[Tip] Searching your forum bookmarks

[Tip] Searching your forum bookmarks

To search your forum bookmarks, add in:bookmarks to any search.

Adding @user ( example @Pois1 ) lets you further narrow the search to a particular forum user.

Unfortunately you will probably have to bookmark this topic in your browser so you can find it to remember how to search your bookmarks.


Bookmarked. Thanks @Gryphonknight for sharing the knowledge

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Make sure your computer does not auto correct in:bookmarks to In:bookmarks.

All letters must be lowercase.

Yes, if In:bookmarks is the ##FIRST## search term it will correct the case. But if it is the second, or later term, it will not.

If you find it cumbersome to type the bookmarks search filter, you can also use the Advanced Search UI to turn it on:

The pleasure of knowing everyone is bookmarking your topic…Very clever!

Yes, of course I bookmarked it! Thank you, @Gryphonknight!

Edit: Dang! I didn’t realize how old the original post was!

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