Domitia - my shiny new hero

Your yellow roster

Thank you for the compliment.

Your yellow hero situation is different from your purple hero situation ( edit: actually, I may be confusing you with another user ). This is why I always say “What else is in your roster”

One of the weird things about Empires is 4* 3.60 > 5* 2.60 > 3* 3.50. So Domitia 5* 2.60 will actually be more powerful than Tyrum 3* 3.50 and Balthazar 3* 3.50.

3* ascension items are 3x as plentiful as 4* ascension items so by the time you get the 6x Tabards and 8x Trap Tools for a 5* purple, you have 18x Trap Tools or 10x extra trap tools. You can use that to level two 4* heroes to 4* 4.70 or two 5* heroes to 4* 3.70 . If you had better options for 4* purple ( I am drowning in them so I have the problem of too many for my purple Hero XP ) but without better options, Domitia at 5* 3.70 might be your best bet.

Gem summons

Guardian Jackal gets all the attention ( for a lot of good reasons ) but Guardian Falcon is actually the more powerful hero at both 4* 3.60 and 4* 4.70 because his Elemental defense debuff affects up to 3 targets and his defense stat is comparable to a red 5* hero BEFORE you use emblems on him. With the addition of Wilbur to the game, Guardian Falcon is over powered.

I will keep doing three 1x summons per Guardians until I get Falcon. I would not mind a second Jackal or a second Falcon once I get a first one.

In fact I just power leveled the following rainbow team from 4* 4.50 to 4* 4.70 so I could put emblems on them for war- Tiburtus 4*+5, Jackal 4*+1 ( has to compete with Scarlett 4*+7 ), Kiril 4*+1 ( has to compete with Proteus 4*+7 ), Boldtusk 4*+5, Hansel 4*+1 ( has to compete with Rigard 4*+8 ).

Until I got Jackal and Joon, I used a 4* 4.70 and a 4* 3.60 Wu Kong in war. Not a lot of purple centers at my alliance level, or my Wu Kong 4* 3.60 would still be getting a lot of use.

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I actually wasn’t planning on collecting when it happened, I had been adding recruits to train but instead I hit the icon and started collecting. 3* karil came up and I couldn’t stop it so I had to go on. All 3s until number 9 which was my 3rd Kiril, last one up was khagan. I was happy. Tc20 worked…lol. Since I collected there, I went to others and collected. Next I collected and again all 3s with a 3rd Wu then last was Elena. Great! On last tc I collected and first up was actually Vivica, I hoped to see more but only 3s followed. But 3 5s in 1 day was fine by me. 2 reds wasn’t the greatest thing and Vivica is a great healer but I have joon waiting for 1 dart. So tomorrow when I collect hopefully there’s a nice sartana, domitia, magni or lianna waiting(or all of them!!!)

I like Gretel too. I think she is underrated because Hansel is better, but she is a very solid 4 star hero.


I would love falcon or jackal. I’m done Atlantis normal up to 25 and hard to 18. Not many coins left to get and I wish I saved for poseidon, Ariel, etc. I have gotten lucky with 4s from there with triton(3rd 4* after melendor and Kiril) and I just maxed gaderius who has great synergy with Kiril and triton except that Kiril overwrites gads attack down from 42% to 30%. Can’t seem to get proteus(got amoenna and danzaburo who isn’t that bad). I do have 1200 gems saved as I went from c2p to f2p. With my building pretty much done the only thing is the 30 daily gems I miss. If I do pull in guardians I will likely get owl…lol) But panther would be great, can’t win if don’t play.

I look at Panther and Red Hood as the icing on the Guardians/ Grimforest cake. Falcon, Hansel, Jackal, Gretel are the real treat, and much easier to get. Even though nothing in this game is guaranteed.


Interesting. Power is not my only consideration on leveling those two, though. Using Prisca in Rare challenge events sucks, so I’d like to have one or two actually good 3-star purples for that. (Too late for Guardians, unfortunately, where these would do me the most good.) I’m also not in good shape at all for either paladins (except Sonya) or wizards (except Onatel) so both of these would help in class trials. (By comparison, the two trials involving rogues like Domitia - Survival and Shadows - are two of the only three I’m already completing with the roster I have.) And who knows what I’ll need for raid tournaments that are limited to 3-stars? If it comes up the one where healing doesn’t work, that makes Prisca even more useless, and I don’t have a purple backup for that case. Still, It’s good to know that a 2^60 Domitia would be preferable to a 3^50 3-star when it comes time for war, where I’m still building bench depth.

