[Guide, Camps, Roster] What camps to run, and for how long, often depends on your roster

[Guide, Camps, Roster] What camps to run, and for how long, often depends on your roster

Uncommon training

Unfortunately, Empires is designed around the IAP summons.

This means Uncommon training ( RT02 ) is currently the best balance of Hero XP per hour, Food per Hero XP when leveling, Hero XP per recruit and Food per Hero XP when training.

Currently, kits/ backpacks are one of the most important items in Empires.

Season 2, Province 1 best for kits/ backpacks.

For lower level players, Season 1, Province 5, Stage 8 has very good kits/ backpacks but missing some 4* ingredients.

2.1-8H one of the two best for kits/ backpacks.
(Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more - #262 by BarryWuzHere)

Low cost training

Until you unlock Extra low cost training ( RT11 ), Low cost training ( RT04 ) is a great place to store recruits for later Legendary training ( RT20 ). See hoards below.

Extra low cost training

Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) is a great place to store recruits for later Legendary training ( RT20 ), and Uncommon ( RT02 ). See hoards below.

Extra low cost training ( RT11 ), is great for generating Hero XP when you are not in a hurry, short on food or short on kits/ backpacks.

It has the best Hero XP per recruit, and Food per Hero XP when training.

Training troops

For a good discussion of training TROOPS ( since Hero Academy does both ) see following link

(🤺 Using Hero Academy as a Troop Training Camp - #8 by yelnats_24)

Leveling heroes

As a general rule, always level with matching colors. ([Links, Links, Links] Discussions about leveling heroes- Updated 2018-Jun-06)

But this is a game, so have fun, if that is your play style ( Leveling: what's best strategy, on-color rainbow or one hero focus? - #26 by Gryphonknight)

Legendary recruit training

Running 2x or 3x Legendary training ( RT20 ) early is very important. Very good source of 4* heroes.

You cannot level heroes you do not have. ( yes, duplicates suck. Yes, camps are designed to get you to spend on IAP for summons ).

Big spenders only need Guaranteed rare ( RT12 ) for hoarding food. Super big spenders only need Extra low cost ( RT11 ) for hoarding recruits.

Color Stacking

4* 3.60, 4* 4.70 and 3* 3.50 heroes are good for color stacking.

Even when dead they improved your normal/ matching/ tile damage ( grave damage ).

Color stacking

Color stacking, Empires hidden buff

Food production

4* heroes take 26% the food of 5* heroes. So leveling 4* 3.60, and 4* 4.70 heroes, may be your best use of food until you have a decent 4* 3.60 / 4* 4.70 roster. ([Reference, Math] Food costs when Leveling 3* / 4* / 5* heroes [generic food comparison])

Some 5* 2.60, and 5* 3.70, heroes may be more useful than 4* 3.60, and 4* 4.70, heroes. Especially for class quests. (Domitia - my shiny new hero - #43 by Noble_Weasel)

Comparing 4* 4.70 to 5* 3.70 can be complicated. ( [Math] 4* 4.70 > 5* 3.70 > 4* 3.60 > 5* 2.60 > 3* 3.50 ( base stats and special skills ) or Comparison of Partially leveled heroes by rarity [More Math] )

Elder players

Common training

Leveling 5* heroes, try to avoid Common ( RT01 ) it uses 2.5x recruits of Extra fast ( RT19 ).

Extra fast training

Too much food?

Saving recruits?

Leveling a 5* 1.1 hero to 5* 4.80, with Extra fast ( RT19 ) uses approximately 1.9x food, and 0.73x recruits, of Uncommon ( RT02 ). ([Math] Advanced color training versus Extra Fast)

Extra fast ( RT19 ) is best used on 3* / 4* heroes, but can be used for 5* heroes. ([Discussion] Using item Hoards, Rugged clothes and Adventurer's kits, to level 3* / 4* / 5* heroes)

Advanced house

Advanced House level 9 / 10, can save you world energy depending on your situation. ([Math, Farming] Kit/ backpacks per day versus Advanced House Level 9 [More math, Math Apocalypse])


Hoarding food

([Math] Comparing Recruit training- Guaranteed rare vs Elite vs Legendary Training for food storage, XP and generating heroes [Hoarding, XP ])

Hoarding recruits and food

Hoarding resources, Hero Academy

([Math] Hoarding resources in Training camps versus Hero Academy)

Guaranteed rare

While Elite training ( RT13 ) sounds tempting, even without VIP PASS, you will quickly unlock Legendary training ( RT20 ) which has a much better chance at 4* heroes ( 20% versus 3% to 5% ).

(Build Order - #8 by Gryphonknight)

Use Guaranteed rare ( RT12 ) to store food, and recruits, until you unlock Legendary training ( RT20 ). See above hoards.

