[Guide,Casual] #%*$&@#%*$&@#%*$&@ #%*$&@#%*$&@#%*$&@ #%*$&@#%*$&@#%*$&@#%*$&@ you 1* / 2* heroes 🤬 OR No 1* / 2* Beginners Base Build- Update Oh No!

[Guide,Casual] #%$&@#%$&@#%$&@#%$&@#%$&@#%$&@#%$&@#%$&@#%$&@#%$&@ you 1* / 2* heroes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: OR No 1* / 2* Beginners Base Build

Coming soon

Dedicated to @Rigs

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Too rough for polite society ( the forum bent over backwards to try and keep you. But sleep drunk posting never helps )

@Rigs loved the game, and those that played it


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([Repost, Training Camps] Recruit training - common training ( RT01 ) to Legendary training ( RT20 ) - Advice, Stats, and Math)

Extra low cost recruit training ( RT11 )

Guaranteed Rare recruit training ( RT12 )

Elite recruit training ( RT13 )

Food Hoard

([Math] Hoarding resources in Training camps versus Hero Academy)

2* / 3* ascension items

@Gryphonknight write up that addendum to Hoarding foods in Academy / Lab and 2* / 3* ascension item sustainability

Suggestions for 1* / 2* heroes

([Suggestion,QoL] Change 1* 1.1 / 2* 1.1 heroes into 1* 1.1 / 2* 1.1 Trainer heroes, zero roster space for trainer heroes and EHT on level up or update Camps, and Level up, for all/new players [Catch up mechanic])

([Suggestion] Remove classes from new 1* / 2* heroes)

([Essay] Please remove 1* and 2* Tourneys, I have already said good bye)


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I randomly decided to login to find you are still posting.

I had a quick browse around and looks like not much has changed…

Or have I missed anything? :slight_smile:

:rofl: :joy:


@FrenziedEye good to see you around!

Not much has changed, in my opinion… summon odds are still low, new powerful heroes still being released, same old same old :stuck_out_tongue:

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Killing time ( see notes )

Several exciting things




for Pay 2 Play, and freemium game developers,

but nothing exciting for Free 2 Play, and Cheap 2 Play

Challenge Festival ( edit )

Edit, Challenge Festival summons, and Academy updated levels HA08, and HA05, are interesting for some new F2P/ C2P accounts but a lot of older accounts it is just the same old with a new paint job

Teeny account

One of my teeny accounts was excited to get 4* Boomer from Challenge Festival summons ( see notes )


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Teeny war roster

Teeny base

Teeniest war roster

Teeniest base



Oh No!

Just had a thought

If I never use 1* / 2* heroes

I can build a base with Guaranteed rare ( RT12 ) but were do I get the recruits to run the training?

Looks like

  • Advertisement for gems to do gem summons for 3* heroes
  • VIP for 30x days for gems to do gem summons for 3* heroes
  • All of the above

Roster space

On my other test account ( uses 1* / 2* heroes ) I am getting 3* heroes from RT12 but I do not have the roster space to collect them

Very annoying because Merciless RNG gave me a metric crap ton of Green 3*, and almost as much Red 3*, but not enough Blue, Yellow, and Purple 3* heroes

Coming One Day ™

This experiment is taking much longer than I expected

Less Coming Soon ™ more Coming One Day ™


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