10% hp which is to say, 1/3 of a tile will kill 2 of them lol. I won’t even get into Santa’s “damage” lol.

Noor also has slow mana. However, she passively protects herself by summoning minions along the opponents (and there are a lot of those going around right now), buying herself time to charge her special. When she does, she effectively heals all allies by 25% (because that’s the minion’s hp) and to add to that the minions still have a 25% attack stat. If you have a GM or high powered red attacking hero that is quite a lot. On top of all of that - those minions can get rid of 3 minions in one single hit. If there are 5 of those, you could render the opposite team minion-less if you are lucky with how the minion RNG targets. With minions like Freya’s, Noor’s herself or even Seshat’s, this is absolutely massive.

I’m not saying she’s OP or game changing or the best HoTM but underpowered? I don’t buy it. It would be nice to see some cleanse (I think the only red is Guardian Kong, right?), especially on a slow hero because she would go off when your heroes are full of status effects, but I really think people are underestimating her right now.

Another comparison - Heimdall boosts HP by 360 and everyone thinks he’s amazing. The minions do literally the same thing (and much more on top of that) and if you have a hero with 1200 hp (which is not a lot nowadays) you are getting a 300 HP boost every time she fires on top of all secondary effects. How’s that much different?

Edit: Just saw 360 is the unleveled card. 500HP boost with maxed Heimdall. Still, the secondary effects more than compensate for that imo.

I remember when Vela came out people also cried at her DoT and well, we know how that turned out.


Actually, lucky people who got Rafaelle and started using him, many of them are actually saying now that he is a game changer in offence. At least some of them. So, bad on paper good in practice.


I just summoned her and thought cool and then saw what she does and she seems like another Margaret.

Unless im missing something, what is she good for and why in the world is her special SLOW ?

I dont get it. She doesnt heal, she doesnt do damage and just summons a minion, whats so good about her and why would she be SLOW. ?


Well i just summoned her and dont even think she is worth leveling up. She needs something else to add to her special. She just has he minions thats all and definitely not worthy of a hotm and not even a 5* IMO.

A 5* should do more, that is why Margaret wasnt classed as a good hero for so long and she was VERY FAST. Noor is SLOW and basically just has he minion and isnt enough.

I would rather use someone like Kiril who is a 4* and has attack and defence which is what the minion does and his special is average.


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