[Primer] Your first 4* team or Intro to getting 3*/ 4* Heroes, leveling, picking, farming, double color and war ( Part 2 )

[Primer] Your first 4* team or Intro to getting 3*/ 4* Heroes, leveling, picking, farming, double color and war ( Part 2 )

==No 4* Heroes==

If you complete your first rainbow 3* 3.50 team, without getting any 4* heroes, see part 3 for advice on your second rainbow 3* team ( linky, linky )

==Getting 4* Heroes==

You can get 4* Heroes several ways-

Tokens ( gold )
Recruit training in your training camps ( example: level 13 elite training and level 20 legendary training )
Gem summons ( example: challenge event summons, elemental summons, seasonal summons, etc. )
Atlantis coin summons

==Leveling your first 4* Heroes==

You want to level a rainbow team of 4* heroes. This is one 4* Hero of each color- Purple, Yellow, Blue, Green and Red.

Rainbow teams are the most versatile and useful teams in the game.

Level your first rainbow team from 4* tier 1 level 1 ( 4* 1.1 ) to 4* tier 3 level 60 ( 4* 3.60 ). Do not use 3* ascension items, yet.

Any 4* 3.60 hero is better than any 3* 3.50 heroes.

==Leveling your rainbow team to 4* 3.60==

4* 3.60 heroes are the most powerful in the game using only 1*/ 2* ascension items. 1* / 2* ascension items can be farmed on the world map along with recruits, food, iron, XP, ingredients, 1* / 2* troops and 1* / 2* heroes.

Two 4* 3.60 heroes take the same XP as one 4* 4.70. But the 4* 4.70 is not twice as powerful as each 4* 3.60 hero. While two 4* 3.60 heroes are more versatile, and with double color ( see below ) potentially more powerful.

If you level a 4* 3.60 hero to 4* 4.1 you use six 3* ascension items. If you buy them during special offers, this will cost $12+ USD. You can never get these 3* ascension items back.

Save your 3* ascension items, and the hero XP, until you know the game better and can select which heroes are good.

==Use only same color 1* / 2* heroes to level your 4* heroes==

Using matching colors doubles your chance of the hero’s special skill increasing, and gives you a bonus +20% hero XP.

Later you can experiment with off color/ random color leveling of heroes.

==Partial rainbow 4* team==

If you only have a partial rainbow 4* team, you can start leveling up your second rainbow 3* team. See part 3 for advice on your second rainbow 3* team ( linky, linky )

If you finish your rainbow 3* 3.50 team, but only have purple, yellow and green 4* 1.1 heroes, you can add a red & blue 3* 1.1 hero to their group to level along with them.

This lets you level your team with matching colors.

==Special skill==

For your first rainbow 4* 3.60 hero team do not worry about your heroes’ special skill.

Any 4* 3.60 hero with special skill 4/8 is better than any 3* 3.50 hero with special skill 8/8.

==Abandoning a 4* Hero==

Until you have a rainbow team of 4* 3.60 heroes, do not abandon any of your leveled 4* heroes.

Some heroes are good, some suck, but most are okay. This happens because heroes are based on Bosses and some Bosses are easy, some are hard, but most are okay.

Even the worst 4* 3.60 Hero will help you get better 4* heroes, and eventually 5* heroes.

Additionally, feeding 4* 3.60 hero to another hero loses 90% of the XP used to level them to 4* 3.60, and 100% of the ascension items. Once you know the game better you may do this anyways, but right now it just slows your progress in the game.

==Double strong color, no weak color, teams==

Now that you have two rainbow teams ( one 3* 3.50 and one 4* 3.60 ) you can create double strong color, no weak color teams.

If you are attacking a Green Boss, then Red heroes are better because they are strong against green, so Green bosses takes double damage. The opposite is true of Blue heroes. Blue heroes cause half damage to a Green boss. The other colors ( Green, Purple & Yellow ) do neutral damage or no increase or decrease in damage.

When attacking a Green boss, remove your BLUE 4* 3.60 hero ( half damage against Green ) from your rainbow 4* 3.60 team, and replace it with your RED 3* 3.50 hero ( double damage against Green ) for a double red, no blue team.