Elite training

It is not wrong to use Elite training ( RT13 ), but with merciless RNG, it is not great.

The few people I know who got great 4* heroes from Elite training ( RT13 ), did not have the roster, 3* ascension items, food and Hero XP to level the 4* heroes before they unlocked Legendary training ( RT20 ).

Further reading

see also

([Guide] “Rage Quit and back again” or How I learned to stop worrying (about 5* s) and Love the 4* s ( told in links )[ 1- 16 months, Manual, Road map])


Player Guides

The other trainings

Advanced training

Advanced training ( RT10 ) is very similar to Advanced color training. See color training below.

Color training

Recruit training RT05 to RT09 is regular color training.

RT14 to RT18 is advanced color training.

Click for Color training rant

Free version of summons

Camps are not for Hero XP, but free versions of Daily summons ( 150 gems ) and Epic summons ( 300 gems ).

Every time you level a mine, or Watchtower, you get more iron per day.

Every time you level a farm, or Watchtower, you get more food per day.

Every other time you level Advanced house, you get more recruits per day.

Every time you level a training camp, you get less Hero XP per recruit, and less Hero XP per food. But farming the map does not significantly increase your recruits per day and food per day.

Except for Uncommon ( RT02 ), Low cost ( RT04 ) and Extra low cost ( RT11 ) which were probably snuck in when no one was looking.

And Fast ( RT03 ) and Extra fast ( RT19 ) which trade time for food.

The most extreme example of this is color training.

Color training

While not the most effective use of your time, and resources, color training can be fun.

Gryphonkit, my wife, uses it all the time.

But it is a poor return on your investment.

Regular color training

The below link has some flaws about food costs when leveling, but still accurate about

Hero XP per hour,
Hero XP per recruit and
Food per Hero XP when training.

(Analysis of on-color training (TC5-9) vs common + uncommon training)

Advanced color training

([Math] Advanced color training versus Extra Fast)

Fixing camps

There are a large number of Ideas & Feature Requests giving lots of ideas how to fix camps based on the individuals lack of resources in another part of the game.

But from SGG point of view, camps are perfect, just like Atlantis summons.

Note to self

Use desktop computer to rearrange sections for better flow.



Thank you for the extensive explanations and information supplied, I am sure this will help many better understand certain aspects of the game.

Happy forum anniversary to you @Gryphonknight :cake:


Any thoughts on HA2 training only uncommon troops? Just seems a bit recruit heavy

Hoarding Resources, Hero Academy

Latest Edit-

Training TROOPS

Both @yelnats_24 and @zephyr1 have a great discussion of training troops


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Recruit Storage



Did mean heroes. Sorry but thanks for links. Just reading em. Think I like 2star hero training for the guarantee and to tidy my roster up. I use 10 same colour same strength hero’s each time

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Also should have said HA3

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Comparison of HA03 vs RT02 vs RT19

Race to Guaranteed Rare recruit training ( RT12 )

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A friend just created an account

I told them to get to Low cost recruit training ( RT04 ), Extra low cost recruit training ( RT11) and Guaranteed rare recruit training ( RT12 )


So they can hoard recruits ( RT04 & RT11 ) and food ( RT12 )

I told them only research RT04, RT11, RT12, and Legendary recruit training ( RT20 )

Skipping other recruit training ( Common RT01, Uncommon RT02, Extra fast RT19 ) until they need to unlock them

Base with RT04

Stronghold 5

Watchtower 3 ( huge source of food and iron )

Mine 5,5
Forge 2,1
Storage, Iron 3,3,1

Farms 2,2,2,1,1
Storage, Food 2,1

House 2,1
Camps 4,2


Layla 2* 1.9
Bane 3* 1.7
Toril 2* 1.4
Berden 3* 1.4
Shaarkot 2* 1.9

Farming, Auto play

Season 1, Province 4, Stage 4 ( 1.4-4 )


Stronghold 5 Auto farming


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Bane 3* 1.7
Berden 3* 1.5
Layla 2* 1.9 ( 3* Lv01 troop Crit & Healing )
Ragnhild 2* 1.10
Farid 2* 1.4

Auto farm, 3 Wv

1.5-3, 3 Wv, 380 PXP

Auto farm, 4 Wv

1.5-2, 4 Wv, 380 PXP

Previous Province

1.4-2, 3 Wv, 241 pxp
1.4-1, 4 Wv, 241 PXP
1.4-5, 4 Wv, 241 pxp, ¿5,6,7 Recruits?


