Domitia - my shiny new hero

Interesting. Power is not my only consideration on leveling those two, though. Using Prisca in Rare challenge events sucks, so I’d like to have one or two actually good 3-star purples for that. (Too late for Guardians, unfortunately, where these would do me the most good.) I’m also not in good shape at all for either paladins (except Sonya) or wizards (except Onatel) so both of these would help in class trials. (By comparison, the two trials involving rogues like Domitia - Survival and Shadows - are two of the only three I’m already completing with the roster I have.) And who knows what I’ll need for raid tournaments that are limited to 3-stars? If it comes up the one where healing doesn’t work, that makes Prisca even more useless, and I don’t have a purple backup for that case. Still, It’s good to know that a 2^60 Domitia would be preferable to a 3^50 3-star when it comes time for war, where I’m still building bench depth.

Using that same principle, though, gives me justification to take Poseidon to 2^60 before leveling Kailani and Gan Ju. I’m in about equally bad shape for fighters, monks, and clerics (maybe worse on clerics, but Mneusses is my next green project). So if a 5-star 2^60 is better than a 3-star 3^50, Poseidon at 2^60 would be my second-best fighter class hero, only behind Valen because he is heavily emblemed. Plus, he’d be my third best available yellow unless I leveled a second Danzaburo, so he also builds war depth, even at 2^60.

So you’d vote for using my gems this week, even for only three pulls, for the chance to get Jackal or Falcon? Good to know. I haven’t run across that many of either of them at my raiding level, so I didn’t know that were that good. Certainly better to burn gems in hopes of getting either of two event 4-stars than trying a fool’s errand like trying to get Guin on three pulls!

This is what I was thinking. If the yellow 4-star options are that sparse, seems like you could have multiple Wu Kongs for multiple war teams, especially since (for me anyway) those last couple of flags end up being “hail Marys” anyway. Load up on buffers like Wu Kong, Melia, Brienne, etc. and hope to set off a nice combo.

Best of luck to you. In evaluating which classic 5-star blue I thought I’d most like, I concluded that Magni would be best. Glad to see you seem to agree with that. Makes me feel better about my evaluation skills.

Because I have more need in green, I’d like Hansel, but I certainly wouldn’t be unhappy with Gretel. Mana control, FTW!