Morax – 5* Dark / Purple - November 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

New HOTM Released for 2022 November: Morax

This thread is for discussing strategy related to Morax, as well as your thoughts on Morax.


Rarity Element Class
Mana Speed Attack Defense Health
Origin Family
Hero of the Month Legends 2022
:hourglass: Ability: Mana on Health Boosting Special Skill
This character gains 5% mana each time an enemy casts a Special Skill that boosts health.
:no_entry_sign: Resist: Resist Mana Generation Ailments
Ths character has innate resistance against status ailments and negative stacks that affect mana generation. Doesn’t apply to status ailments that stop mana generation or steal mana.
:dizzy: Special Skill: Scythe of Sorceries
  • Deals 400% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
  • The target gets -24% mana generation for 4 turns.
  • Reduces max health of the target’s nearby enemies by 400. Max health can’t be lower than 30% of the original max health.
  • Element Link gives all Dark allies immunity to new Fiends for 4 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.

All-in-one still under construction. Card image to be added when available.

:test_tube: Changes from Beta

There appear to be no changes to Morax from last-seen Beta stats, skill, and design.

Beta Information: 🧪 Early information on the November 2022 HOTM -- Morax [Part of The Beta Beat V51]

:thought_balloon: What do you think of Morax ?

This thread is for thoughts and discussion on Morax.

Based on preferences Forum members have expressed, please try to stick mainly to Morax and not wander off topic too much to other heroes.

Some Popular Questions for Discussion

  • Is Morax worth summoning for?

  • Would you use Morax on Defense? Offense? War? Quests/Events? Titans?

  • Which heroes on your Roster best pair with Morax ?

  • What heroes would you take when facing Morax as an opponent?

  • Would you give Morax Sorcerer Emblems? Which Talent Grid path will you choose?

  • What do you think of special?

  • What do you think of Morax’s character design?

  • If you Summoned Morax and would like to post your results, please include some thoughts on why you Summoned Morax, and whether/how you plan to make use of them.*

*NOTE: Summon Results posted without any commentary/feedback at all should be flagged as Off Topic and removed, based on preferences expressed by the Forum community. Please include some comments about what you think of Morax when posting Summon Results. In addition to opinions about Morax, you are also encouraged to include how many Summons it took before receiving Morax (or how many Summons you’ve done without receiving Morax), so other players are presented with realistic experiences of the rarity of HOTM.

:money_with_wings: Avoiding Overspending & Heartache :broken_heart:

Or: How many summons are needed to get a HOTM?

_Special thanks to @Garanwyn & @zephyr1 for assistance on summoning odds and proofreading for this section.

It’s important to remember that HOTM have very low summoning odds. No amount of summoning will guarantee a HOTM.

On average, in a 10-pull, you have a 12.3% chance of summoning the HOTM.

But that statistic can lead our minds astray in exactly how our odds play out as we continue summoning.

Some useful insights:

  • 73 times out of 100, you’ll get a HOTM by pull 100
  • 95 times out of 100, you’ll get a HOTM by pull 229
  • 99 times out of 100, you’ll get a HOTM by pull 352

Putting that in Perspective

  • 27 out of every 100 people won’t get the HOTM by the 100th pull

  • If 1 Million players each summoned 100 times, 270,000 of those players wouldn’t get the HOTM

  • 5 out of every 100 people won’t get the HOTM by the 229th pull

  • If 1 Million players each summoned 229 times, 50,000 of those players wouldn’t get the HOTM

More Insights & Reading

I highly recommend reading these three threads for more information and context on summoning odds:

If you’ve read them a million times before, you may consider reading them again before deciding on your budget for summoning. A little time spent deciding on how much money you want to risk on summoning goes a long way to avoiding disappointment, frustration, and regret later. :slight_smile:

:thinking: Wondering About Your Personal Situation?

Feel free to discuss your team and roster here, and ask for advice from other Forum members.

If you’d like more extensive advice on sorting out your particular roster, I recommend creating a new thread in #gameplay-help-tactics, and posting screenshots of your hero roster, along with your questions.

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Feedback Poll - Morax (post release)

:question: Is Morax worth Summoning For?

  • Yes, absolutely
  • Only if you’re P2P
  • Yes, but only when featured.
  • Not really
  • Not at all

0 voters

:question: How many copies of Morax would be useful to keep & Level?

Note - this is roster space dependent & isn’t the same for everyone!

  • Zero
  • Just one
  • 2
  • 3
  • All of them

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:question: What do you think Morax’s Primary Purpose is?

  • Damage Dealer (Immediate)
  • Mana Generation Debuffer
  • Max HP Reducer

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:question: What do you think of Morax compared to other Heroes?

  • Over Powered (OP)
  • Little stronger than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Little Weaker than Most
  • Completely Broken (Under Powered)

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:question: How does Morax’s Special Skill and Intended Purpose match Morax’s Base Stats?

Note this means Morax’s Class, Attack, Defence & HP Stat

  • Perfectly
  • Better than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Worse than Most
  • Terribly

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:question: Is Morax worth giving Sorcerer Emblems to?

