2020 HOTM compared (January - April)

Hey I wanted to start a Topic to compare the first Hero’s of the month in 2020. It continues here at 2020 HOTM compared (April,May,June).
Until now, there were Vela :snowflake: (January), Jean-Francois :fire: (February) and Telluria :shamrock: (March) . Malosi :sunny: joins in on April!

Hero Information (maxed):


Vela Details


Jean-Francois Details


Telluria Details


Malosi Details

Did you summon just to get a HOTM? For which one?

  • Vela
  • Jean-Francois
  • Telluria
  • Malosi
  • No, just got it by the way

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Did you get what you wanted and how many summons were needed ?

  • Yes, up to 10
  • Yes, up to 50
  • Yes, more than 50
  • No, more than 50
  • No, more than 100
  • No, because it wasn’t my Intention

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Which one did you get?

  • Vela
  • Jean-Francoise
  • Telluria
  • Malosi

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Which one is your Favorite of the first quarter of the year?

  • January: Vela
  • February: Jean-Francoise
  • March: Telluria
  • April: Malosi

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Compared to the HOTM from 2019, which one would you prefer? (4 choices)

  • January 2019 Ornatel (holy)
  • January 2020 Vela (ice)
  • February 2019 Kunchen (dark)
  • February 2020 Jean-Francoise (fire)
  • March 2019 Frida (ice)
  • March 2020 Telluria (nature)
  • April 2019 Anzogh (fire)
  • April 2020 Malosi (holy)

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How did Atlantis affect your HOTM? I heard of one guy pulling 3x Terukkia :o

  • I got Terullia
  • I got Anzogh (featured)
  • I got no HOTM
  • I did summons especially for HOTM
  • I didn’t summon for hotm
  • Didn’t pulled at all

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Here I made a new post about Telluria and 2019/20 Compared
2019/2020 Compared

Here you get to the summary of hotms in 2019:
All HOTM of 2019

Atlantis March 2020 results

Feel free to contact me if you have any other ideas for this :slight_smile:



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Seems like many of you already got telluria, even though she is only out there about one day! So did you especially pull for her?
And the poll where I compared 2019/2020, which year was better until now? 2020 HOTM compared

  • I pulled especially for her
  • I just got her like that
  • I made summons but didn’t get her
  • I haven’t tried yet
  • I think 2019 HOTM
  • I think 2020 HOTM

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Just a heads up, you can’t edit polls more than 5 minutes after they go live, so you won’t be able to add the HOTM names over the course of the year like you have it in the draft.


So what are my options ?

I got vela and jean francois .

I havent maxed them . But vela is 2/60 and i bring her against a heavy red team with high winrate
Her mates are Grimm and Sonya .
She usually hits her special at least once.
When she does It doesnt Matter if in fron of her is a red 4* or 5* maxed the damage is notable.

I imagine that her maxed is another story .

JF received lots of negative feedback and even from trustworthy people like dr strange so i dont plan to Max It at least not as my first 5* red.

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You could make a separate poll for each month, or just put poll options that you’re fine with not being able to edit.

People often find it confusing to edit their votes it seems, so reusing the same polls all year is probably going to be tricky anyway.

You could have a poll for each HOTM that’s a single choice option for:

  • I don’t want/didn’t want this hero
  • I want/wanted this hero, but haven’t gotten/didn’t get them
  • I wanted and got this hero

And then the favorite poll could be at the end of the year, like Best Hero of the Month (HOTM) of 2019.


I voted for September, whatever there will be… :rofl:


I got both of them, bus JF gotten just today

@zephyr1 Thanks for your help, it’s my first topic so pardon me for these mistakes


No worries at all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Forum Polls are one of the trickiest features to set up — I’ve done dozens of them, and still always have to think about how to set them up to work within the restrictions. It’s a bit of a wonky feature, but people do really like them.

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@zephyr1 Should I start a new one or is it possible to get the polls correct?

You can edit your post to replace the polls, as long as you change the poll name in the Markdown code. Otherwise it won’t let you save.

It’s this in particular that binds the poll:


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Ok i’ll try that thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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@zephyr1 do you think its better now?

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Doing them in chunks like that works too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@zephyr1 since its my first try , I think it’s ok! I hope I can make it even better when the hero of june is revealed, so I can make it first half and then second half of 2020. But I will make this one better, step by step. :slight_smile:

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I look forward to it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@zephyr1 Hey, I have insert Gifs of the Hero Information, but they are way to small and with bad quality. What was my mistake?

They appear to be very small images, where did you get the GIFs from?

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