You will do 1 HP of damage with blue matches/ board damage, since you are missing a Blue hero. But your two Red heroes will do double damage. Even if your Red 3* 3.50 hero dies against a Green boss, twice its attack stat will still be added when doing matching/ board/ physical damage.

==Weird color teams==

Other teams:

triple strong color,
quadruple strong color,
double neutral color,
double neutral three color teams and
single color teams.

Once you have more experience with rainbow teams and double strong color, no weak color teams, you can learn more about these weird alternatives.

==Elemental shields or Reflect color enemies==

When you fight an enemy with an elemental shield, it is weak to a color, strong to a color and REFLECTS a color. Example: A Reflect green boss takes double damage from Red heroes, half damage from Blue heroes, and reflects all damage from Green heroes back to that hero. So a triple red, no blue, no green team OR a double red, double yellow/ double purple, no blue no green team works better than a rainbow team. Example you can remove your Blue 4* 3.60 and Green 4* 3.60 heroes and replace them with one Red 3* 3.50 hero and one Purple/ Yellow 3* 3.50 hero.

So having a rainbow 3* 3.50 and a rainbow 4* 3.60 lets you take on Reflect color enemies until you level up a second rainbow 3* 3.50, second rainbow 4* 3.60, etc.

==Farming season 1, province 7, stage 7 with a rainbow team==

Season 1, province 7, stage 7, has two waves of mobs and a Boss flanked by two mobs. This is the fastest stage to get recruits, String, and Rugged Clothes.

I find it goes fastest when you use your double purple ( purple 3* 3.50 ), no yellow, four color ( 4* 3.60 purple, blue, green, red ) team.

==Farming season 1, province 8, stage 7 with a rainbow team==

Season 1, province 8, stage 7, has three waves of mobs two Bosses. This is the cheapest stage to get fill a Wanted Monster mission chest, a Wanted Ice mission chest, recruits, Common herbs, and Wooden shields.

I find it goes fastest when you use your double green ( green 3* 3.50 ), no red, four color ( 4* 3.60 green, blue, purple, yellow ) team since clearing the Blue mob waves takes the longest and Green heroes do double damage to Blue mobs.

You can also use double green, double purple/ yellow, no red and no blue since the Blue mobs cause Red heroes to do half damage and the Green bosses cause Blue heroes to do half damage.


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Thanks so much!!! Been looking for this info too long, finally someone explains it all so clearly, Just what I was trying to figure out! You made my day!

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@Gryphonknight, I wonder if 7-4 isn’t generally faster to fill monster chests than 8-7 or even wanted purple chests because some of the waves contain 5 enemies to the 4 max in 8-7 in the same number of waves.

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I agree. On average I find that 7-4 fills monster chests faster than 8.7.

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Copy and Paste Rainbow 3* and 4* teams

Click for Strongest with 1*/ 2* ascension items
Click for 3* ascension item advice
Click for discussion of 5* 2.60 and 5* 3.70 heroes

5* 2.60 and 3.70

5* 2.60 is generally weaker than 4* 3.60 .

5* 3.70 is generally weaker than 4* 4.70 .

The Devs have said this is by design.

5* 3.70 Exceptions

There are several exceptions- Alberich, Joon, Natalya and several others- are all very powerful at 5* 2.60 and 5* 3.70.

These are usually heroes with specials that do not do damage ( revive, heal over time, mana over time ) have a very powerful secondary effect ( 6 turn blind, non dispellable DOT, non dispellable debuff, zero initial damage with 100% DOT to bypass reflect damage and high defense stat ) or have powerful secondary effect not found in 4* Heroes ( Crush of Hel until Scar of the Depths was added ).

5* 3.70 follow the rule

There are many heroes that 5* 3.70 are worse than a similar 4* 4.70 hero- Lianna, Horghall, Sartana, Quintus, Marjana, Azlar, and many others.


5* 3.70 Marjana is weaker than 4* 4.70 Kelile.

These are usually heroes with specials that are pure damage, partial damage and partial DOT, or a slow mana speed version of a 4* heroes fast mana speed, or average mana speed, special ability.