BUFF Guardian Kong to make him a really cool Guardian

Hi all,

I’ve just raised up this guy to 3/70, he is not nad at all. Strong AoE attack in combination with average speed, lot of HP… He will probably get my rings preferably over Elena. After testing both of them in raids and titans, I can tell, he is better, just because of nice AoE+average speed synergy.
For TC he could be a really good hero. But as Guardian? Oh, come on, guys, he is shamefully boring, he needs a “final touch” indeed.
Here is option, how to make him really a cool hero and strong competitor of top 20:

  • buff defense above 650
  • defense debuff to all enemies (-34%/4 turns like Kunchen would be great)
  • slower down mana regen of all enemies (-24%/3 tourns like LJ)

Who will join my request? I think he deserves it to be really strong and fearsome ape

Elena is way more scarrier and useful. Against enemies or boss with high attack, elena is the queen of riposte

I really don’t know. Elena’s first riposte cast is in 95% of cases her last one. If she is even able to fire. Appaling defense/HP ratio in combination with slow mana make her a true lottery ticket. If she is a riposte queen, then Boril is riposte demiurg :-).

U have to max her first to really enjoy her ability. At 3.70 she is a junk, but at 4.80 she is really dangerous.

If u give embelms to her she will even more scarrier

Not so scary, just go against her with Sabina, if the board is nice Sabina charges first and as soon as Elena casts, heal with Sabi will de-robe her of reposte, a single shot from Magni afterwards ends her story. Same goes for all reposte kings and queens, Melendor for Boril… Kage for all.

So back to the topic, would all the listed buffs described not make G. Kong OP,? I have faced him in a few raids, fully maxed and I can tell you he is not a pushover, especially when surrounded with specials buffing heroes.

As suggested, you need to max most of these legendary heroes to really see their full potentials.

I though do not put all, but only one of those buffs on him. In this case he shall not be OP at all. Just a really cool ape and full-blooded Guardian :-).

I am really sad about Kong too. My suggestion is much tinier than yours, still I truly believe it’d work.
Only one word change would make him a great hero from one of the worsts (by that I mean not prioritized at all).
My idea: ICE to NATURE.
I really like unique concepts, but pls., make them work! If only devs changed his blue resist to green, he would be an absolutely amazing hero and I’d max him without hesitation.
In practice you can’t do anything with that blue resist, caz’ you won’t bring him on ice titans, u won’t tank with him (caz’ of ridiculous defense in a world of mono teams) etc.
BUT if he had some nice nature resist, he’d be my number one titan slapper! It would be very satisfying!
He would stay specific, he’d also become useful.


I have kong with emblems and on a red mono team with guardian falcon, zimkitha, wilbur, boldtusk - total destruction in one pass


Have taken out 4400 telluria teams with that setup which includes 3 four stars

Beta Update

Beta has opened, with balance changes to Guardian Kong and other Heroes.

Please transition discussion to this thread:

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