[History, quotes] Athena the god tier hero or nerfing the damage curve or complicated hero interactions

[History, quotes] Athena the god tier hero or nerfing the damage curve or complicated hero interactions.

God tier Athena’s fall from godhood was a combination of rewriting the damage curve, nerfs, stealth nerfs, adding elite 5* attack buffers ( Tarlak/ Ranvir/ Miki ), adding more elemental defense debuff 5* heroes and more rainbow/ generic/ multipurpose defense debuff 5* heroes.

For defense hero, see

([History, quotes] Boldtusk the Ex Demigod or nerfing defense teams or complicated hero interactions)

Nerf Apocalypse

Elemental defense debuff

Arthur ( 5* blue ), Evelyn ( 5* green ), Frida ( 5* blue - because Arthur only target not target and nearby ) were added to Panther ( 5* purple ), Falcon ( effectively a 5* red - see notes ), and Jackal ( very fast mana speed - and revive scrolls - needed for this fragile hero so yellow is once again disadvantaged ).

These elemental defense debuff heroes also encourage Empire’s hidden buff, basic color stacking and advanced color stacking ( see notes ).

Elite 5* attack buffers

(Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong vs. Guardian Gazelle)

Rainbow/ generic/ multipurpose defense debuff 5* heroes

More rainbow/ generic/ multipurpose defense debuff 5* heroes were added to the game ( Finley, Kunchen, Santa, White rabbit )


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Falcon+ Boldtusk+ Wilbur synergy

Basic color stacking

Click for basic color stacking

Advanced color stacking

With the damage formula unknown, players only have a partial understanding of advanced color stacking. Mostly complicated by the attack stat soft cap.

([Research] Does Color Stacking have a soft cap? or Attack stat research)

See also

Advanced color stacking, Troops

(What happens in a red color stack when Marjana is blinded, Ares has a crit buff and Gravemaker has 30% wound? OR Color stacking and RNG ( buffs, debuffs and talents ))



It seems that only a few members were on the forum and possibly on the game at that time, even compared to now., I dare say also that variety was limited…yet synergy issue caused post production nerfs to a very viable hero.

With the current increase in varieties and complexities, power creeps, new HotM every month., New heroes from New portals etc …hopefully the devs are watching it to prevent repeated unexpected disruptions.


This just goes to prove how horrible they made Athena after balancing her. Nobody wants that hero these days! Heck, someone please take mine away from me!

/sarcasm, if that wasn’t obvious


Lovin these trips back in time @Gryphonknight

Hopefully people read this and realize current situation isn’t a first and that these things do happen


Eh she was adjusted and rightfully so.

Think it’s just showing that not everything is 100% predictable as far as impacts a hero will have on the game


Just moving this back to the top so those clamoring for handouts can see nerfs and balance are nothing new, and instead of looking for stacks of gems and other nonsense can expect a reality check instead.

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