🏴‍☠ Boomer – 4* Dark/Purple from Pirates of Corellia

Big hands, small usefulness.
Very bad card.

Totally stat-special-mismatch.


They completely changed Gobbler and his base stats, don’t know why they couldn’t do that for Boomer as well.

I only upgraded him because I was running low on people to level and decided to do him over a couple others. Maybe used him a few times, but I wouldn’t even call him a 4th line player. He’s more of a player that doesn’t even dress for the game and would only dress if 4 other players got hurt and the team needed a body to fill the position.

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Thanks everyone, so food he is :wink:

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He’s helpful

In my alt FTP account where he’s my only 4* at the moment

Summoned this hero way back. But still does not yet have the time to level this epic pirate as I find myself working on other purple heroes instead.

He is blocking a slot for me since nearly 3 years. Still unleveled as i cannot find any use for him. Although he got buffed twice? He still not good enough even compared to vanilla 4*.

So either wait untill he gets buffed so one could actually find a slot for him or feed him.

Poor guy! HE’S the one who needs a costume not those awful rumoured choices!!!


I agree. I pulled Boomer last year and fed him away without hesitation. There are so many better 4* dark heroes out there.

Another constructive critic that will be forever ignored: this hero and Agwe could at least give +30% attack for nearby allies. They’re almost 3 stars, specially after S3 4 stars were released.

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20 quoted Shiver Me Timber’s characters

In his niche, he is actually better than Tiburtus, the problem is it is a really tiny niche and Tiburtus is universally versatile. I tested them both extensively at 3/60 vs all yellow and Boomer won. The issue is, when does that ever happen outside S1 farming?

Even that depends on your roster

I got Thoth-Amun first month of release, so using Thoth at 5* 2.60 for years ( 5* 3.70 only recently ) when farming MS1 instead of Boomer

Same with Peter, before I could take Peter from 4* 3.60 to 4* 4.1, I got Hansel ( Peters had a lot of green heroes ahead of him - recently considered leveling him, then get Buddy )

Boomer, and Peters, are not useless ( looking at you Vlad ) but they suffer from competing with a lot of really good purple 4*, and green 4*, heroes


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Can’t argue with you in any meaningful way. Not a fan of Hansell at all, but love Tetthuk and I use Agrafena at 3/70 all the time. It really does depend on what you have to work with. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I loved Peters when first got, took to 4* 3.60 ( would have taken to 4* 4.70 if non farmable 3* ascension items were not so rare until Titan loot tier 9+ )

I loved Hansel when first got, took to 4*+1

But both have draw backs

My eye is on Merlin, which, is Purple, another competitor for Boomer

All of which pale if you have Proteus, Hel, Onatel, etc.

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I just can’t seem able to keep Proteus (I have 2) alive long enough to get him to work. :thinking: :cry:

My Hansel is +17 and Proteus #1, +11

Glass Cannon

Proteus is a Glass Cannon

Like purple Sorcerer 4* Sabina ( more Boomer competition ) and most of the Wu Kong Cascade Squad, Glass Cannons require some tricks

See Cascade Squad link, in notes, for tricks


Click for notes

Rigard, and Melendor, together they fight crime

(Rigard and Melendor ( together they fight crime) for 3-1-1 raiding or rainbow raiding)

Wu Kong


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I cannot see Boomer unseating any of these starting 5 4* Dark heroes:
C Rigard, LB Ammertine, Sergei, Merlin and now Ingolf. I even have C Sabina, Proteus C Tiburtus and Cheshire Cat as subs. Luckily for him, Fura is the forgotten one.

I also cannot see Peters unseating any of my starting 5 4* Nature heroes:
Almur, Marcel, Jack, Orla and Caedmon. Or even Tetukkh, Gandalf, Lil’ Jon and Brynhild. He may get some play, but when Tetukkh came out, Peters became an afterthought.

Just got him from HA8. I’ve got many 4* purples even Ametrine at +20 and LB but I’m working on Maeve (3* slayer fam) and them wil level Ahhotep. S5 heroes are more stronger then older ones. Ahhotep wil pair nicely with Junaid (+20 LB)

So Boomer is pirate food.

Boomer and Agwe can be buffed … Agreed?