Hi there!

I just began playing in August, so I am fairly new to the game! I am having a great time, and trying to find a balance between it all, as I am on a low budget and interested in playing to win (and awfully frustrated with RNG from other games!)

So I shall try to make the best of it, with what I have. I am looking forward to connect with you all. Happy gaming :slight_smile:

I would simply adore to find an Alliance some day, that requires activity and dedication but is open to newer players.
Preferably 600 cups and ups, perhaps? If such a thing exist.
Friendly and mature community would be fantastic. Required to hit Titans, and, if signed into War, required to use all Flags.

Iยดm devoted and commited, and always looking for ways to improve and learn.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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