Is there a list of 2019 HotM?

I looked, but I couldn’t find anything current…

This is a list of all heroes in the game so far. If you scroll down to the bottom of the post, you’ll see a picture with all 2019 heroes: New! All Updated Hero Rosters

Note that this is kept up to date by a forum user, so the latest HOTM (in this case, Kingston, who was released today) may not be there until a later time. :slight_smile:


Awesome @DaveCozy, thanks a bunch

There’s also the E&P wikia:

@DragonSnake: Here is my list of all the HOTM, from Hel to Telluria:

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Thanks @Rook

That really helps.
I was trying to figure out who I have and when I got them


I think I need to move it to its own thread. I’ll do that later today. :+1:

Here is the new thread, correctly titled so it can be easily found:

List of HOTM (Hero of the Month)

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