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  • I think Ephyra is reasonably well-balanced overall
  • I think Ephyra is excessively weak, and needs a buff (increase of their strength)
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  • If you think Ephyra is well-balanced, too strong, or too weak — why?

  • Are there specific, concrete suggestions you’d make to the game designers to alter Ephyra ? Or are there specific reasons you think they should remain unchanged?

Purpose of this thread:

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She it’s suppose to be a fiend counter but she does this job only in her second charge, in her first charge she don’t do nothing else just to summon minions and this minions don’t do nothing, don’t forget her second charge will come after at least 15 tiles and this it’s slower than an very slow hero, she don’t heal/overheall in any of her charges, the minions it’s easy target for any minion remover and in defense and in offence (Ogima it’s there to take care for them), she don’t provide nothing for titans, so please somebody can tell me where it’s suppose this hero to be used? My suggestion for her to be fixed it’s in her first charge to give 350 overheall to all (like this at least she will soften the fiends) on her second charge to give some % of healing for every removed fiend and 350 overheall.


her first charge should at least remove all fiends and protect against fiends for 3 turns

the second charge converts the fiends into minions and protect against fiends for 4 turns.

she’ll be better this way


My suggestion would be to change her specials to the following:

First charge:
Effect 1: Replaces all Fiends on all allies with Jellyfish Minions.

Effect 2: Summons a Jellyfish Minion for each ally with +32% HP and +24% attack inherited from the caster.
Stack (Max 10): All allies get +10% inherited HP for new Minions they summon.

Second charge:
Effect 1: Replaces all Fiends on all allies with Jellyfish Minions.

Effect 2: Summons a Toxic Jellyfish Fiend to all enemies.
The Fiend damages the enemies with 45% attack every turn.

Effect 3: The Toxic Jellyfish Fiend absorbs healing. It disappears after absorbing a healing amount equal to 22% of its target’s max health.
Stack (Max 10): All enemies Fiends get +10% inherited HP for new Fiends they receive.

This way she does not become totally useless if somebody bring any of the anti minion heroes.
I upped the +5% inherited HP to +10% inherited HP to achieve the same HP effect the developers intended. (Now its every other turn for a minion or fiend to receive the effect).

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This would be nice!

But this would mean almost a new skill, and I don’t believe they would do it…

I believe a more “realistic” change would be add a small damage to all like they did with Jade

She needs a new skill. I think they overestimated her abilities. She can stall in PvP, that’s all. And she needs to be used hand in hand minion summoners like phorcys
I agree, replace fiends mechanic should have been on both charges already. Maybe a priority cleanse on the second charge would elevate her usefulness?

Just for the record, this is more applicable to a Magic style charge hero, and not a Changing Tides style hero. Based on the Changing Tides mechanic, she would only ever cast that first skill once, and then never again.

As a reminder - Changing Tides functions as follows:
Mana Speed: Fast → Average → Fast → Average → Fast → etc.
Charge: 1st → 2nd → 2nd → 2nd → 2nd

The skill basically needs the 1st cast to “power up”. Then the 2nd charge is a “stronger” version of the 1st.

All that being said though, she definitely needs to be improved significantlty. Considering that almost every other fiend counter does more to counter fiends and buff allies, than she does.

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