Neith needs a buff

So a lot of people now have a good picture of Neith and it seems like it is not a good one.

People preferring a 4* over a 5* hero of the month. That’s so weird that I can’t describe it. Sure it is a costumed and emblemed 4*, but fully emblemed Li Xiu is way better than Neith. That’s kind of a joke. She has to be worth the materials.

Li Xiu is only the tip of the iceberg. Classic Joon and Leonidas or even sometimes Justice are preferred over Neith.

That’s really sad for an hero of the month.

There are some options to get her to the point where people want to desire her.

  • make her a fast hero. All of her ability will work better together if she can fire it fast enough. At the moment people nearly don’t care if she fires. But mostly she will not even fire.

  • way higher % damage then now. Her damage output is nothing you have to fear

Let’s hear what other people think about this. There were more ideas in general discussion.

Neith does not deserve the materials to max her in this form, she needs to be buffed. And here some ideas and from me.
● leave it like this but make it fast - like this she will fire at least once
● leave it like this but increase her secondary effects - 40% blind and 20% mana cut
● leave it like this but give him more % of her hit - 190% 200% of fer hit
● give her more def and HP to be more tanky


Yes please! I’m one of those who believe a costumed Li Xiu is superior.

With average speed she almost never fires in time at Flank; by the time she fires, the opponents have mostly already cast. However she isn’t sturdy enough to survive at Tank.

I can live with her pathetic 150% damage. Just increase her speed or rebalance her attack stat to defense.


And her class from the talentes can be changed, she can be wery good sorcerer, 10% mana cut with sorcerer talentes will be wery useful.


I Add my opinión of other thread.


My preferred option would be to increase her attack.
The 20% mana cut would be nice too, even if it would make the blind less relevant


Hi guys. I just joined the forum and this is my first post here just because of neith. Getting a hotm is very rare for a vc2p. I was both fortunate but at the same time disappointed at getting neith since she is a mediocre hotm. Give her a buff pls. Increase her mana reduction and give her tanky stats. She badly needs rebalancing to be on par with other hotm and not just being compared to li xiu.


Yes, please make her fast.
I would appreciate that.


Those 2 are my only holy feeder dumps right now.


She’s too stuck.

20% mana cut is already done in her given color

Fast mana blind is already done in her color

Bigger blind% is already done

Her damage % was reduced in beta and was requested by beta but her damage was reduced too much and a middle ground between her current damage% and what it originally was is probly 1 improvement to neith

At the end of the day, i think yellow could have used another 5* sniper. Probly would have went for a kingston or alasie type, damages 1 effects 3. But that ship has saild. Yellow elemental dropper would have been another option.

At this point, slightly increasing her damage is about the only logical improvement i can see made to her


They take the best of this hero. The effects of Neith it’s not so strong her stats it’s not so big her speed it’s not so fast and what soo OP you found on this hero. We have so new strong heroes from the events and no one dont found them OP but Neith was.

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I’m not beta, idk what she was like before the nerf. I’m just relaying what i was told from beta

And I dont know what she was before but I know what she’s now

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Yes make her better. It is ma war tank with 12 emblems :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really care that Li Xiu is more powerful with costume + emblems – I’d say that’s a good trade given how many resources she takes to get to that point. And Neith can eventually get better than Li Xiu completely tapped with emblems, by tapping Neith with tons of emblems too.

With that said – I do agree that she could use a small adjustment.

Unfortunately she was released in beta in a ridiculous state, where her 220% damage to all was not just superior and faster than Justice’s – often considered a top yellow defense tank with emblems – but her synergy with top purple tanks took her over the top.

The right reaction followed, but unfortunately, she was nerfed far too much. Now she’s just a decent support hero. Though there’s much worse out there, I think she could use a minor adjustment.

I agree. Either one of these options seems good to me:

  • Bring her damage up to Kadilen’s level – have her deal 180% to all enemies. I think for average speed, this is pretty fair.
  • Or alternatively, make Neith deal extra damage against dark enemies. Like Zeline deals extra damage against ice – this would help Neith’s damage output against her opposite element.

I myself actually really like her mana reduction and blind combo, even though the mana reduction may be quite small it’s good enough for what it does. I just think the damage output should be a bit higher myself.


I dont think so. Look on Finley, Snow White, Black Knight… this hero’s are OP they can win the game alone and Neith even with 220% can’t.


This, before release…


Yes make her a fast hero and a stronger one also.She does a better job than some of my 5heroes.Heck make her a 5 hero.

All of the solutions of @MysterySpin its wery good


That’s true especially now that ordinary players are actually using her. Being underpowered is not anymore a mere speculation but is a fact suported by complaints from ordinary players.

I’ve always thought that Neith had too many effects for any of them to be effective.

You see the same in heroes like Anzogh, that try to combine damage and healing but scare no one really.

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