[Master] Hero Balance Discussion Topic Links

Ok, I will add a Perseus Balance discussion topic soon.

Update, here is it for you @Saffran

Please make poll for Livia (owl family). An avg speed hero that only affects nearby allies seems very unattractive, specially with the release of Mariol. Either increase speed to fast or keep speed but buff all allies.

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Here are some buff that IMHO are needed:

Livia —> avg speed hero that only affects nearby allies

Jove —> increase power at the same level as Fortuna, after the nerf he has become almost useless.

Springvale costumes —> increase the stats like HOTM or Challenge Festival costumes

Carnival of gods passive —> Please put anything better than a minion dependent action. Or at least summon a new minion every time the hero cast their special.

Raven and wolf families —> enable family passive from 1 hero