  • Yes absolutely
  • Depends on who else you got
  • Hmmmm, not sure yet
  • No I don’t think so
  • No… Not at all.

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:question: In Defence, where do you think Morax is best used?

  • Left Wing
  • Left Flank
  • Tank
  • Right Flank
  • Right Wing
  • Not on defence at all.

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:question: How do you think Morax is best used?

  • PvP Raids/ War attack
  • Normal Defence
  • War Defence
  • Titans
  • Farming
  • Tournaments
  • Event Teams

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Choose up to 3 options

:question: What do you think is Morax worth Limit Breaking ?

  • Yes
  • No

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:question: If you would emblem Morax then which Emblem Path would you select ?

  • Sword path
    (Selecing Attack talent nodes when possible)
  • Shield path
    (Selecing Health and Shield talent nodes when possible)

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Comparing this to Tetisheri is a pain. Tetisheri fast speed 500% to target and minor to nearby at fast speed. Morax average speed 400% and minor to nearby.

Insane difference already there not mention other stuff. Hotm become more and more like something mediocre/bad for the poor unfortunately, not liking the way this is going at all.


They should change HOTM to ZOTM
Zero of the month
We barely see a good hotm anymore


True. But Tetisheri was released OP in the last minute. Greedy moves just won’t stop.


Surely and thats more of a problem Tetisheri (and other paywall heroes) is OP. This hotm however should at least give mana -24 generation to nearby also.


Hello, I wanted to share my post for Morax for those interested. Thank you.


He dosen’t look so bad to me…I wouldn’t throw him out of my roster for eat crackerjack…:wink:


So many healers boost health nowadays that these max health reducers feel quite pointless. Mana from the passive could be a lot higher to compensate and to make decisions tougher when deciding what healer to bring against Morax.


I’m not understanding the hate for him…When I read his special, I would be excited to pull him!

I agree that he isn’t a top tier hero, but definitely useful. Then again, I use a number of heroes thought to be useful by a majority of those on the forum!


@PlayForFun is a small error in the italian traslation…isnt “del” but “dei” :hugs:

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Don’t get the hate either. He deals around 2200 damage across 3 targets without any defdown. He checks the 9 tile Gate, has a useful manaslow, gains Mana against Rhys and M&M and has immunity to the moon passive. He has one of the best elemental-links in the game and gains afamily bonus next year.

Allover perfect meta replacement hero for f2p-playwrbase.


I got him.
-I have excess sorcerer emblems.
-I consider max mana reduction a good skill from my experience with Alfrike.
-Health incresase is everywhere now, si he might be rather fast in some situations.
-I only have 7 tabbards, if I level him and get another better purple in the next half year or so, it will be annoying (stupid Arfanias).
-He doesn’t seem that impressive overall. Levelling a new hero that might not even make it to war feels sad. Of course he’ll se action in Wo3K, CoE and such.

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Thx, I have asked Staff to check it.

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I just get it and for me looks just fine because I play with no money on the second account and don’t have too many Hero 5*. So I’m happy


Comparing a new HotM to a newly released & very strong season 5 hero is a fools errand. They will never be on par, plain and simple. Now an argument comparing Tetisheri with another season 5 hero like Sekhmet is valid and worth debating. As for the rest of your post this isn’t a new dynamic, it’s pretty much always been this way. Only in a few very rare instances (Telluria, Seshat) has a new HoTM been on par with other top heroes, while it’s true some of the more recent ones have closed that gap a little more than others (Tahir, Zagrog) it’s still a well established fact of the game.

The only valid comparison of Morax would be to other recent HotMs, which is not something I am prepared to do. That said though at first glance he doesn’t seem too out of line with other recent HotM, and given all he does ie. damage, mana generation, max health reduction, fiend immunity, he could be a fun hero. It’s interesting to note in the skill wording that while he only gives a mana generation debuff to the target he also reduces the max health of only the adjacent heroes, but seemingly not the target. That’s a new one on me, one status ailment to the target and a different status ailment to the adjacents, but maybe I’m wrong.

I pulled him and am not upset about it.


Exactly my point. Gap is too wide between new shiny and hotm and it should not get wider. It makes harder for us poor to compete.

There should be comparisons to top heroes because they are the ones that set the bar. Most/Many of us will never have these heroes because of huge paywall however but imagine how bad it is already. P2W has been long out there and it is not stopping until we have heroes that kill all at very fast speed.

You have good points that most hotm arent top of the top and have not been in a long time. Thats what happened with Telluria and it should not happen again, however there other issues with GTV braking meta. Now the overall pool of heroes is much stronger.

Back to topic. I said Morax imo should be slighly better and I am worried about him and Balur being so weak. Not expecting them to be top but a bit more useful.

Im a big fan of niche heroes that dont have to be great at all aspects of game. For me if it does one thing properly it is good enough. However Morax does not fall into that category. I dont see him doing anything well. Is he supposed to be damage dealer? Well then, where is the proper damage…


I kinda want him. Arts much better than celadina.


Planta, lol! Same situation: i got only 1 Tabard and Morax, Freya and Senan waiting. My last major hero was Bastet and the 3 preceding her were all purple too…

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