Hero of the Month - From June 17 til June 18

This is all heroes of the month (hotm) so far:

Name	Color

june 2017 Hel Purple
july 2017 Athena Blue
august 2017 Ares Red
september 2017 Musashi Yellow
october 2017 Alberich Green
november 2017 Toth-Amun Purple
december 2017 Perseus Blue
january 2018 Natalya Red
february 2018 Zeline Green
march 2018 Delilah Yellow
april 2018 Aeron Purple
may 2018 Alasie Blue
June 2018 Gravemaker Red
July 2018 Gregorian Green
August 2018 Drake Lee Yellow


Would be cool if we had screenshots to go along with this list. Maybe we’ll see some posted in this thread soon

Lepus is easter event hero (coming back next month), not a Hero of the Month.

You have got an old version of Lepus.

Congratulations to all the past hero of the months. Keep up the good work and I’ll follow the best I can. Thanks for being inspiring to the rest of the population that play this incredible game.

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I think that one year after release HOTMs should just go into epic summon and TC20 pool.


I need to know if some of hero coming back

They are. We just don’t know when and how.

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I need holy one and purple for sure

Well there are new ones coming, holy next month and purple one after that.

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Hopefully hel coming bach and good chance to gat her

Do you know which old hero of the month are included? Will they stop before gregorion or will they continue up to drake etc?

June 2017 - Hel (dark)
July 2017 - Athena (ice)
Agost 2017 - Ares (fire)
September 2017 - Musashi (holy)
October 2017 - Alberich (nature)
November 2017 - Thoth Amun (dark)
Dicember 2017 - Perseo (ice)
January 2018 - Natalya (fire)
February 2018 - Zeline (nature)
March 2018 - Delilah (holy)
April 2018 - Aeron (dark)
May 2018 - Alasie (ice)
June 2018 - Gravemaker (fire)
July 2018 - Gregorian (nature)
Agost 2018 - Drake Fong (holy)
September 2018 - Khiona (dark)
October 2018 - Aegir (ice)
November 2018 - Zimkhita (fire)
Dicember 2018 - Evelyn (nature)
January 2019 - Onatel (holy)

after khiona they got pretty hard to pull

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