Best Hero of the Month (HOTM) of 2019

In your opinion who is the best hero of the month of 2019? Overall, I know some are for titans others have others uses, but you can explain your choices on your top 12 list.

  • January - Onatel
  • February - Kunchen
  • March - Frida
  • April - Anzogh
  • May - Margaret
  • June - Ranvir
  • July - Seshat
  • August - Miki
  • September - Grazul
  • October - Kingston
  • November - Neith
  • December - Grimble

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And list your top 12, best to worst.
The best and why
The worst and why
Opinions are diverse, I know all of them has some to give, but it’s just for fun, after all it’s the end of the year…
I’m curious


Best to Worst:

Kunchen - 5* healer with cleanse and defense ailment, yellow defense make him a good tank… no question about him…


Margareth - do I really need to put a reason for this one??? Almost useless…



P.S. For me Kunchen doesn’t deserve a place among top 5. The only situations where he may prove difficult for me are the rush attack tournaments. In raids and wars is actually one of my favourite tanks to defeat…


Like many f2p and newer players, anzogh and vivica are the only 5* heroes i have had the materials to ascend so i will always think anzo is awesome. Law of primacy. As far as the others go i can only speak to how much i avoid them on raids, which is pretty much just knuchen and sometimes seshat, ravnir depending on level, position, and complimentary heroes


Best to worst:

  1. Miki - fantastic hero for titans and events

  2. Frida - great red titan hero

  3. Kunchen - great tank

  4. Seshat - sniper that is hard to kill

  5. Kingston - sniper who resists burn

  6. Onatel - good mana controlling hero

  7. Grazul - prevents ailments for the whole team at very fast speed

  8. Anzogh - works really well with Boldtusk and other AoE heroes, but is not great by himself

  9. Ranvir - good titan hero but not a big improvement compared to Wu

  10. Margaret - too situational but shines against heavy sniper teams

  11. Neith - does many things but isn’t really good at any of them

  12. Grimble - tanky hero (who must not be a tank) who hits everyone at average speed but doesn’t do it well because of the low attack stat)


Anzogh can work very well in the right stack. Use a +att or -def with him and he heals more.

I maxed him quick and I like him.


My case is similar, I’m c2p with only Grimble (pull him on Christmas day), but I love the discussions on HOTM and help my teammates with them (in my ally there are 1 Seshat, 2 Ranvirs, 1 Frida, 1 Anzogh, 1 Margaret, 1 Grazul, 4 Grimbles, 3 Kingstons, 1 Miki, 2 Onatels (Atlantis pull) and 3 Evelyn’s (2018). So you can post your list.

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I’ll order and break mine down a bit differently than you suggested.

Raid & War Offense


  • Seshat – can stay afloat on her own, even when the rest of the team is dead, and hits reasonably hard plus has a useful dispel

  • Grazul – Very Fast status ailment immunity is profoundly powerful against the myriad ailment casters in the game; her sturdiness and healing are just added bonuses

  • Onatel – easiest to leverage her mana control on Offense

  • Frida – paired with Kiril and Grimm or other buffers and/or heavy hitters, she helps make a 2-3 hero death squad, which is great for Offense stacks

  • Kingston – fast attack Debuffs are extremely useful on Offense, even apart from his decent hit


  • Margaret – Offense is where she should shine, but I found her a letdown playing with her in Beta; even at Very Fast she was too tricky to time right to rely on — though this is probably still her best category

  • Ranvir – I tried him on Offense for quite a while, and he’s fine, but the chance for misses plus the terribly confusing mental math to figure out who will fire buffed or not made me happy to swap him out of my Raid team, and keep him off War attack teams



  • Miki – by far the best Titan attack buffer, in my opinion; he was a beast trying him out in Beta, and I wish I had him; his Silence is a nice bonus on top

  • Frida – Elemental Defense Debuffers are huge for Titans, and Arthur is even harder to come by than a HOTM (though he’s better for Titans, if given the choice)

  • Ranvir – he’s just as much of a traitor and frustrating to use as Wu, but absent Miki or Tarlak, he’s a necessary evil that’s a straight upgrade from Wu in durability and speed; plus his Poison Resist is a natural for higher level Dark Titans


  • Grimble – low attack stat plus an irrelevant skill set, as there are no Minions and only a single target to hit

  • Anzogh – AoE hitting and healing with a high-Defense single target is poor utilization for him

