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Just fought Elisabeth fully embled. Its even worse then Frigg Odin or Ninja teams.
Inicial dmg, then turn dmg then undispellable mana cut and dmg. This is WAY WORSE then Telly.

SG: If you got enought money please put nerf in new version. 10% dmg and 10% mana cut is MORE then enough for this hero!

This game really is starting to be unplayable…

p.s. I am fine if you milk it for next event as well but then NERF needs to come FAST!

Mod edit to add a poll in:

  • I think Elizabeth is reasonably well-balanced overall
  • I think Elizabeth is excessively weak, and needs a buff (increase of their strength)
  • I think Elizabeth is excessively strong, and needs a nerf (decrease of their strength)
  • I’m not sure yet

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There no point in trying to get anyone on here to nerf hero’s. They don’t hav the power to do that. There just mods to help you out with game play and information about upcoming events and hero’s balancing info and tech support bugs and issues.

But i do agree with u

How about asking for the best strategy to beat her? The game is supposed to be a challenge.


Why nerf telluria vela then lol


Oh, come ON! I have gotten 2 good 5* in 2 years, and everytime I finally get one, you all call to Nerf them. My Vela is absolutely useless now only doing 90 damage on her attack. I certainly don’t fear Telluria anymore, and now you want to cut off Elizabeth’s head. I will never get to see what a good hero plays like…all to protect people’s precious Ares, Miki, Dark Knight, and Malosi.


Mate I’m 100% agree they nerfed my telly and vela. But reason why is because they need players to be interested in others so they can cash in on them. Elizabeth is in the hateful game they made her good for all to spend on. Till the next hero’s.


I feel this will eventually get merged into the Elizabeth discussion thread, but here’s my €0.02:

Elizabeth is overall a great design concept, but the numbers are way off. Right now, there are basically two scenarios:

  1. You use a healer against her.

This way she does 180% damage + 28% max hp of each enemy hero in absorbed healing, + a few turns of mana debuff and slight damage.

On average, this will total out at roughly 700 damage to all + 2 turns of 24% mana cut.

  1. You do not use a healer against her.

This way she does 180% damage to all, permanently slows down all enemy heroes by one step, and applies an uncleansable DoT for ~60 per turn.

With that in mind, how are any of those effects okay at average speed? First option is Killhare on steroids with no downside and extra mana control. Second option is permanent speed advantage, which is even more outrageous.

I would think she needs upfront damage reduced substantially, or slowed down by a notch, or the heal threshold to be reduced by a significant margin.


All new Buff/Nerf threads are on probation due to them attracting incivility and repetitive arguments.

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Shouldnt this be merged into Elizabeth thread?

Yet another pointless vent topic. All you need to do to counter friends is heal… And that’s it.
She’s balanced, not great on defense, she got many counters…


Unfortunately, this kind of thread attracts so much ire and vexation that it derails useful discussion around the hero.

At this stage, many forum contributors have an entrenched position on nerfs and i need somewhere to shovel it all.

#bufftelluria #nerffrigg #nomorenerfs #compensation etc

But, if anyone wants to discuss tactics for and against, the main thread is


This!!! Absolutely this!!! I don’t have Elizabeth, but I have faced her only a few times in mid and upper diamond. She doesn’t pose much of a threat. So what if she casts her Fiends to your heroes. I can’t counteract the fiends using my minions as the only legendary minion summoner I have maxed is Mother North (Uraeus is still not maxed) and the other legendary minion summoner I have are 3/70 Zulag, 3/70 Glenda and 3/70 Reuben. I just heal to remove them quick. I play mono in almost all facets in the game, except against green, yellow and blue titans (4-1 as I don’t have Tarlak) and in emblems quests.


I also have anecdotal feedback on her. I just fought a fully/maxed emblemed Elizabeth and had zero problem defeating her. Try different strategies and give it some time.


She is beefy can survive a 3 tile mono attack mainly due to high health. She isn’t easy IMO, I think best approach is to take double healer in different colors… As others have done calculate what the total damage is for average factoring in the heal absorb, she is a very strong hero to fight and her firing changes the course of a battle.

Added: next time I fight her I will try different blue heroes with higher attack and see if I can take out in 3 tiles, that is necessary to attempt mono IMO


That’s a whole different topic but that was done to break up the trio of GM T V. Did I agree with that of course not they were a fun challenge. But just like I just mentioned people rather cry for nerfs than create suitable to team to beat that defense


You know you can skip right? Don’t like going against her, tap the next button.


Okay, let’s agree that telly wasn’t this strong . Velva wasn’t this strong. I’m normally totally against nerf threads but her stats are just ridiculous. You think she isn’t? Then why do you now see everybody in diamond running to put her in their lineup?? You have to focus all your effort on taking her out first priority! Why??? If she isn’t that unbalanced then why do you have to focus on her first and foremost? Two healers just to may be able to survive? And that takes up another slot for a hitter on your team. And while your focused on her what about the other four your facing? This hero really made me mad at small giant. Why nerf telly if your gonna release a hero of the same caliber if not even better??? Telly wasn’t this strong and that should tell you something, velva wasn’t either!!!


Strong heroes make this game interesting. Think about your strategy and the synergies your roster offers you.


Elizabeth doesn’t need a nerf. She is reasonably well balanced so far.
I fought her several times in the High Diamond Raid (mainly in the flank position, and very rarely in the tank position). In conclusion, she is not very good at defense. Odin or C.kadilen is much more painful in the flank position.
It’s very easy to get rid of fiend and her direct damage is very small. Usually I beat her last.

Well, so far I’m talking about Elizabeth in defense, but I own +20 Elizabeth, and she’s doing pretty well with the red stack against the fast mana defense team without a healer.
Elizabeth is not a hero who will bring immediate victory, but delay in mana generation gives plenty of time to clear the board when the tiles of the required color don’t appear at all.

Overall, Elizabeth is a nice-to-have hero, and I think she’s a good hero who can show her presence without breaking the balance of the game itself.


My point exactly. Top diamond arena! You say you have her + 20? Wonder why you don’t want her rebalanced? My point and major contention will always be that telly wasn’t nearly this powerful and they decided a balancing was called for. I feel sorry for those people who had the original telly this surely must come as a hard slap in the face

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