[Research] Does Color Stacking have a soft cap? or Attack stat research

[Research] Does Color Stacking have a soft cap? or Attack stat research

With the Challenge events, is anyone already tracking the color stacking soft cap? Or do we need to build a research initiative from the ground up?

This might explain the progression of Challenge event top scores from rare to epic to legendary

Click for details about Color stacking and possible defense stat soft cap

Hello Gryphonknight,

Have you some new results or anything about the soft cap thing ?
I’m trying to do a sort of play tool. For titan’s teams optimisation. But, it seems that my best green team against titan gets (very, very, very) lower results in game than in excel :rofl:

I’m trying to compare “theorical” damage of two differents teams on the same titan. (And make a tool for every one who want someyhing like that)

So, i’ve search the forum and see this post… Feb 19…
In Apr 20 can you tell me that we know anything more ? (please please please, i don’t want to throw away this play tool because of a mystery soft cap)


The actual professional math people working on it have retired from the game.

It is complicated by Empires not listening minimum and maximum damage like many other MMOs. With those games you can reconfigure your parties and check changes in minimum and maximum damage without wasting time trying to figure out the random part of the damage, the reduction in damage from defense, the effect of strong color, the effect of crit, etc.

To my knowledge, there are no data miners - like Pokémon GO or Stardew Valley - that actually analyze the client code to publish exact formulas including the RNG code.

For me, it has been very frustrating to have very strong evidence of an attack stat soft cap, but insufficient skills, and data, to calculate it.


5*+20 Defense teams

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