Stronghold 5, Buildings x20

Mines 5,5
Farms 5,5,5,5, 5
Watchtower 5

Storage, Iron 4,3,3
Storage, Food 2,2

Low cost recruit training ( RT04 ) x72
Camps 4,3
House 2,1

Forge 4,1


Map Season 01 Elite Mobs

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To pass Map Season 1 ( MS01 ), Elite mobs


10x Antidotes ( Forge 3 ) helps versus status ailments

20x Heal 100 HP also a big help

Basic Color Stacking ( see notes )

1.5-5, 1.8-4 Purple Elite Mobs, stack Yellow

1.6-3 & 6, 1.7-5 Green Elite Mobs, stack Red


Click for notes

Basic Color Stacking

First 3* team

See also


Always hit the titan or Escaped / Reduced / Titan loot tier 1

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As a Teeny account ( Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) not yet unlocked ), ALWAYS hit the Titan at least once

100+ k is my main account, It should be a percentage of your maximum storage for food and iron

You are still getting 100+ k of food and iron even if the titan escapes, you get reduced loot, you get Grade D, you get Titan loot tier 1, etc.


Lv12, Unlocked War & PoV

Click for notes


Team A Healer

Sha Ji 2* 1.19,

Team A

healer, Bane b.3* 1.20, Berden b.3* 1.17, Layla 2* 1.20, Team A Switch

This team is double yellow, so very good for auto farming 1.7-6 with a Red 2* 1.20

Team A Switch,
Red 2* 1.20, Blue 2* 1.20,

Team B Switch for Color stacking ( 2x strong, 2x yellow ( neutral / weak ) )

Purple 2* 1.1,
Blue 1* 1.1,
Green 2* 1.1,
Red 2* 1.1,


Total Building 20

Level 7
Stronghold, Mines x2, Farms x5

Level 6#

Storage- Iron 5, 4^, 4#
Storage- Food 3#,3#

Forge 4,1

Low cost ( RT04 ) = 17d
Camp 4,3
House 2,1

^= Currently upgrading
#= Planning +1 Level upgrade


2x Strong, 2x Yellow

Click for notes

An example of a 2x Strong, 2x Yellow team would be 2x Green, 2x Yellow, 1x Purple/ Blue against an all blue stage in Map Season 1, Province 8

If you cannot auto play 1.8-7 ( Green Boss weak to red, but Blue Mobs strong against Red ) to fill a Wanted Mission Ice enemy chest ( rare blue chest ) then

1.8-3 might be better ( All Blue enemies ) with the roster in these posts 2x Yellow ( 2x neutral ) 2x Green ( 2x strong ) 1x Purple ( 1x neutral ) / 1x Blue ( neutral ) might work for you

2* healer

For colors without a 3* hero ( example purple, blue and red ), I am taking 1x 2* heroes to 2* 1.20 and stopping since all 2* heroes will eventually be replaced

But Classic 3* healers are only Red, or Green. So I will be taking Sha Ji to 2* 3.40 unless I get 2x 3* healers AND 2x 3* yellow before Sha Ji gets to 2* 3.40


@Gryphonknight , you may advise your friend to go for S1 6-8 autofarming. It should give the most recruits which IMO is more important than anything else.

In addition, I found the easiest map to autofarm with a starting roster with very few level-ups of the starting team heroes is S1 6-7. Sadly it doesn’t have high monster count or recruits.

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3x Yellow

Click for notes

With 2x Yellow, you can add a third yellow for 3x Yellow

1.8-4 is all purple enemies

3x Yellow, 0x ( zero ) purple would be 3x strong, 2x neutral


Farming Stronghold 7

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You are not wrong ( see notes )


Stronghold 7 cannot produce enough food to store the recruits so Food / Iron / Player eXperience Points ( pxp ) are currently more useful

And pxp / Food / Iron are different ( see notes )

Stronghold 12

Priority is Stronghold 12 to unlock Guaranteed rare recruit training ( RT12 ) for hoarding food and generating 3* healers, and heroes

Farmable 3* ascension items

With v44 upgrading HA08 Epic training, players may also want to unlock 1.12-7 since that is the first province that drops farmable 3* ascension items

Or 1.15-1 to unlock 2.1-xN / xH for farmable 3* ascension items, and kits / backpacks


Click for notes

PXP / Food / Iron


(Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more)

Recruits S1:6-8 S1:8-7 3.00 S1:8-7 100% S1:8-7 100% S1:3-3 S1:7-7 S1:8-5 S1:12-9 S2:6-9N S2:15-9N S2:15-3H S2:15-8H S3:8-10N S3:10-7N S3:23-3N S3:25-6N S3:13-1H S3:15-3H S3:15-6H S3:18-1H 82%


With a default 2x Yellow farm team, 1.7-6 with all purple mobs, is also faster to auto play


Unlocking more of Map Season 1 ( MS1 ) also unlocks your Watchtower food / iron which depends on both building level and outposts unlocked


Team 6

Click for notes

Roster management is very poor since designed for 1x every 5* HotM

With costume meta, hopefully ZS does something about it ( Renaming heroes/ duplicates would be a good first start )

