[Primer] Double Strong colors on team Part 1

Missing color tiles

Parts of the original post are severely out of date due to the addition of Elemental links, Challenge event heroes bypassing Elemental barriers for matching Challenge events, Arrow Barrage replacing the revenge bar, and our current understanding of the damage formula

I believe all matching color heroes’ Attack stat are added for tiles damage is due to effect of missing color on matching mechanics ( see above )

Mana bar

This is not needed for Special attacks because one tile adds the same mana to ALL matching mana bars

1x Blue tile adds mana to ALL Blue heroes ( as little as zero and as high as x5 )

So 1x Blue tile gives 500% mana for a 5x Blue hero team

If the team is 5x Magni, then you effectively get 5x the damage per tile from Special attacks

Tinted attacks

While defense team normal/ slash attacks appear to be tinted attacks, not true color attacks IS probably due to Titans like you speculate.

Purple/ Yellow titans would be much harder to defeat if five strong color teams took double damage.

Red/ Green/ Blue titans would be much easier to defeat if five strong color teams only took half damage.

Since Empires was a rushed game, Raid defense just used the code for titans’ normal/ slash attacks

Raising Troops

To complete the discussion of color stacking mechanics

troop effects need to be split among different heroes

Otherwise 1x Bypass troop would carry more weigh than 1x Mana troop

By splitting the effects, you need to raise multiple Bypass, and Crit, troops just like you need to raise multiple mana troops

Unlike tiles, normal/ slash, and Special attacks, this does not appear to be a game balance decision.

This appears to be a monetize decision since troops could have been color neutral, already maximum effect and additive but instead are color matching, non additive and require leveling for maximum effect


(What Is Elemental Damage? - A Guide to Elements - #61 by Gryphonknight)

(What happens in a red color stack when Marjana is blinded, Ares has a crit buff and Gravemaker has 30% wound? OR Color stacking and RNG ( buffs, debuffs and talents ))