Analysis of on-color training (TC5-9) vs common + uncommon training

ok, so I spent some time analyzing whether it’s better to do on-color training to level your hero (e.g. training camp levels 5-9) or whether better to simply do common and uncommon training (level 1 and 2 in training camp).

EDIT - this analysis is geared at 4 and 5 star hereoes, who I’ve never seen NOT hit their special by max level. 3 star hereos you might want to only do groups of 10 one-star heroes, but that’s a different analysis and not one I care to do myself.

I broke it down in a spreadsheet and am showing the following:

Using 10 swords and packs to do 10 common and 10 uncommon trainings (20 heroes trained)
Using 10 swords and packs to do 10 on-color trainings (10 heroes trained)
Using 10 swords and packs to do 10 fast common and 10 uncommon trainings. (20 heroes trained)

I made several assumptions

Assumption #1 assumes that each common or uncommon training has an equal chance of colors (20% each red blue green purple yellow). Does not apply to the color specific training (levels 5-9) obviously (but I wanted to state it so it’s 100% clear).

Assumption #2 assumes that uncommon training gives a 50/50 split 1 star vs 2. Therefore 10 uncommon trainings will yield 5 one-star and 5 two-star heroes. FYI I tracked this after 1.9 update and for 310 uncommon trainings across 3 accounts, I got 155 one-star and 155 two-star. Smallish sample size, but large enough that I’m confident a 50/50 split is accurate enough.

On the spreadsheet:

I listed the xp gains for off- and on-color heroes for one- and two-star heroes on the bottom left.
The upper left shows the costs for each of the training types.
The top right portion shows the results of the trainings.


For 10 swords and 10 backpacks, doing regular common and uncommon training gives more XP than on-colored training (4368 to 3240) and it also takes less time ( 400 mins to 600 mins). I showed some of the total food costs at various levels (1, 28, 49) shown in columns PQR on the sheet. Total cost includes not just the training food cost, but also the eating (leveling) food cost (remember a common+ uncommon will produce twice as many heroes as a single on-color training for each sword+backpack).

The XP per food ratio also favors the uncommon+common over the colored training all the way up until a single hero training costs 12,000 food, which I believe is around level 63-65 for a 5-star.

Happy to discuss or shed extra light on anything shown. Just ask!

spreadsheet shown here: Dropbox

Note: posted edited to add clarification on the xp/ham ratio.

TL:DR version: 10 common + 10 uncommon always gives more XP than 10 colored trainings. The XP/ham ratio is also better all the way until around level 63-65 on a 5-star.


Generally speaking, i agree with all of this. If you don’t have any issue about foods, items and recruit common+uncommon is always the best choice.
On the other hand, color training for me has some advantages in specific conditions.

  • short on ham, recruits, items
  • training for 3* special, 5* star last ascension

First point is that indeed common+uncommon give more experience and take less time, but if you use all your items, recruits or items and then you have to wait to refill and sit without using the training camp, then it’s a nonsense. You can use a color training and a extra low cost to have always materials and using non stop, maybe alternate with your method when you have more resource.
Second point is that common+uncommon make you max a 3* rather quickly, leaving behind for sure the special. Then you have to use tons of other training just to level the special, with no use of yhe exp and thats a waste. In the end, if you use 4 common+uncommon instead of 1 or 2 color training to get the same result, it’s not cheaper.
Finally the 5* heroes issue. We all know how much ham take away to max even just 1 of them.
Color training quite reduce that amount that can be used for other purposes.

Yes, my analysis was primarily geared towards higher level heroes (4 and 5 star) where the special will pretty much always be maxed by 60.

I haven’t given much thought to 3 star heroes, it’s been months since they were anything but training fodder. for me I’ll update my original post to reflect that.

I can’t remember the last time I ran out of recruits doing common/uncommon training. More often I have to stash recruits in TC11 so I don’t waste them. Recruits has never been the limiting factor for me or anyone I’ve talked to. It’s been either hams, or backpacks.

As for food, assuming you haven’t stockpiled heroes (i.e. let them build up in Training Camps and not gather them) for training, most of the time you’ll not be limited by food but by heroes. It’s a different story if you’ve stockpiled heroes, but again, the XP per 10k ham is BETTER for common+ uncommon than it is for color specific. I.e. at level 49, common + uncommon gives 284xp per 10k food and colored only gives 225 xp per 10k food. Tell me how doing colored is a better use of your ham? If you only have 100k food, you’re getting 22,500 xp instead of 28,400. That seems like a bad deal to me. At level 62, it still favors uncommon+common (169xp/10k food vs 165 xp/10k food).

