Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers

Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers

This is all @madmarv 's fault.

This team of 4* heroes is awesome for auto play.

Wu Kong Grinder gang ( rainbow team )

Melendor, Kiril, Rigard, Boldtusk, Wu


This team works because Wu Kong and Melendor are glass cannons ( high attack, lower defense, lower HP ) so more healers the better.

The healers are different colors so mana charges at different speeds. Healers are heal all allies. All heroes are average mana speed.

Gambler’s stance accuracy debuff does not effect ally healing.

Boldtusk and Kiril boost attack. Kiril boosts defense. War Cry and Blessed Brew will overwrite each other, but different colors mean their mana fills up at different rates.

Gambler’s stance works best with special skills that attack all enemies or tile/ matching damage or combos ( see links ). The more individual attacks, the better chance most will hit, and any hits do insane amounts of damage due to Gambler’s stance stacking with War Cry or Blessed Brew.


Sabina can replace Rigard ( also purple ) or Melendor ( also a dispeller )


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( [Math] Gambler's Stance and Martial Prowess ( and Mystic's Virtue )- Update with Zimkitha and Mother North )

Update for Map Season 3



Oh now this sounds interesting. Next Titan (on rare reflect yellow ATM) I’m giving this a go too. It has many possibilities.


Great autofarm idea.

Thanks @Gryphonknight / @madmarv


Hmm, did I forget to mention the order matters with this team? It should be Melendor, Rigard, Kiril, Boldtusk and Wu. Because of the auto-play rules for firing specials there are only a couple of arrangements that don’t trip over their own feet while protecting the squishiest heroes.

  1. Melendor is the squishiest healer of the bunch so he goes furthest left.
  2. Kiril’s attack buff is weaker than Boldtusk’s so Kiril must be to the left of BT in case they both charge up at the same time. Otherwise Kiril could overwrite BT.
  3. Wu Kong goes to the right wing so that he fires last. He is also the squishiest hero among the group so needs to stay in the wing. The wings have a slight advantage in avoiding being targeted by SS that can hit target+nearby heroes.

The whole point of this team is to get Kiril or BT’s attack boost while also using Wu Kong’s buff to make all tiles into a fairly dangerous rainbow. I haven’t tried auto-farming the S1 map with it, but I think it should do OK up to Province 20 maybe. My alt account is more or less stuck below Province 20 until I can get enough maxed 4-star heroes. On S2 I’d like to say that I’ve tested it enough through Province 9 but I’ve really only spot checked against the bosses that look tough. Kage eats this team for breakfast even on normal difficulty and the run-of-the-mill boss monsters sometimes get lucky. You can maybe expect a 90% win rate on S2 Provinces 1 - 9 on Normal.



Great idea. I replaced Mel with Tarlak.
Works wonders. You get :+1::+1::+1: from me. :wink:

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Tried on S1-23-9. It works very well! :wink:

Was fun to watch the autorun since the boss kept dispelling all the buffs and my team kept buffing each other.

Failed on 23-11 though. The dark lord is too tough. :sweat_smile:

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I like

Melendor, Kiril, Rigard, Boldtusk and Wu.

Spaces out Melendor and Rigard, with the two strongest heals.


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I am gonna try that lineup immediately. Fantastic idea and great name for it.


What if Boldtusk is replaced by Wilbur?

Possible but less optimal.

The purpose of autorun is to let it run without looking.
BT is in there to maximise the damage dealt in combination with Wu due to Kiril’s short duration and also the heals keep the team alive.

Share damage can be argued to be workable but the main point is that the heals keep the team ALIVE!!!


Wilbur = BT + kiril without healing (more def buff while def debuff take the attack buff role)

The idea of danage sharing is to prevent a hero die before they can be healed. If melendor heal for 400 health and wu kong already lost 800 hp, only 400 will be replenished but by dividing it into 5, all 160 damage across 5 heroes will be healed.

That’s why I said it is workable but heals are still preferred.

The purpose is to not look at the screen. Heals work better in that sense.

What you are saying is to have optimal skill usage which means you have to be looking at the game.

You have to understand the term “I don’t care if the heals overlap as long as my team is alive”.

When I read the idea above I tried it immediately as I can imagine how it would run in the game. One of the very best ideas I have read in a while.


Do you have Wilbur? I can’t try it because I don’t have him…:sweat_smile:

Trying now and not looking at the game on 23-9.

Should not be an issue with winning.

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Woohoo! Regained my Regular status.

Just finished 23-9. Won but I lost Wu in the 2nd wave.

Less optimal as compared to having BT to heal and keep the team alive.

Also, notice the heroes that this strategy uses. All tc20 heroes which makes it easier on those who are F2P/C2P.


cool idea works well😀

Yes the TC20 heroes were a big factor in the team composition. I think the autofarm team works better with a Proteus in place of Wu and a Vivica in place of Rigard. That would be a bit harder for a F2P / C2P player to find. For that matter 5-star healers in general would work even better but I wanted to keep this template down to the most common heroes to maximize the appeal of the idea.

I’m far from C2P and I still haven’t gotten Vivica.


I still think Wu works better than Proteus in the composition.
For the fact that the team relies heavily on tile damage.

Your team of rainbow healers with Wu is ideal from my perspective.
Auto farm teams are best to have heavy healers. Wu just makes it all the better.

The only exceptions that makes it better (tough to get) would be to replace Wu with Viv and Mel with Tarlak.

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In theory this is true but after observing many auto farms it really doesn’t matter because your red may charge before your blue anyway with the random boards

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on your forum addiction, er, dedication. :innocent: