Farming 2022 tips

During the month, I do a lot of S1 : 8.7 to ensure enough of LoL crafting mats and nuggets.

Though in Atlantis, I do 90% of my farming in 1.2 for speedy turnaround time and get everything… balance 10% I do 9.10

During Valhalla, I do 1.1 & 1.2 for speedy turnaround. I collect highest nuggets during Valhalla + of course everything else.

Most of my farming is done at WEF @ 3.

I don’t care about those avatars…. & also don’t chase XP like crazy…. Which helps me load up all farmable crafting & ascension mats easily.

Becoz of all the speedy levels I do…. I hardly use my loot tickets…. Which nicely piling up to be used someday when I chase level 100… currently at 86 :wink:


Have you got any tips on getting troops for the op?

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The reason I wrote my comment with all details = to communicate that by farming thruout the month at 3 WE across the 3 seasons, I collect everything, which include loads of 1, 2* troops too.

In the name of efficiency across all the needed stuff, I chose to skip avatars & only farm in the places I have written above for reasons explained.


Yes I understand avies and xp can mean sfa in reality, I was just asking if you had any feedback on troops.

I already answered that query of yours

You did, I was explaining why I was asking. No worries :+1:

Actually, my biggest question is where to look for information. I used troops as an example, but I also look for roots or even leather strips. So throw me a fishing rod. Where is the knowledge now?

I used to love Mai’s guide, then Barry Farmz Here. Now I am lost in a scarry new world :slight_smile:

Thank you both, though. Seems Im farming like you guys.

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Yes nowadays it’s really a case of get as far as you can in s2, s3 and s4. The higher the level the greater the rewards to put it simply.

My simple answer to both above queries is…. I don’t go searching for anything specific.

While doing what I have described, I collect a lot of everything….

The key point of my strategy is maximum farming possible @ 3 WE….

Atlantis levels I mentioned gives me loads of everything
Valhalla gives me more of the 3* / 4* crafting & ascension mats.

I found AR 1.2, 6.9, 9.4, 9.8 and 9.10 all N to be better than higher stages that should give ori nuggets or roots.

Burning 56 flags now on 9.10, later gonna do same on 1.2 and 3.4 (supposed to be good for troops) and compare troops gained.

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My experience is different. Higher levels may or may not give the WE to mats ratio efficiency.

I do 3 WE v/s all kinds of mats and without using loot tickets = I do the 1.1 & 1.2 normal levels …. Speedily.

This way I maximise everything.

Also, I use one loot ticket at a time… it gives me better out -put instead of 10 LTs together… Have tried multiple LTs together and seen, it gives less.

So I go by personal experience, instead of all those research data.

Yes I use loot tickets 1 by 1 also

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Sorry @Antoni-Partyzant went off topic, if you can find an alliance with line that uses the ‘goat bot’ you might find some recent and useful info.

We have it. Havent done alotta goating, but it has BFH info I believe

EDIT. Wise goat be givin lawyerly answers:


I used to do S1 P9-10. When I was younger, with WE <50. Never had an issue getting 1/2* troops there.

I switched to S3 P8-10N lately cos I need recruits to fuel my TCs. Troop drop is not as good but the CM drop is.

I used to farm P3-4N during AR for nuggets n troops. Now farming P15-9N for recruits. Troop drop is decent enough.

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Any 3 WE stage

20 quoted Troop, and hero, loot drop characters


3 during AR for Atlantis Map


Do S3 1-10. You can get 10 elite enemies in one try for same amount of WE (6)


For math behind these Guides see


S3 P8-10N is the same - elite stage, 6WE and fulfils POV requirement. Good stage to farm recruits n CM