Using that same principle, though, gives me justification to take Poseidon to 2^60 before leveling Kailani and Gan Ju. I’m in about equally bad shape for fighters, monks, and clerics (maybe worse on clerics, but Mneusses is my next green project). So if a 5-star 2^60 is better than a 3-star 3^50, Poseidon at 2^60 would be my second-best fighter class hero, only behind Valen because he is heavily emblemed. Plus, he’d be my third best available yellow unless I leveled a second Danzaburo, so he also builds war depth, even at 2^60.

So you’d vote for using my gems this week, even for only three pulls, for the chance to get Jackal or Falcon? Good to know. I haven’t run across that many of either of them at my raiding level, so I didn’t know that were that good. Certainly better to burn gems in hopes of getting either of two event 4-stars than trying a fool’s errand like trying to get Guin on three pulls!

This is what I was thinking. If the yellow 4-star options are that sparse, seems like you could have multiple Wu Kongs for multiple war teams, especially since (for me anyway) those last couple of flags end up being “hail Marys” anyway. Load up on buffers like Wu Kong, Melia, Brienne, etc. and hope to set off a nice combo.

Best of luck to you. In evaluating which classic 5-star blue I thought I’d most like, I concluded that Magni would be best. Glad to see you seem to agree with that. Makes me feel better about my evaluation skills.

Because I have more need in green, I’d like Hansel, but I certainly wouldn’t be unhappy with Gretel. Mana control, FTW!


Yes, I would. The odds of getting Jackal or Falcon are much higher than getting Proteus or Wilbur (because they’re the only event 4*). These are the only heroes (currently) with -holy and -fire debuffs, which makes them very valuable in all sorts of circumstances. You will find Jackal+Poseidon as a one-two shot will kill just about any hero. They are not usually on defense because their special really ought to be paired with a strong hitter or two of the same color, but color-stacking on defense is unusual (and the AI can be stupid in playing it).

This depends a lot on who you ask. Domitia has had two nice buffs: first widening her dispel from target to target+nearby, and recently increasing her damage nicely. A lot of longer-term players locked in an impression of her as hopelessly under-powered, and we’ve had a hard time updating that POV to the current reality. Quintus—hmm, if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an Isarnia/Quintus one-two, you’d have a different opinion.


Hadn’t thought of it that way. I thought it was great that I needed a lot of Atlantis heroes, so I should get one of the ones I need, but I could also get another Ameonna (or ANOTHER Danzaburo), and that would suck. And even if I just get a regular four-star from the summon, there are a lot of good ones I don’t have yet.

Uh, yeah. I’m thinking that would be the case. Yikes! C’mere, Kashrek, you stupid little gecko. I got a present for you. (I know that’s probably laughable to higher level players, but I’m still at the point that I really hate Kashrek tanks. I can take them, but they are really annoying.)

the AI can will be stupid in playing it.

Fixed it for you. This is why I still tank Danzaburo instead of Onatel. You can’t screw up Danzaburo’s special. I’ll swap to Onatel after the ascension, but probably not until.

I hope a lot of that is what was at play in this thread. So she used to be dispel target only? Ugh. That would be terrible. Probably half of why I use Melendor and Sabina’s dispels right now is Boril and Cyprian. Dispel target would be suicide.


Yes, Dom is good. I have Khiona but i like Domitia more. She’s very useful. She’s been in my defence couple of months now and i ripped the emblems away from Khiona and gave them to my sweet lovely sniper lady :slight_smile:


This is awesome logic. Multiple use is the best use.

Kailini is very niche. Gunnar ( almost a 4* Defense stat - better than glass cannon Grimm at 4* 4.70 ), Wilbur and Aegir have much wider uses.

Gan Jun is under powered as a 3* single target mana reduction, like all single target mana reduction, ( I keep pushing for 40% mana reduction for him and 50% for 4*, 60% for 5*, but no luck so far ).

Unlike multiple Banes ( I have three for war ), a Poseidon 5* 2.60 will be useful when you eventually level him to 5* 3.70 ( there are not a lot of yellow 4* snipers for war ) and possibly 5* 4.80 ( depends on your roster, my Isarnia keeps getting knocked down the list as I get other blues besides Kiril and my triple Grimms ).

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That’s quite the team you have there, @Nordjevel, at least compared to mine at the moment. If someone with a team like that still finds her useful, I feel lots better!

I believe we are kindred spirits, sir! Currently looking for time to lay out who I can use for what on a spreadsheet so I can decide which 3 stars can become food. Since picking up sorcerers Skittleskull and Ameonna, I think Graymane is gonna be toast. (Sucks that I maxed him, though.) Same with Renfeld now that I have another fighter in Poseidon. Once I level Tyrum, I think I’ll have just enough paladin depth to deep-six Prisca. (Hmm, three self-healers that are all garbage. Are you paying attention, SGG? These heroes are terrible.) I know I’ll eventually have to buy more hero capacity, but perhaps today is not (yet) that day!