Quests/Events/Difficult PVE


  • Miki – Slow Mana becomes largely irrelevant in Quests, where multiple waves provide ample opportunity for charging, and Mana Potions can fill in gaps; in that environment, Miki’s Silencing is profoundly powerful, and his attack buff can help clear the early waves of monsters and pound the Bosses

  • Onatel – for similar reasons, Onatel can really take control over Bosses when time and Mana Potions can assist her as needed

  • Honorable mentions to Seshat and Kingston; Neith can shine more here too than she’s often given credit for


  • Margaret – her Dodge doesn’t apply to Monsters without Special Skills, so she’s just along for tile damage until the Bosses; that can make her useful against 3-Boss Stages, but I think that’s just too infrequent of a usage to justify ranking her well in this category

Raid & War Defense


  • Kingston – his Attack debuff is just as useful on Defense as Offense, and he’s a fairly hard hitter to boot

  • Seshat – as elsewhere, her ability to keep herself afloat while hitting reasonably hard makes her a natural as flank or wing, and she can be troublesome for weaker attackers when adjacent to a beefy healer or during Field Aid, as it can make it essentially impossible to kill her with neutral damage tiles

  • Kunchen – he’s a solid tank, more so in War than Raids, where attack teams can be depleted so he’s harder to stack against; in regular Raids I don’t really find him troublesome at all when facing him, but he’s certainly more than adequate to help keep a team in Diamond


  • Miki – Slow Mana Control that’s dispellable is just too hard to rely on the AI timing and targeting well; plus he only buffs Slash Attacks, so the opportunity for his buff to be relevant on Defense is too sporadic

  • Grimble – his main event of Minion destruction is too likely to be irrelevant or worked around, and his AoE hit alone isn’t enough to make him a top defender because of his low Attack stat

  • Margaret – the AI is just too terrible at timing a Special Skill like hers, making it too easy to work around as an attacker; coupled with no offensive attack, she’s just not well suited to Defense

Might Age Well

If Minion Summoners become a lot more common, then Grimble is going to look a lot more attractive in the long run.

Right now he looks very niche, but that could very well change dramatically over time, especially on Offense.

If you could pick one…

I’d go with Miki.

I prioritize Titan teams first, and he’s the best option to have there.


Best to worst

  1. Seshat : amazing sniper with a minion and dispels

  2. Kingston : Amazing sniper that cuts attack

  3. Miki: Titanslayer

  4. Kunchen: a beast of a tank with a dispel and def down

  5. Frida: awesoome for bluestacks and vs red titans

  6. Onatel: tanky steals mana

  7. Ranvir: a small improvement of Wu

  8. Anzogh: low damage

  9. Grazul: 15% heal is too small

  10. Neith: jack of all trades master of none

  11. Grimble: tankystats thats about it

  12. Margaret: useless


Not an easy choice to make. If I was really to choose one, I’d go with Kunchen. People criticize him for slow mana etc. but to me, he is what took my game to a whole new level. Ever since I pulled him, I started tanking with him (and reliably remained in diamond arena with him on defense), then he’s my first choice for an off color healer in every stack for raid/monster fights. He’s probably my most played hero. Absolutely worth it.

Runner up - Miki. Like Kunchen took my raids and monster fights up a level, Miki did that to titan fights. Had Wu Kong, had Ranvir, and only with Miki I upped my game. Took me well over 100 pulls to get him, maybe even closer to 150 that stubborn guy. And he’s still on his 3.70. Nevermind. Maintaining average between 150-200k per titan on stringing 14*s. He’s THE titan expert, hide your Tarlaks and Wu Kongs.

If I had to order them… Well, mind that I have 7/12 (marked these in bold) and I do not face some that often. In some cases it’s only based on paper description. But here it goes…


Kingston over Seshat? Well, Seshat has some competition in purple snipers. She’s arguably best of them, but still… many people could have snipers there already. Green really only had Lianna and Gregorion. Plus Kingston attack debuff is great - superior to other greens.

Frida got her place due to unique elemental debuff. Well, Artur was before her, but chances to get him are insanely low. Frida was much safer. She’s doing her work. Surprisingly sturd also despite the punch she has, especially with the Paladin emblems, making her good defense choice.


