[Master] Hero Balance Discussion Topic Links

As we are having more and more Balance discussion topics I thought of having one topic, where you can find the link of all them.

Hero of the Month Balance discussion topics

HoTM 2017

HoTM 2020

HoTM 2021

HoTM 2022

Season 1-5 heroes:

Season 4:

Season 4 Costume:

Season 5

Event heroes

Challenge Festival

Clash of Knights

Kalevala heroes:

Sanctuary of Gargoyles

War of the Three Kingdoms


Super Elemental

Monster Hunter

Abyss Hunter

Brave Musketeers


Mighty Pets


Ninja Tower

Tower of Styx

Mystery Heroes

Untold Tales

Carnival of Gods

Goblin heroes

Owl heroes


League of Villians

Santa’s Challenge

Magic heroes


Do you want other balance discussion topics ?

If yes, then please add the hero name here to this topic, which you want me to create a topic or just tag me in a message in the hero’s topic.


Dunno if I should be sad that so many heroes are suspected not balanced, or happy that we have a thriving community discussion about balance!


@Guvnor have automatically created Hero Balance topics for each HoTMs from 2020 May, which I have continued until 2021 December.
So that’s the reason why we have so much HoTMs there.

Maybe only few of them: Noor, Reuben, Russel, Balbar, … would have been requested by players.


Don’t forget the the mummy papyros
He is the banner hero of S5 portal like Diaochan for W3k. Shouldn’t be a dust collecting card

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Ah makes sense, thanks for explaining!

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Thank you for setting this up. Useful.


Did any of this threads buffed a hero or are those threads just to nerf heros? Its balancedicussion and not nerfdiscussion or?

Goseck should be in “Sanctuary of Gargoyles” not “War of the Three Kingdoms”.

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Oh, thx.
I have fixed it + I have added the two new hero balance discussion topics to the OP.


I can try to collect the Balance changes topics by Staff to the OP.
There were several buffs too.

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Ok, I will add one topic for that hero soon.

Here you are:



Here it is for you:


Magnificent idea for a thread, thank you :100:

Might it be a good idea to also include the card info on stats and special skills from the hero in question in each individual thread? Then people could see the stats of it right there?

I do not mean to give you more work, would love to help you out too - and it’s only an idea :blush:

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There is a link in all Balance discussion topics to the original hero’s topic.
So you check the stats wirh 1 click.

If you think that is not enough, then I can try to add a snapshot of the hero hard to later balance discussion topics.

New topic is added for her. You can see it in the OP.

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Lol was wondering when someone would request for her to be mellowed some.

I don’t have problems with hulda… When i use Grimble… But God damn it… Everything’s i throw a ton of tiles at her… The purple tiles never show. It is not board related losses than her being overpowered.


This topic contains the collection of balance discussion topics for several heroes.

These are not biased topic (nerf / buff a specific hero / group of heroes) like how you are asking us to create topics in the new category here:

So I will not change the categories for these.

But each of these hero topics contains a poll about what the community thinks about a hero.

Maybe you can consider that too.

I will keep linking each topics here what the community asks me to create.
So you will have the list in the OP up-to-date all the time.

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I get it… The current heroes of today make season 2 and original event heroes seem… Small…

Though… Caveat emptor… You may have pulled by chance… But you ascended by choice… Like i did with elkenan who was trash from the first day i got him. But that was the risk i was willing to take. My magni, my first 5* only sees action when i need an easy cleanup in war. I regret the scopes used on him… But i don’t regret the years of relevance i had with him.

Sg asking what heroes should be buffed… That opened Pandora’s box… Because they don’t care unless they can monetize it. Out remind me of Jurassic Park 1 when the lawyer says… Maybe we can have a coupon day… So maybe the buff myzterio… And that will make 12 people happy… Maybe 16.

In retrospect… Not sure this should go under this category… But I’m ok if it is moved.

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@PlayForFun please a Perseus (non costume) balance/revamp topic.

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