[Advice, Mega Post] Activating `Click for notes` transforming mega gryphon forum post OR you want to know all about Empires? This post will tell you all about it [Clip show, Greatest Hits, Some out of date- Now with more Math, Polls added]


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Basic Tactics

([Trophy Tactics] "Waffle, "Drop", "Slow Climb" and "Hover" or tactics for deliberately changing trophies)

Basic Strategies

([Trophy Strategies] Hold, Bait, 2nd, Crop, Max, & Bacon or strategies for attempting to influence your trophies)

MMO math

Trophies / Cups

Raid Revenge

(Revenging against a much higher/ much lower trophy opponent or Encouraging attacking higher rated opponents to increase trophies or Elo's math)

Math, More Math, Math Apocalypse

This is hard, but comes up a lot
Raid Tactics and Strategies
Trophies / Cups
Raid Revenge
Elo’s Math
How defense teams and trophies work
Alliances and Trophies
Source of Trophies