[Math] Advanced color training versus Extra Fast

[Math] Advanced color training versus Extra Fast

Short answer

Advanced color costs roughly 3x recruits and 2x total food versus Extra Fast training for leveling a 5* 1.1 hero to 5* 4.80.
For recruits, every 5* 4.80 leveled using Advanced color, you could have leveled 3x 5* 4.80 heroes using Extra fast ( 1:3 ).

For comparison, Uncommon costs roughly 1.38x recruits and 0.514x total food versus Extra Fast training for leveling a 5* 1.1 hero to 5* 4.80.
For recruits, every 5x 5* 4.80 leveled using Uncommon, you could have leveled 7x 5* 4.80 using Extra fast ( 5:7 ).

Long Answer

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Advanced color

Food to level= 6.95m
Food for XP= 60.66m
Total food= 67.61m

Recruits= 14,444 recruits


Food to level= 15.3m
Food for XP= 2.518
Total food= 17.818m

Recruits= 6,296 recruits

Extra Fast

Food to level= 22m
Food for XP= 12.46m
Total food= 34.6m

Recruits= 4,533 recruits

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Food to level

22 ( 1* )
8.6 ( 2* )
= 15.3m food average

8.6 ( 2* )
5.3 ( 3* )
= 6.95m food average

Advanced color

50% 2* same color= 0.5 x468 XP= 234 XP
50% 3* same color= 0.5 x756 XP= 378 XP
= 612 XP per finished hero in 2* & 3* training ( Advanced Color )

( 353,599 / 612 XP ) * 105k food = 60.66m
( 353,599 / 612 XP ) * 25 recruits = 14,444 recruits


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I love the way you summarized things

Great work

This should be very helpful as a guide


This is not very correct thing to say. Because you can not gather so much food to keep up with the cost of extra fast. If we have an unlimited supply of food, maybe your calculation would be right.


Best bet is to have food stocked before using extra fast

1tc20 training = 50 tc19 trainings

And even have 22k hams lefover after each transfer + what you already have in stock


I usually maxed my food supply prior to running extra fast recruit. That is in between the transition of 2 days legendary training. When the extra fast recruit done, I barely had enough food to continue the legendary training.

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If you have 11 tc20 trainings(2,970,000 hams not counting the one already in progress) then you should be able to dump 5 of those trainings into tc19(1,375,000 hams) which is 250 feeders. That leaves you with 1,595,000 hams to eat the feeders with + what hams you already have in stock

Roughly anyways, didnt feel like going into the math of pulling tc20 to conver to other camps, which if you do tc2(or tc1 tho tc2 is preferred) is the most ham saving(though went ahead and did touch the surface below)

Tc11 costs you 3k hams per 6 recruits. Tc2 costs 2k food per 5 recruits. Therefofe saving another 1k hams if you have to pull more trainings from tc20 for hams

Tc20= 297k hams per 100 recruits
Tc19 = 275k hams per 100 recruits
Tc11 = 50k hams per 100 recruits
Tc2 = 40k hams per 100 recruits
Tc1 = 32k hams per 100 recruits

Now could get into the breakdown of feed costs but that has some specifics and what not that i dont feel like divin too much into at the moment. The training costs were easier to pull off the top of my head

And sure the leveling method i do isn’t for everyone(gets picked on a ton lol) but it works for me and has for idk how long now lol so i just roll with it


Personally, my limits are world energy, recruits and Rugged clothes ( see notes ). I have a surplus of 213m food per year for leveling troops and crafting battle items.

Tip: For Extra fast training, you can hoard recruits in Guaranteed rare, Elite or Legendary training ( see notes ).


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Do you level up troops at all? To have 213m of food seems crazy to me, I have a hard time ever justifying TC19 because of how food intense it is while also trying to level up troops.

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Once you have 30 maxed 4s and no mats to max 5s, you can start slow levelin heros when roster reaches full capapcity while saving tc feeders for next 4 or 5 you wanna max which gives you time to stash food along with level troops or craft big items if you want

Plus i have my troop leveling planned out and until hit x amounts of different * feeders, i dont feed my troops. And if you have ham stashed in tc20 and no heros to max, you can always use those hams to level troops or craft items if you’re comfortable where the ham backstock is in tc20

Feel like I’m rambling a lot

To answer your question shortly:
Yes i still do more than just level heros


I guess my mentality in the game has always been, if I have left over recruits (I see folks with 1k plus in TC11) or left over food, I wasn’t being as efficient with their uses as I could have been. I currently have 100 days of recruits in TC11 (most of that coming recently because of Atlantis rises) and no food banked what so ever, only the 1.5m I have total, mind you, I’ve spent plenty on the game, so that plays a part but in a little over a year of play time, with the way I’m going about my business, I’m pretty far ahead of the normal 1 year player I see (I currently sit at 20 maxed 5s, 25 maxed 4s, 5 level 11 crits and 5 level 17 mana).

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Using efficiently doesnt always mean using instantly

I guess that just depends on what you consider efficient use of time in game, having tons of recruits and hams lying around for the chance to one day be efficient isn’t really my cup of tea, but I can certainly understand it being others.

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3*/ 4* ascension items

I agree.

Food to level

Those 20x 5* 4.80 and 25x 4* 4.70 most likely explain your food situation.

Assuming 1*/ 2* feeders that is 406m food which takes a fully leveled Watchtower and 9x Level 20 farms about 272 days to create.

I would love to have those heroes in my roster and the the 3* / 4* ascension materials for those heroes. I only have 19x 5* 1.1 heroes. Some of those are duplicates ( looking at you Anzogh ). And many of those to not play well with each other. I have spent over $300 USD trying to get a second 5* healer.


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Food to level

5* Heroes
22 ( 1* )
8.6 ( 2* )
= 15.3m food average

15.3m x 20= 306m food

4* Heroes

4m x 25= 100m food

Total 406m food.

Watchtower + 9x Level 20 farms= 543.3m food per year

( 406m / 543.3m per year ) * 365 days= 272



Agreed, they do explain my lack of food and I understand everyone playing has different rosters depending on luck and money spent, I guess that’s why it’s hard for me to wrap my head around a “best practice” idea of leveling efficiency. Having said that, I do realize you’re stating mathematically how to be efficient, even if that wasn’t/isn’t practical for me. Food for thought for future me though, have plenty of clothes in the waitings. :slight_smile: (although it will be a year, if not more before I even get close to maxing any troops)


Even with my tc utilization the way it is, 8200+ rugged clothes in stock


Makes sense that extra-fast recruits wise saves you more recruits, but more expensive with food. :meat_on_bone: That and your rugged clothes.

Good stuff :+1:

What is a 5*? (she asks with a great deal of frustration)