What are the best Alchemy Lab levels to hoard food/ iron?

What are the best Alchemy Lab levels to hoard food/ iron?

Where to hoard food/ iron will always depend on your play style, micro transaction budget, roster, and options ( gems , completed buildings, researched levels, recruits, ingredients, battle items, etc. )

Research / Guides have already been published to help players decide for Training camps and hero academy ( see notes )

Has anybody posted similar for Alchemy Lab? ( my Google Fu is weak )

Which transmutations can be undone to recover food/ iron?

Best food storage?

Balancing food storage versus shards?

Balancing food storage versus shards versus items needed for the transmutation?


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Training camp ( hoard food ) versus Hero Academy ( hoard food / hoard iron ) versus Forge ( Battle items / Alchemy Lab fuel ) versus Harpoons ( iron sink )

Epic recruit training ( RT13 )

Given Merciless RNG, and the current SGG business model ( especially Classic 4* heroes being in every micro transaction summons/ in game currency summons ), Epic recruit training ( RT13 ) should not be used / should not be even researched

Relatively quickly, and relatively cheaply, you will unlock Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) with its better production of 4* heroes ( no costumes for Classic 4* unless you get lucky in Costume chamber )

You will also relatively quickly get in game currency for limited time summons ( Atlantis Rising ( use all the flasks & tickets ), Atlantis / Valhalla stage completion, Challenge events, Costume chamber, etc. ) with a large chance of getting Classic 4* heroes ( Costume chamber might even get you useful 4* costumes )

Elemental summons

Not related to hoarding food/ iron but related to play style

Unless SGG adds costumes to it, avoid Elemental summons

4* / 5* Heroes

Hero Academy HA10, and in some circumstances HA08, are much more useful for getting Classic 4* / 5* heroes than training camps ( unfortunately Epic training ( HA08 ) was not available for years, when I needed 4* purple Cyprian/ 4* blue Boril, and a friend needed 4* yellow Wu Kong, but that is another rant all together )

But Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) has many advantages until you have finished Hero Academy Lv10, and researched all the important levels, since you cannot upgrade while using Hero Academy

Depending on your roster, you will eventually switch to Guaranteed Rare ( RT12 to RT11 releases food ), or Extra Low Cost ( RT11 to RT04 releases food ), or stop hoarding food in training camps



For me the best resource was a spreadsheet I got from… who knows where. Maybe a former alliance mate. It allowed me to sort by whatever I wanted and make my own choice.

But these threads might help