Advanced Farm and Mine Analysis

3* Heroes

With the right team you can finish Season 1 with only 3* heroes ( Gunnar 3* 3.50 has the defense stat of Grimm 4* 4.70 ).

Play style

If you want to use high level Battle items to finish rare quests and get 4* ascension items then…

Do it.

It is your game.

Have fun.


But in my experience, Empires and Puzzles is a marathon, not a sprint.

In my opinion, players should enjoy the journey.

It is a game.

The game is most fun, and enjoyable, before Stronghold 13.

But it is still quite playable for a while after that.


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Below post includes a lot of the core game play. Warning, lots of links leading to even more links. Like a link Hydra. Click on one, and more grow back.

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Resource comparison for food, Hero XP and ascension items

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