List of HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Since this information keeps being requested, here is an easy to search list. HOTM in order from most recent, back to the beginning:








This list will be updated with future HOTM.


Hotm Generations

Generation 1 HotM
These are just normal heroes without an Inate Resistance or Elemental Link.
Span from June 2017 (Hel) to March 2018 (Delilah).

Generation 2 HotM
These are the heroes who now include an ELEMENTAL LINK
Gen 2 spans from April 2018 (Aeron) to December 2018 (Evelyn).

Generation 3 HotM
These are heroes who now include both an ELEMENTAL LINK AND an inate resistance
Gen 3 spans from January 2019 (Onatel) to December 2020 (Reuben).

Generation 4 HotM
These are heroes who now include an ELEMENATL LINK AND an inate resistance AND an inate Ability
Gen 4 spans from January 2021 (Bertila) to present.

Elemental Links

In order, the elemental links are:

  1. Attack & Defence Buff (+5% each) - Aeron, Alasie, Gravemaker, Gregorion & Drake Fong
  2. HP Recovery (4% per turn) - Khiona, Aegir, Zimkitha, Evelyn, Onatel
  3. Elemental Resistance (+46% to weak colour) - Kunchen, Frida, Anzogh, Margaret, Ranvir
  4. Mana Boost (+4%) - Seshat, Miki, Grazul, Kingston, Neith
  5. Critical Boost (+10%) - Grimble, Vela, Jean-Francois, Telluria & Malosi
  6. Special Skill Defence Buff (+30%) - Clarissa, Raffeale, Noor, Zocc, Bai Yeong
  7. Minion Spawn (5% HP, 10% Attack) - Zulag, Glenda, Reuben, Bertila, Uraeus
  8. Passive Mana Generation (Small Amount) - Malicna, Frosth, Yang Mai, Elrohir, Devana
  9. Increased Healing (+10%) - Chakkoszrot, Alexandrine, Russell, Balbar, Hanitra
  10. Attack Buff (+10%) - Viscaro, Iris

Inate Resistances

Resist Status Effects

  • Resist Blind - Onatel, Grimble, Bertila
  • Resist Defence Ailments - Kunchen, Malosi
  • Resist Attack Ailments - Frida, Raffaele, Russell
  • Resist Mana Ailments - Anzogh, Reuben
  • Resist Healing Ailments - Grazul, Alexandrine
  • Resist Health Steal Ailments - Jean-Francois, Malicna
  • Resist Mana Generation Stopping - Neith
  • Resist Special Blocking - Miki, Elrohir, Hanitra

Resist DoT

  • Resist Burn - Kingston, Frosth
  • Resist Poison - Ranvir, Clarissa
  • Resist Water Damage - Zocc, Yang Mai
  • Resist Sand Damage - Zulag, Uraeus

Minion Stuff

  • Resist Minion Effects - Vela, Devana, Viscaro
  • Resist Minion Removal - Telluria
  • Resist Minion Debuffs - Bai Yeoung

Other Resistances

  • Resist Dispells - Margaret, Devana
  • Resist Direct Mana Reduction - Seshat, Chakkoszrot
  • Resist Buff Immunity - Balbar

Inate Abilities

Minion Stuff

  • Spawn Minion on Enemy Minion Summon - Noor
  • Spawn Fiend on Enemy Minion Summon - Viscaro
  • Mana on Minion Death - Bertila
  • Health on Minion Death - Uraeus
  • Cleanse on Minion Death - Frosth

Gain Status Effect

  • Elemental Resistance on Ailment - Malicna
  • Attack Buff on Mana Reduction - Yang Mai
  • Mana Generation for Ailments - Chakkoszrot


  • Gain Mana for Ailments - Elrohir
  • Gain Health for Ailments - Alexandrine
  • Gain Health for Buffs - Balbar
  • Gain Mana for Buffs - Hanitra
  • Gain Mana for Burn - Russell

Telluria’s face is like: “Am I a joke to you, @Guvnor ?”



That proof stuff…

2019 is the 1st yr they alternated gender

So think for 1, yes we can pretty certainly say telluria is female

But can also say prior to 2019 that alternating hotm gender didnt happen

Fair enough…


Just told that to what’s his face in the other thread

My glory months. Seems like a long long time ago :sob::cry:

Thanks Rook and @Guvnor, most helpful


I glanced at that chest and thigh hair and wondered!


She’s a cat-like creature :stuck_out_tongue: Thought you of all people could empathise :frowning:


I liked that her ears were pierced. :grin:


Should I assume maybe the HOTM will stop only till Malosi and recycle again start from Hel?
Cause till now we haven’t heard any news about upcoming May HOTM which is unusual.
And if there’s a new HOTM, I wonder what elemental link they gonna provide. :roll_eyes:


This would actually be awesome

(but old time players wouldn’t be happy obviously)

Nope I wouldn’t assume that…

We just don’t have any “early information” beyond Malosi.

Check the #beta-beat threads for all the “early information” on heroes :slight_smile:


Updated to include the 6th Elemental Link (the Defence Against Special Skills at +64%)

Also adding in a section for Innate Resistances

(p.s. @rook did you wanna add in Clarissa & Raffaele to your list?)

isn’t the crit boost 10%?

Yup sorry, copy-pasta issue :slight_smile:

Only HOTM that have actually come out on the Summons are listed in the first post. No Beta shtuff. :wink:

But it says “Future” ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I can understand that

Hmm, perhaps I should say, “This list will be updated with new HOTM each month when they come out.” You know, just to be clear. :grin:


I hope this might be helpful also @Rook. I keep an image pdf of this list handy just prior to when Atlantis rolls around.