Until then I recommend the following 5x teams

Team slot A

Name= Feed 2* / Rainbow 2

Heroes being leveled with same / matching color, 2* 1.1, or higher, heroes

Until 4* / 5* heroes, Rainbow team 2 for basic color stacking

May, or may not, be leveling

Team slot B

Name= Feed 1* / Rainbow 1

Heroes being leveled with same / matching color, 1* 1.1 heroes, especially 4* / 5* costumes

Until 4* / 5* heroes, especially 4* / 5* costumes, Rainbow team 1

May, or may not, be leveling

Team slot C

Name= R.Def

Raid Defense team

Team slot D

Name= Map / Quest / PvE

Monster / Map / Quest / PvE team

Team slot E

Name= Titan

Titan team


When you start raiding, I recommend spending 100 gems and getting a sixth team slot

My six teams

Feed 2* / Rainbow 2 ( nice having Feed teams at beginning )

Feed 1* / Rainbow 1


R.Att 1

Map / Quest / PvE

Titan ( nice having Titan team at end )

First raid attack team

Name= R.Att 1 / Raid 1

First raid attack team, later may get another slot for second raid attack team

PS ZS, we need more team slots and better roster GUI


Leveling heroes

See also


Teeny War, Part 1

Click for notes

Tips for Teeny accounts in a war

War points

([Tips] War points, War healing, Fleeing and Temporary war healing)

Any points

Any points you earn, could help your alliance win ( see war points above )

Remember Alliance War is a team effort, points are points

Clean up

Often teeny accounts will be assigned, or target, heavily damaged, war defense teams

This lets more powerful alliance teammates use their war energy for tougher teams, instead of using them for tiny clean ups

Remember Alliance War is a team effort, points are points

A War Story - Layla 2* 1.1 to the Rescue, or Lucky Clean Up

Sometimes a defense team will only have 1x low HP hero left, with luck, and some skill, even a 1x 1* 1.1 hero attack team can earn 312 war points

Click for War story

Player A was fighting in their first war

Player A had
1x 4*,
3x 3*,
10x 2*,
6x 1* heroes
Most were 1.1 or barely leveled

Player A forget to save 2x heroes, 1x each for their last 2x war energy

Wanting to get PoV points, they claimed 1x 2* 1.1 hero from their Low cost recruit training ( RT04 ) and used it for their 5th war energy earning 1 war point ( Their current total was 231 war points, highest was 113 war points for 1x war energy , with 22 as their current second lowest )

Despite to use the last war energy for PoV points, they farmed Map Season 1 until Layla 2* 1.1 dropped

Using Layla 2* 1.1, and their last war energy, they killed a badly wounded Noor 5* 4.41 ( with 3* Lv11 Heal & Crit troop ) to win the team kill bonus 306 points, and 312 points for that war energy for a grand total of 543 war points for their alliance that war

Remember Alliance War is a team effort, points are points


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Barracks 1

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Stronghold 10

Iron Storage 8,7,7,7

Mine 9,9,9

Forge 4,1 (5)

Food Storage 6,6

Farm 9,9,9 9,9,9

Watchtower 10

House 6,6

Camps 4,3


Click for notes


My 2017-Sep account does not use Barracks anymore ( see below )

But My teeny account has not unlocked guaranteed rare recruit training ( RT12 ) to hoard food, and does not have enough resources to use food other ways, so food keeps piling up

Barracks, and Lv2+ troops, are a way to burn food



Teeny War, Part 2

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Mono war attack teams rule❗️

Mono war attack teams rule ( see color stacking, and troops, in notes )

For a new account I recommend Mono war attack teams, starting with 1* 1.1, then 2* 1.1 and then 3* 1.1

Do not bother leveling the 1* / 2* heroes, they are just for color stacking ( see notes )


10x Purple ( 2* preference Layla )
10x Yellow ( 2* preference Nash )
5x Blue ( 2* preference Ragnhild )
5x Green ( 2* preference Needler )
5x Red ( 2* preference 3x Zudack / 2x Farid )

3* 1.1 > 2* preference > any other 2* ( not 2* preference ) > any 1*

1* / 2*

BTW 1* / 2* War attack teams are the worst

See also


Click for notes

Color stacking, Basic & Advanced

( [Advice, Mega Post] Activating `Click for notes` transforming mega gryphon forum post OR you want to know all about Empires? This post will tell you all about it [Clip show, Greatest Hits, Some out of date- Now with more Math, Polls added] - #9 by Gryphonknight )


([Advice, Mega Post] Activating `Click for notes` transforming mega gryphon forum post OR you want to know all about Empires? This post will tell you all about it [Clip show, Greatest Hits, Some out of date- Now with more Math, Polls added] - #7 by Gryphonknight)