Wu Kong Debuff Duo or Smart Probability or Two Defense Down heroes with Wu Kong

Wu Kong Debuff Duo or Smart Probability or Two Defense Down heroes with Wu Kong


Wu Kong is the single most powerful Classic hero in the game. But Wu Kong can be hard to use properly:

Wu Kong Cascade Squad

([Play Style] The cascade squad or Wu Kong+ two healers- New Notes 2019-Mar)

Wu Kong Grinder Gang

(Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers)

Legendary recruit training

I recommend that new players run 2x Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) until they have Wu Kong.

I prefer running 2x RT20 until the account has Wu Kong, Rigard, Melendor, Grimm, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Kiril, Scarlett, Gormek, Grimm ( second), Vivica.

Wu Kong Debuff Duo

Wu Kong Debuff Duo is a new way to use Wu Kong.

Multiple attack rolls

Wu Kong is very powerful with combos ( normal/ matching/ tile damage) and special skills that are attack all enemies or target and nearby.

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Gambler’s stance and attack all enemies

Because the more attack rolls, the more chances of a hit so the less impact of a miss.

2x Debuffers

Since a debuffers can miss with Gambler’s stance, but Gambler’s Stance works well with debuffers, using two debuffers solves some of this problem.

If you use 2x Wilbur then missing with both only has a 10.24% chance per enemy and missing five enemies with both is only a 1 in 88,817 chance.

There is no 4* Tarlak in 3 colors.

Debuffers colors

Different color debuffers would allow them to charge at different rates.

Same color debuffers

Wilbur, Gormek and 2x Grimm are good heroes to have in your roster.

Since Wu Kong is yellow and you want healers of different colors ( see healers below ) you will often end up with Wilbur/ Gormek against green boss and 2x Grimm against red boss.

Regular defense debuffers

Since you are not using a mono red 4* team, use regular defense debuffers, not elemental defense debuffers.

This gives you the advantage of Gambler’s stance, and defense debuff, with all five of your attacking heroes.

Ramming Pulverizer

As a general rule of thumb, I tend to use Wu Kong Debuff Duo against single/ triple bosses so I prefer Ramming Pulverizer since it has a longer duration than Wonderful Feast ( Wilbur ) and Gift sack ( Buddy ).

The longer duration is helpful when the first debuffer misses multiple enemies but the second debuffer results in all enemies having a defense debuff.

Double healers

Wu Kong works well with two healers. The two healers should be different colors.

Preferably Rigard and Melendor.

But depending on colors, Boldtusk and Kiril.

And if you are very lucky Vivica 5* 3.70 or 4.80 .

Wu Kong is a glass cannon that works best with other glass cannons. Two healers help teams with important glass cannons ( see Wu Kong Cascade Squad above for more tips ).

3x Strong color

Wu Kong works well on a 3x strong color team with 2x neural colors. At least one of the healers being a neutral color. The two healers should be different colors.

3x strong color helps you do a lot of damage ( see color stacking below). Two different color healers lets you charge healers at different rates ( see Wu Kong Cascade squad above ).

Yellow mob/ boss / titan

Attacking yellow mob/ boss / titan means Wu Kong will have to be weak and fight with 1x neutral healer and 3x strong heroes ( including a strong color healer ). The two healers should be different colors.

Purple mob/ boss / titan

Attacking purple mob/ boss / titan means Wu Kong will be strong and fight with 2x neutral heroes and 2x strong heroes. The two healers should be different colors.

Color stacking

Color stacking, Empires hidden buff

Debuff heroes

Choose 2x defense debuffers. Not elemental defense debuffers but regular defense debuffers.


Red boss might use

Wu Kong ( neutral)
Rigard ( neutral)
Grimm first
Grimm second

Green boss might use

Wu Kong ( neutral)
Rigard ( neutral)

2x Strong color

Many times you will not have 2x strong color debuffers. So use 2x strong color heroes and 3x neutral color heroes.


Red boss might use

Wu Kong ( neutral)
Boldtusk ( neutral)
Tiburtus ( neutral)

Green boss might use

Wu Kong ( neutral)
Melendor( neutral)
Tiburtus ( neutral)


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Wu Kong, probability

Wu Kong, Anecdote

Five star hero rant

Rant, 5* Heroes

Lots of Empires is locked behind a HotM business plan, limited edition heroes, paywalls and merciless RNG ( see notes )

It would be nice to have Athena in 3 colors in your roster. It would be nice to have Panther/ Guardian Falcon/ Frida/ Evelyn in your roster. It would be nice to have Ranvir / Tarlak/ Miki in your roster. It would be nice to have a rainbow set of 5* healers in your roster.

But after 2+ years, that is unlikely to happen.

Both new, and old, players will have to live with the current business model.

Rant, 4* Heroes

4* healers are missing a yellow.

4* defense down are missing a yellow.

4* Guardian Falcon - Fire defense debuff- is only one color, red.

4* Wu Kong - Gambler’s stance- is only one color, yellow.


If you can get yellow 4* Wu Kong, you can build several teams around Wu Kong ( Cascade squad, Grinder gang, Debuff Dou, etc. ).

Wu Kongs average damage increase is almost x2. Add 3x heroes of the strong color and your team will average approximately x3.2 more normal/ matching/ tile damage than a rainbow team without Wu Kong.

Add 2x healers to keep Wu Kong alive, and you have a game changing roster.

HotM, odds

Essay, HotM Business Plan

([Community Content, Essay] Do not click or HotM Sadness)



I’m autofarming Atlantis hard mode (province 7 right now) with this team:

Will try this:

My Rigard is at 2/32 so it will take time, Grimm is at 2/54 so it will also time a time.
But I m trying Wu on Titan attacks, and he is amazing he is growing at 3/52 and I m prioritizing him ahead of every hero.

The information in this thread is indeed helpful.

Thank you!