Endgame training camps?

I edited my post, i was running tc11 and not tc13… this is what i was wondering, is it worth to store ham and recruits at tc20, instead of say HA7?

Not sure it matters, but…

I use HA for troops other than ha10, to use iron, otherwise I can’t use it all

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What do you need the stored iron for? I tend to use my irons to make tornados.

I don’t use it as iron storage really, I just get something usable out of iron that would otherwise go to waste. I never have nuggets, as soon as I get them they’re made into tornadoes to feed my addiction on Titans


For iron HA6, for food AL. Our leader stores 10-15 million food, even with 100 item limit.

As for your tc question: I was like you running tc20, 2xtc11, tc2 but kept running out of backpacks & no longer looking for s1 heroes. I went 4 tc11, this level requires only food & recruits, while thousands can be stored making for easy power-leveling when that new hero comes along.


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My current setup
TC20 - TC11 - TC11 - TC2 (non stop, because of Atlantise Rises).
Food stored: AL9A also for Nugget
Iron stored: HA6


I barely have the S1 heroes yet I gave up on TC20 for a while now. I turned it into TC10 which is a way better food bank. I’m building my AL in the meantime so I have a secondary food bank. TC20 is most of the time a waste of time and resources. And that’s 100% true in your case.


Got this a few weeks ago. From 2 tc20 running at the same time. Haha, altho both are dupes, never give up!!

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Right! Now tell me how is that not still a waste? What’s the benefit of pulling those dupes? At what cost?

I didn’t mean it’s waste only when you pull 3*'s. Also, I was careful enough to say “most of the time”.

For me, as I said earlier, I lack a lot of S1 heroes but the thing is, with the current meta, even pulling the best in TC20 can be a bit joke. Aside from the main snipers, S1 heroes look bad in front of the new heroes. I therefore see little reason to chase them although I miss a lot of them.

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You don’t even need a large bunch of dupes to keep HA10 running. 10 will be my max at the moment. I would be glad to be in a situation where those 10 wouldn’t be enough ahah.

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I ran out of heroes for HA10. And I still don’t have all s1 5s. I at least still want Magni. TC20 is the best way for me to get anything for HA10.

And as been pointed out, either TC12 or 13 is far more efficient than 10.

For anyone F2P, TC20 will remain the single best source for 5s.

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If you ran out, that mean you have some decent new projects. Better redirect the resources into maxing them then ^^

where has it been said?

14 months into the game, being P2P, I got all the heroes fairly early & only missed Lianna of S1 from TC20. 5 months back, the day I got her, I stopped TC20 and turned it into a rotating TC for customised feeders bcoz, it is a maxed TC

Today I use / have :

  • TC 11 for all my recruits storage = 1300 days+
  • TC 14 which I run at TC 11 mostly but keep upto 15 days work, so as to change if needed.
  • TC 20 which I run at TC 11 mostly but keep 3-4 days work & change to TC1… 2-3 days before for 1* feeders when I accumulate lots of swords & am levelling up 3s & early stage of 4 & 5 heroes.
  • TC 04 which permanently runs at TC 02 making mix of 1/2* feeders… I keep this filled for 4/5* hero levelling…

I have long back shifted my HAM storage to AlchemyLab 17, so as to free up TC20 for only feeders… & iron is in HA 3* troops…

Trust that helps…

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Actually, they do take up roster space… but for those who dont have all s1 heroes… ? Now the reason why i asked the endgame tc strategy of people is precisely this… i dont want to run tc20 with it turning food only. But i do realize that tc20 is quite efficient in storing food. 2 days to keep 200k food. Vs say AL19b which stores 600k foor for 3 days.

With only missing 2 S1 heroes (Khagan and Domitia), and plenty of dupes for HA10, I turned off my TC20. I am currently running TC10 for food storage (The 2-3* heroes are nice for the last 10-20 levels of maxing a 5*). Otherwise, I’m running TC2, and 2x TC11 (One for recruit storage).

I am debating shutting off my TC2. I’m at a point where I’m waiting for mats before I can ascend anyone. And I already have enough feeders stored up to max a hero should I get those mats. And that’s after maxing 2 others in the last 2 weeks!

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not true. TC20 takes 297k so nearly 300k food. also, when you retrieve it, you have to store the recruits back, unless you want to lose them. It’s not AL19b but 9A they use for the food banking and you won’t need to store anything else once you pull out the food. That’s why people use it. Also what you get when those 627k are used is more valuable than what you get from TC20 95% of the time.

And TC20 is the worst food bank of the camps. The only reason to keep it is the hope of getting 5*'s.

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Right, my bad… this is more accurate.

@Infinite @jinbatsu

Haha. Same here. 1 TC20 (queued for over 300 days), 2 TC11 (queued for over 300 and 175 days) and 1 TC2 (queued for over 62 days). Oddly enough, even if I know that TC20 is the worst food bank out there, but I guess it’s a force of habit since maxing it way back in 2018. Moreover, I felt that it saves me time on pulling 297k food and allocating 100 recruits to the other TCs. I just don’t see the point queuing TC11 by over 1,000 (or close to 3 years) when a few months is more than enough.


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