🧪 Early Information on General Hero Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the GENERAL balance changes to heroes.

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Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

Summary of Balance Updates


  • Aegir:
    • Defense all allies get increased from +30% to +35%.
  • Miki:
    • Duration of Silence increased from 4 turns to 5 turns.
  • Noor:
    • Sparrow Minion HP and attack increased from 25% to 30%.

Season 1

  • Domitia:
    • Damage increased from 410% to 440%.
  • Thorne:
    • Damage increased from 480% to 490%.
  • Leonidas:
    • Damage increased from 365% to 415%.
  • Obakan:
    • Damage increased from 260% to 310%.
  • Horghall:
    • Damage increased from 235% to 280%.
  • Justice:
    • Damage increased from 240% to 285%.
  • Khagan:
    • Damage increased from 360% to 380%.


  • Horghall Costume:
    • Damage increased from 215% to 250%
  • Justice Costume:
    • Damage increased from 240% to 250%
  • Domitia Costume:
    • Damage increased from 390% to 400%

NOTE: The Small Giant Staff have indicated that they do not plan to adjust the values at this stage.numbers these are all of the Heroes intended for balance updates in this round.

For a full list of items currently in Beta testing, as well as their related threads, please see:


A year of Noor complains with over 1000 posts, you get a 5% increase on minion… What a spit in the face.


I am happy to see Noor buff, not sure it will be a big change but sure she will have some presence in defense now.


Why they r increasing the damage of S1 heroes because they have started the plan to implement non S1 costumes thats y.


Nobody asked Miki to be buffed hehe and NOOR rly POOR.


Quintus is the worst S1 hero and he didn’t get an upgrade, this is ■■■■■■■■.
Priority is given to the heroes you have, not those who need buff.

Thorne is better hero than Elena, Azlar, Elkanen and Quintus


Noor DESPERATELY needs buff. Either 30% and fast mana or 35% and average mana. Base attack stat should also be increased. Minions do considerably less damage than minions from fast heroes. It makes no sense.


It is the worst decision ever I love game more than myself and that is a big step to destory that feeling toward game. I prefer increase state of costume season 1 heros and sell their costume separately of hero not do that for others. How is advisor for game that do these amateur stuff.

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I have miki, aegir and leonidas maxed, so quite happy with the changes :slight_smile:


This is not gonna fix anything when everyday new powerful heros come, what about Reuben for example? Or Zulag? Or many other choices? I think game should stop showing new heros so fast that like end is near just make money and instead of buff many hero nerf those that are overpower. I dont know which hero need to have or work on which one because game moving fast. This is destroying money making too. For me when I dont know the hero I pay worth next week or not thats not logical to pay.


When will Boss Wolf get some love? Sif have a similar but better special and she’s average speed while BW is very slow. Insane!


Dont be if gonna new costume hero show up so u gonna see fast mana hero with 400 % damage (for example) and Obakan still is Obakan.
When I believe this that first nerf Odin, Frigg, Finely, Ellizabeth then try to rebalanced other.

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Boss Wolf should be top of list for buff (joint with Noor). He is terrible at very slow. Base Attack needs boosting by 200-300 and mana changed to fast.


Sorry, still happy :slight_smile:

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  • Guardian Owl

The spacial is a great concept but isn’t enough to warrant the very slow speed

@Guvnor please add #beta-beat tag to this thread.

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Miki, domitia, throne, khagan ?? Are you guys serious ?

What about old hotms and stats? Specials are not everything

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Happy to see S1 buffed!
But Noor - is that suppose to be joke?
C’mon guys, his speed have to be at least at average, most likely fast. 5% buff for minions is like nothing, when it comes to Noor.
Show some love pls.

None asked for buffing Miki, tho he gets more serious buff than Noor.


Well, I was about to max Noor anyway, this announcement makes my decision more justified. Horghall 280%? Well, I can’t complain to that! :slight_smile:

Guess I’ll keep embleming this little tree. :see_no_evil:


Quintus looking on very annoyed at Horghall and Justice buffs. Stronger damage AND status effects


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