[Links, Links, Links ] Waiting for 5* heroes or effective use of 4* and 3* Hero teams from Legendary training- Updated 2018-Jun-03

[Links, Links, Links ] Waiting for 5* heroes or effective use of 4* and 3* Hero teams from Legendary training- Updated 2018-Jun-03

==Getting the most out of your 3* heroes, 4* heroes and farmable ascension materials==

Leveling heroes

Grave Damage

Strongest heroes with only farmable ascension materials

Saving 3* and 4* heroes you don’t plan to level right now

==Play styles, prepping for legendary training==

Hoarding food and recruit for legendary training

Minimum buildings for Legendary training

Recruit bank

Hoarding finished heroes to level the 4* hero you need to fill a hole in your best team

==Advice and General Info==

==Advice for defense teams==

Primer defense teams

4* Tanks from legendary training

==Additional advanced reading==

B Score for Titan loot

Why do people use 3 or 4 color teams?

Double colors


Just wanted to give a shout-out to Gryphonknight for his/her awesome work and great informational posts. Granted, some of the info is a bit over my head but if I slow down and re-read it, I usually get the gist. The information is great for strategic planning and gives me ideas on how to experiment with my teams. So once again, thx for all the work. Keep it up :grinning:


First thank you.

Second, if you can rephrase the parts you don’t understand, and add it as a reply, it will be a HUGE help to other forum members also trying to master the same game mechanics. My posts carry language and cultural assumptions I can never 100% remove.

First of all, you’re welcome…your posts are a great help for strategizing and figuring this game out. I have been sharing both your findings and recommendations with my alliance and it helps them too. As far as what I said about some of the information being difficult to digest, I believe the problem is not on your end. I am going to take a wild guess and say you probably work in a scientific field e.g. engineer, mathematician, physicist, etc. Your posts are a model of scientific consistency, but a little hard to follow at times (some of the math, etc ). As I said before, I don’t think the problem is on your end. its not your fault if im a bit of a dummy and need to go slow to make sure I’m comprehending things correctly…I hope I’ve explained myself well enough. Keep up the great work. Later.

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That is why I value other forum users “translating my posts into layman “. The data doesn’t help anyone if no one understands it.

I try an split them into three sections

What I tell my alliance fellows
What I discuss on forums
What math backs up my recommendations

This helps others find flaws in my reasoning, other options, discuss it with other layman.

I’m playing from 7 month… I have 2 training camps at level 20… it’s normal that I have done 80 herpes and I’ve got only 3 stars??? I spend 70/100 € every month and I do multiple elementaly calls (2600 gems everytime) and here only 3 dove stars herpes in 7 month… if the game give me nothing I will spend nothing more!!!

The game is pnly a game - it goves nothing.

I have been a spender. My first few 10x were 50% 4*. I have pulled Rigard and Justice on single pulls and had Nayalya as a bonus HOTM once.

Now my 10x pulls in elemental summons have been almost all 3*, and every hero a dupe.

Luck changes - the game does not.

I was wondering if anyone had any info of the eligible 5* heroes that can be had via Legendary Training? I’ve been fortunate enough to have gotten four 5* heroes via Legendary Training . One was a double, but all have slow mana builds. I much prefer Legendary Training over epic or elemental summoning. I’ve only received 3* heroes when summoning in my last 37 attempts. Quite terrible especially compared to my luck with Legendary Training.

If you go to the epic summon gate, you can scroll through the examples of potential summons and view their stats and special skills. With the exception of any event heroes (right now, the sand heroes), all the heroes available in this list are also available through a level 20 training camp.

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Thanks for the tip! My poor luck using Epic Summons continues as I just received another 3*! I’m not really sure why I bother. Kind of like playing the Lottery and always losing.