Ranvir - God, I said so much about him already… Hyped to be 5 star version of Wu Kong, ended up averaging worse hits than Wu Kong. Very wrong design. Hero like that is a titan expert, but the advantage over Wu Kong they gave him (direct dmg) is meaningless for titans and putting him more on a PVP fight. But guess what, the %hp dependency they gave him makes him useless 50% time in raids. So being useful 50% of the time out of which 35% times he misses… well yeah, that’s a simple formula to being useless. Giving him darts is still considered my personal worst roster decision this year. If only Miki came first…

Anzogh is a missed concept. Could be great, balanced and good-for-all hero, but something went wrong. Not sure if it’s the stat distribution or just the % on the skill, or maybe he just misses another perk, but he ended up good for nothing. Heals based on the punch, but punch is really a pinch. So heals nothing, damages nothing, really a placeholder not worth any attention

Grimble - lemme quote myself. Grimble may have most tanky stats but that doesn’t make a good tank… His skill is useless on that position and even if someone was silly enough to take minion heroes against Grimble tank, Grimble would fire likely before any minions are created. And with his dmg that shot would do nothing. Just too niche for current state in a game. Tabbards are too rare. I’d even prefer to ascend Domitia or Quintus over him.

Margaret - well a defense oriented hero with attack oriented stat - that can not end well… Not just that, again, the % oriented evasion on many cases will just mean nothing, and without any secondary perk, that means her entire purpose of being on the battlefield is contributing to the tile damage. Sorry but not good enough. Maybe if she gave the buff to the whole team, maybe if her elemental link was crit chance, that could at least help some more for titans… But it is what it is.


Gonna do this by heroes I want/wanted on my roster the most:

Seshat — saved up for but missed
Kingston — saved up for and got on epic coin
Grazul — wanted but saved up for Kingston
Frida — saved up for but missed
Onatel — wanted but saved up for Frida
Kunchen — wanted but saved up for Frida


I missed, i clicked on neith, i wanted to vote kingston.

You can change your vote, for me is showing the option. Click on “show vote” under the poll.


Thanks for your insight. Really appreciate!

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Thanks for your insight.
I need to learn how to use Grimble (pull him on christmas, not ascended yet 1/1), but he’s a mess…

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I can only comment on Onital as it’s the only one I’ve got


Had a tough decision choosing between Seshat and Kunchen but in the end, picked Seshat as the best one because once she casts and has the minion, she can and will become dangerous real fast.


Seeing Grimble listed there with the rest of the crew, it makes me sad. He’s so underwhelming. Seshat and Kunchen are at the top, w/ kingston right behind. I really like Grazul as well, but she’s not as flashy as some of the others, despite her utility.


Miki > Seshat > Onatel > Kingston > Grazul > Frida > Kunchen > Anzogh > Neith > Ranvir > Margaret > Grimble
If I could play with these I could tell you why. The first four are really outstanding though. Seshat and Onatel are definite troublemakers on defense. The heroes commonly seen that give me more trouble than them are Gravemaker and Kageburado. Grazul at very fast so useful as part of a safety measure in attack formation. Frida use is obvious, just depends on how you evaluate it. Like Miki, who gets honors for having more uses than just being the best titan hero. Neith has some defense potential if enough time can be bought. But Anzogh gets edge over Neith due to easier to use on attack. Kunchen only causes trouble at tank. As more counters come out, expect him to disappear. Don’t like his speed on attack although he’s useful against titans.

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I am surprised that many ppl took Seshat below top 3. She is so good. Her only problem is embleming because of the heros like Ursena and Kunchen, which are best tanks. That’s why she’s losing competition for emblems with other elements Rangers

My list ( got almost every HoTM)

Top tier - best heros which cant wait to be maxed
1 Seshat - one man army, sniper, dispeller, her minions are OP
3 Kunchen - very good war tank, amazing healer and cleanser
3 Miki - best titan buffer,
4 Frida - elemental debuff, overall good hero
5 Kingston - powerfull sniper with good special and resistance

Tier 2 - usefull heros, you can spend your AM and you will not regret it

6 Onatel - could be very annoing on defence, usefull everywhere
7 Grazul very fast special resistance, good offensive hero
8 Anzogh - not bad healer, could be amazing in some configurations
8 Neith - good supporting hero with many special’s
10 Ranvir - steroid Wu, titans, raiding

Tier 3 dont waste your mats!
11 Margaret - very limited usage, bad hero
11 Grimble very limited usage, main special destroing minions ( can max Gobbler w/o wasting tabbards) are you kidding me?


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