I didn’t get either of the spirit linkers nearly as early as I would have needed to for them to be really useful. Leveling Gunnar now for 3-star raid tournament use. Kinda wondering what a Brienne, Melia, Gunnar combo might be able to do there. Yet another reason to put off leveling Kailani. I can’t imagine she’ll make a huge difference in cleric trials, even with spirit link. Maybe I’ll just roll with Hawkmoon and Mneusses until someone like Boril shows up; then Kailani’s fish food!

Good luck with that push; I think it would be a good change. I’ve only ever used Gan Ju in late stages of war when I want to use his mana cut to keep a healer from firing so I can do more damage before I flee. I will probably keep him for that purpose for a while, and may eventually level him for that reason. His cut by itself isn’t that great, but if I team him with Azar and Carver, it can make a little difference.

Yes, and I am looking forward to this. I suppose I could find someone that would knock him out of being next in line for orbs/darts, but given the entirety of this thread, it’s looking pretty doubtful! I so want there to be a Poseidon avatar for beating Atlantis. I would switch to it ASAP.

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Avatar is Ariel ( you can click on the Missions >> Complete Season 2 ( outline of a head with a ? ) >> Avatar Ariel appears. In fact you can do this for any reward outline of a head with a ?

Ugh. Didn’t notice that. Maybe for completing hard mode, then. Another mission that unlocks after you finish Complete Season 2. Hope springs eternal (until it is dashed, I suppose).

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I would really recommend against this. I know its only a 3* but you will get nowhere near the return using a max 3* as what you put in. I did it early on and ate a max friar tuck. Granted I have better healers etc but with war and raid challenges and trials i would love to have him back.

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I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I also have most of the other blue three-stars maxed, including Gato, and I have lots of better sorcerer options. His special isn’t really… well, special. It isn’t strong, doesn’t buff/debuff, doesn’t control mana. It hits a little and heals a little. Totally replaceable. So if I don’t need him for his class, color stacking, war depth, or his special, I’m just trying to decide what I’m keeping him around for. I probably won’t do anything until I put together my spreadsheet and see for sure that I don’t have any potential uses for him.

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Hero XP

This is a separate discussion of Hero XP.

Kerridoc is a huge fan of leveling with matching colors. Lots of benefits.

People leveling HotM in one day have saved for months.

Click for boring part

Falcon and Jackal ( together they fight crime)

Actually Joon >> Jackal >> Wu Kong on defense, but all three are better for attacking. Rumored Ranvir is a yellow 5* HotM Wu Kong that might be better on defense than these three ( but is still mostly attack oriented).

Boldtusk >> Falcon >> Wilbur on defense but they make an insanely powerful 3 red stack for attacking. Revive is insanely good with Boldtusk, Protect is insanely good with with Falcon and Withstand is okay with Wilbur.

Wu Kong 4* 3.60

Wu Kong actually has a very nice attack stat at 4* 3.60 for matching/ tile/ board damage.

Self Heal

Self heal really needs to be buffed to 90% similar to 1/8 Aegir or 100% similar to 8/8 Aegir.


Only recently got Melia.

Gunnar + Brienne seems awesome until you realize Gunnar is slow mana speed. Bump him to average and it would be nice.

Recovering Hero XP

Good points.

You lose 90% of Hero XP and all ascension items when you use a leveled hero to level another hero.

I still have my Graymane and Friar Tuck 3* 3.50 for these reasons but I am E2P so I have roster space.

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Oh, duh. That’s why I haven’t seen them on defense. Some days…

Totally agree. These heroes might be useful then.

Boo! Didn’t notice that. Thought we might have found a use for Kailani, but she is similarly slow. Oh well. If it were a good idea, I wouldn’t have been the first to think of it, I guess.

You are E2P, but you just got Melia? I believe you; it just struck me as odd. I’ve pulled her twice already. Not a big spender on Atlantis, I take it.

Clone Gunnar

Kailani’s Attack 429, Defense 453 and HP 729 make it difficult to find a use for this hero. Kailani really needs to be a yellow clone of blue Gunnar ( 387, 533, 656 ). Similar to the Melendor/ Sabina. And both Gunnar and Kailani could use an upgrade to average mana speed.

Gunnar is eventually replaced by Kiril. While Kailani is replaced by Wu Kong, Li Xiu and Hu Tao. And both are replaced by Wilbur.

Everyone 2 Play

Everyone 2 Play ( linky, linky )

Oops. I assumed E2P was “expensive to play”, as opposed to C2P being “cheap to play”. Seems I misunderstood. My fault. I do like your essay, and you may consider me one who has benefited from your philosophy.

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