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I realize the heroes of the month are different from month to month, but are they exclusive from year to year? So let’s say in 2021, would the October HOTM be the same as this year’s or do they get “retired”?

They never appear as hero of the month again, but they can be acquired when they’re a year old from Atlantis and again the following year; from the Tavern of Legends, again when they’re old; and eventually also from the Hero Academy. The odds for a particular HOTM after their first release are fairly abysmal though, you won’t be surprised to hear.


Here is the historical rotation of HOTM since it started June 2017:

They don’t repeat as HOTMs. After they leave as HOTM, you could get them from Atlantis (two are featured when Atlantis Rises comes around) or Tavern of Legends. HOTMs that are more than 12 months retired are also obtainable through Hero Academy level 10. All of these at very low odds.


Thanks for the full roster! Pretty cool seeing them all lined up like that.

I started playing in the Khiona era. Didn’t even know about HotMs then. The month after, half of my alliance mates were pulling Aegirs. Then Zims, then Evelyns, etc.

Finally got my first nearly a year later… Miki!

Ah, but what a sweet, sweet reward that was. Probably ranks up there as one of the best heroes in the entire game, IMO.

Nice to know now where all those other crazy heroes came from… and why I don’t have them, and never knew where to get them from (because they were released before I even started playing).


I too use HOTM as a calendar of sorts. I started in Gregorion era, lol. First HOTM was Evelyn. Then a whole lot of nada until Neith & Grimble. ToL paid off in the form of a very handsome Alby. And yes, agreed on HOTMs generally being some of the most powerful in the game.


Thank you SO much for that chart! In the 3 or 4 months that I’ve been playing I was lucky enough to get Zocc and Zulag. I don’t really know if they’re any good or not, but they’re now the only 5* heroes that I have.

Today I just went ahead and spent the $3 USD or whatever on a Valhalla draw, because I was looking for a yellow hero and was hoping I might fill my roster with that . What I got instead was some hero called Hura and, as a bonus draw, Zulag. Both of them are purple, but I was still glad to get another five star hero regardless.

I know the odds of getting good heroes are extremely rare so I tend not to spend any money and just use the various tokens that I get along the way, but the two times I have actually spent three or four dollars it’s turned out well. I’m just going to chalk that up to luck and consider myself lucky.


Getting a HotM from a single draw is extremely lucky. It’s only like a 1.3% chance for that.

Many players get good luck like that early on. Don’t expect that to happen every time, unless you want to be disappointed later. Generally speaking, you have to do a couple dozen pulls at least to get a 5* hero.

Congratulations though! Don’t obsess too much on whether the heroes you got are “top ranked” or not, as it takes forever to level them up anyway, and they could be nerfed or buffed in the future.

I don’t remember exactly what Zocc does, but Zulag seems useful.

As for “Hura”… did you mean Fura?


Incredibly lucky on your part to get both an epic and a legendary hero for $3.

Vast majority of my pulls result in stuff like Dawa or Friar Tuck.

You have some very fine heroes to start out with. Your beginning luck is certainly a lot better than mine was.


Also think this the last year, That hotm is available at atlantis.

Yes Fura. I’m sorry, it was these two…


That is an excellent haul for a single summon! I think the game’s RNG must like you.

Hope that you continue to get such good luck! But if the luck ever starts to run dry… do not get overly upset or be tempted to exceed your personal spending limits. Keep in mind that for most portals, your odds of pulling only a 3* hero are about 70%… meaning that most of your pulls will be 3* heroes in the long run (and that can get frustrating over time, especially if you’re spending money).


Here is the thread about Fura:

I have been active there hoping I am missing something and she is great (not that she is bad).

I hope your tile luck is as good as your summoning luck :crossed_fingers:


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