I can not find the character Alberich!

Hello. Alberich appear in the game?

He is a Hero of the Month character that’s acquired some months back. Not part of the regular Legendary Green hero lineup.

then he can still appear as the hero of the month or will not be anymore?

That is entirely up to the developers of this game. From what I have seen browsing some of the threads is that there are probably some thoughts coming out of Small Giant Games about bringing them back at some capacity. Some more veteran players or possibly insiders of this game can probably shed some light on this, or whatever they are allowed to say.

He is a hero of the month…

OK! the hero of the month, let him! BUT, you can then introduce it into the core of the characters. or again set as a green joke. in WoT blitz listen to the players and often return the game technology that you can buy for gold (here for the crystals).

It is was said from developers that they return one point in time, but none of us (beta players or elders) know when or how (for free or again as a bonus).

What’s sure, for now you can’t have him.


thanks, I hope to appear in the game character

HOTM order:


  • Hel (June)
  • Athena (July)
  • Ares (August)
  • Musashi (September)
  • Alberich (October)
  • Thoth-Amun (November)
  • Perseus (December)


  • Natalya (January)
  • Zeline (February)
  • Delilah (March) *
  • Aeron (April)
  • Alasie (May)
  • Gravemaker (June)
  • Gregorion (July)
  • Drake Fong (August)
  • Khiona (September)
  • Aegir (October)
  • Zimkitha (November)
  • Evelyn (December)


  • Onatel (January)
  • Kunchen (February)
  • Frida (March)
  • Anzogh (April)
  • Margaret (May)
  • Ranvir (June)
  • Seshat (July)
  • Miki (August)
  • Grazul (September)
  • Kingston (October)
  • Neith (November)

Edited 11/1/19


And the HotM are not fixed in the calendar; Alberich will not be the HotM for October 2018.

The devs have said they are considering ways of making old HotM available again, but for now, if you didn’t get the HotM in the month when it was out, you’re not getting it.

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Alberich as here of the month

I just received Alberich in Atlantis spin

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Is that confirmed? I really want to get Kunchen. He is the best HotM IMO. Defense ailment resistance plus the high % of healing is just so powerful.

He will possibly be featured in Atlantis gate some day in the future. Maybe early next or late this year. Watch out for him every last Thursday each month, when Atlantis will rise and its gate will produce fortunes for SG/Zynga…

I got him the Atlantis before last. Does that mean they will bring back other older HOTM??

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Yes, every Atlantis portal features two old HOTMs. Check this thread out for who will be next. :slight_smile:

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