Ok, there is a break even point. It’s when an individual training costs 12,000 food each. Probably somewhere around level 63-65 for a 5-star. Before training with a single hero costs 12,000 food each it favors common+uncommon in terms of XP/food. After that, it favors colored (though if you have farms maxed that may not be an issue). Also, a collection of 10 swords + 10 backpacks still gives more XP, just costs more food.

Ok, thank you for your post to guide more detail on this. I’ll update the original post.

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Really often i run out of recruits and ham, thats why i stated this points.
Having 2 legendary training at the same time eat quite a lot recruits, and i have to use the spare ones in the most efficient way. So right after a legendary i have to use color training, and when i have some more i can do common+uncommon.
Even if common+uncommon is the most efficient, what matter the most is keeping your TC running non-stop. If you always use common+uncommon but have to stop frequently, then is just useless.

Meat for me is even worse.
I always training 3-4 heroes at the same time, plus there are troops… and items… and legendary training…
Saving even a bit it’s really important.

What level are your farms? if your SH is 20, your farms can be 20. 9xlvl20 farms produces over a million food a day.

And no, keeping TC20 running not stop isn’t the most important. If you have heroes to level that will make your team stronger, then that’s a choice. You’re choosing to keep TC20 running.

Why train 3-4 heroes at the same time? Train one at a time.

I disagree. I always have 5 heroes in training, one in each color. I always train in-color, and generate feeders in the most efficient way possible, at TC11 unless I have lots of backpacks (TC2), or if a have a surfeit or food, TC3. Sure, this takes longer to get any one hero done, but I get a strong team done faster.

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Exactly, i try to use same color as many times i can.
I do have my SH at lv 20, but my farms are far from be at lv 20. I never skip with gems, and i neglect to improve them any further because… It just produce too much food.
I always control how much i need and upgrade only when i need it.

Oh, and i say to running non-stop your TC, not your “TC20”.
Do 2 legendary training is indeed my choice and i don’t wanna quit it.

So i have to get the best with the resource i spare.

@Dante2377… Thank you for your work. I was just thinking about this when I found your post. Thank again

I never do color training, it’s just a waste of backpacks/swords and time, I have 100 backpacks and swords, I choose to make 200 heroes that probably 50-60% would be the color I want instead of 100 color specific, less time and way more efficient, to each their own.

I agree 1000%. I got sick of micro management and switched all 3 TC to extra low cost. In a week I farmed over 120 backpacks. Then I decided I want to level some 4* green hero. I switched one TC to green and I was producing green only for almost a week 24/7 until skill maxed, then I switched to different color. I was getting around 20 backpacks from farming daily, losing 4 max a day, often less. So after week of farming I can produce one color I need for a month (720 heroes). That’s enough to max skill on multiple heroes. Just max skill on one, switch to different color and feed the 8/8 with the rest. Especially useful for 3*.

The point is that faster training is not advantage, quite the opposite. Finding the balance between farming enough mats and training 24/7 is the way to go. Otherwise you constantly switch between different training and run out of mats.


i run 3 tc extra low cost 24x7 and the 4th is almost always running backpacks. maybe when i sleep it’s idle for an hour or two. but still more uncommon trainings than throwing it on regular low cost.

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Where do,you feel nd all the backpacks? I farm 8-7 and 13-6, but never have enough to keep a TC running with backpacks.

5-8. i pretty much spend all my world energy when i’m power leveling a hero there unless a quest comes up i want to do. occasionally if i get 6 hours queued up on the backpack tc i’ll do some 8-7 for recruits.

also for levels 1-25 i’ll train common (swords) on the 4th tc and save all trainers for levels 71-80 as it helps not run out of food.

took 3 five stars from 70 to max 80 in under a week each doing that. (no heroes stocked up beforehand).


Thanks for this feed guys! Good strategy tips! I run extra low cost most of the time while I stock up on Back packs and swords.

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What level does your SH have to be to get the 4th training camp?

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Stronghold 20opens the final area and the fourth TC.

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I was thinking on a new strategy and i want your opinion as well (too lazy to open a new thread).

Putting 3 Tc20 on legendary queue, and the fourth in a normal legendary.
Using the 3 queue (or just only one) for not wasting cadets and meat, and using extra fast everytime my fourth Tc end the legendary using all (or just many) risource that i stockpile in the legendary queue.

What do you think? (keep in mind i only really need some good 5* hero)

Btw: i already has 1 to level, so i can empty a training camp when i need it.

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Cannot add 2+8+8