Why Thoth-Amun Needs a Buff

After Seshat release, Thoth Amun has never been so useless.
This thread speaks by itself and one name appears repeatedly.

@Garanwyn summed up pretty well Thoth Amun situation :

An honest buff would be to up his the % skill damage and add a little something else than just damage :

Nothing OP here. But he would now have the potential to be strong if the fight lasts, and he would now do something else than just damages (any heroe can do that).

I orginally compared him with Drake (270% VS 215% damage, same number of targets, awesome blind, better stats), but now with Seshat, it is even more obvious that he is a complete waste of AM.

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I completely agree with this request and your analysis backing it. I do have a maxed Thoth because he was the only 5* Dark I had for a very long time. I got tired of waiting for someone better. I have several such now, and I’d like those tabards back…

Both excellent suggestions. Thoth hits too weakly, and that singleton minion is simply not recompense.


If those changes are made, should he be nerfed to average mana?

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It would be even worse. Thus it is no longer a buff.

That would imply changing Drake’s speed too, and there is no reason to do so.

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I just mean if he does minions for all? I dont have delilah but isnt her mana average?

Delilah is a fantastic healer. That’s why she’s set on average speed.

And if Thoth did all minion for his team, that would make a decent reason to ascend him.


True just think minions for all would be better at average mana then possibly give the minions a perk or something

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Something. Even with my 4* non maxed team, he wasnt really feared.

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Thoth Amun is a Mummy. He must need buffer to get out from the underworld.
Even in the Anceint Egyptian methods King Tout was young fool dude who died cause he was stupid.
Now lets reflect this to the game.
Who would give a stupid ghost a massive power?


With the changes the OP proposed (beefed up single minion), he’s still not as effective as Drake Lee. Drake is Fast. If he gave minions to all, I’d think that would be too strong.


I have been holding onto my Thoth for about a year now trying to find a reason to max him. I just can’t seem to find one. Lately, my six tabbards have been itching for a home in my defense team. I have Thoth, Quintus, and Domitia waiting for upgrades. I don’t have Sartana (and am not really sure I want a fifth sniper) and I am finished blowing money on pathetic chances for something better. It’s TC-20 from now on for me. Thoth is fast, but Quintus is stronger. I wonder if Thoth would make a good tank (with two or three minions protecting him). But, is that good enough?


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Bump because 20 chars.

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Bump. This deserves to reach at least 50 votes.

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I have Thoth-Amun maxed and he is great imo, but I see all of your points, for a HotM he is lackluster. I think if he poisoned the three targets he struck or giving him a bite like Morgan’s, that would be enough of a buff instead of changing the amount of damage he does or giving everyone one of his minions.


I read a description of Thoth-Amun’s skills “summons an undead helper for each ally with 20% hit points and 15% for an attack taken from a hero”
Either the translation is inappropriate or the description resembles that of heroes like Mother of the North, Santa Claus, and Delilah.
If the description is correct, it seems to me that Thoth-Amun should summon a helper for each ally.
Please, explain this to me.


How disappointing and frustrating can be when you spend 2800 gems for thirty, I mean 30 (!!!) heroes on the Atlantis call and the only 5s you get is TA (besides the many double/triple 3s heroes I got).

And then you read this post and know already nothing will ever be done to improve him. Out of all the 5s I could get… why TA?!?

Does this make someone feel like spending more for a chance to get a better hero?. No, it does not. It puts you off and makes you don’t want to spend more for this money-sinkhole game.

I think improving him would be highly desiderable and I agree with the OP ideas.

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Thoth-Amun was the first minion-caster introduced in the game, so it was a bit of an experiment. Apparently SGG decided that the all-ally minions were the way to go when they introduced Delilah, the second minion-caster. FWIW, Thoth’s minions:

  1. Are the beefiest in the game
  2. Are the only minions from a Fast mana hero
  3. Have the potential to trigger the Sorcerer Delay skill each and every turn

#3 is actually a really nice buff that I haven’t seen discussed much. He could be an awesome mana control specialist.

To @D3J4VU73’s point, the developers have promised a set of hero “rebalancing” in Version 20 (Version 19 was just released). Maybe T-A will be given a little love.


Thank you for the consideration in replying to my disappointment :slight_smile:
I will look forward for the patch, then :wink:


the only vote for buff i got is for him to be very fast. also:


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