Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more

This farming guide is my best effort to combine all the big farming data projects I could find with all the data I could collect. (Nearly 40,000 for Seasons 1, 2, and 3 as of Late May 2020.)

It includes what you can expect to get for all released levels in the game, plus special listings of the best places for filling monster and elemental chests, and for finishing the farming (avatar) missions for S2 and S3, and how Atlantis Rises changes the farming in S2.

Barry Farmz Here: Summary – Google Docs Spreadsheet Link

If you wish to contribute data, I moved the instructions and invitation to reply#3 in this thread

Credits: (To borrow and likely mutilate a quote, I could only see so far because I stood upon the shoulders of giants.)

Hotdamnmess’ Farming Guide is where I started working trying to work with farming from based on real collected data. I’d like to thank @hotdamnmess for all her work in getting almost 7000 farming runs recorded in that project. I would like to thank everybody else who has contributed level farming runs, data entry, and spreadsheet work on that project, who are probably too many for me to list if I could even try to find who you all were!

Several people have personally collected an amazing amount of farming data, and have shared their data with me, giving me thousands more data runs. Thank you for sharing your data with me, @Pois1, @Biermeister, @gregschen, and especially @PekaJ who not only collected a lot of data personally but (mostly) automated data entry from screenshots, without which I wouldn’t have a quarter of the data I’ve got for S3!


One of the things I want to do with this project is to let YOU (if you like spreadsheets) crunch the data, and do your own analysis of all my data. I’ve done some specific things to make it clean and easy to import the data.

Watch this space; when I have it cleaned up and properly packaged, I’ll provide a link here.

Yes, things like this. I did a moderate bit of database-style design in how I constructed this spreadsheet, and I’d be happy to point you to the place where the stats are filtered by a minimum run count.

I actually wanted to do something where the minimum run count varied based on what was statistically valid data for various things–10 runs seem more than sufficient for recruits, and 100 runs seem marginal for 4* crafting mats. (I don’t claim to actually understand proper thresholds here, just that lower drop rates need more samples!)


You say you want to contribute to this project? Why thank you, I’m glad you offered!

I’m collecting data for Season 3, especially as new provinces are released, and in addition, I’m still collecting data from Season 2; if you are still finishing that up, I would appreciate your farming runs, as there are many stages that could use additional data for accuracy.

Best way to help is by uploading your own farming runs. Please get in touch with me and I’ll set you up:

  • Best is by my Line ID: barrywuzhere
  • I’m also on discord, although I don’t claim to understand discord enough to give you a contact link. I’m on the 7DD server as well as a couple others, and go by Barry Wuz Here there as well
  • I’ll set you up and you can upload images for OCR scanning into a Line chat group. I would like a way to do this via discord, but I’m not knowledgable to make this work.

There some other ways you may be able to contribute:

  1. Directly enter your own farming runs in this data entry specific version of the spreadsheet. (It is pretty simple if you’ve ever operated a spreadsheet) NOTE1: Don’t use this link to figure out where to farm. It only holds partial data that will get updated into the main sheet regularly. NOTE2: For most people this is way more work than uploading images in Line, but it is still there.
  2. If you are really good at spreadsheets and/or statistics, perhaps you can help me on some of the trickier/more subtle things about it.
  3. If you have already collected a lot (100+) of farming runs in your own spreadsheet, I would love to translate/import your data with you or for you; I’ve done a few versions of this already.

This is a great idea to bring together the various data sets, well done!

Are there particular areas where you feel the data is thin? Is there good coverage of all of Season 2 so far through Province 18?


Thanks for all of your hard work!!!


All of you folks obviously put a huge amount of time into something that all of us can use that doesn’t cost any gems(Lol). Thank you so very much for such a valuable asset to enhance gameplay. This silver haired battler really appreciates it :+1:t3:


There are very definitely thin spots, especially in the last two sets of provinces to open up.

In the collective upload of screenshots / data entry section, there is a LOT of data captured but not entered yet; I could use some data entry volunteers to catch up.


Makes sense.

How does this intertwine with @hotdamnmess’s data collection at this point? Will the data continue to be shared between the projects, or are you essentially forking and diverging going forward?


It’s nice to see something happening in the field. I tried to get some info on stages 16-18 lately, but couldn’t find any reliable data (all this while 19-21 are about to be released).

Keep up the good work, mate!

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I started with all the data I could use in her project imported into mine. If she does continue to add data, I want to add those updates.


I know that there are plenty of players who are excited to charge through new levels as soon as they open … I’d love to find a handful who are willing to capture and submit their results!

I’ve found that some things need a single sample (XP), some average out nicely with a small number (food, iron, recruits), and some have very low drop rates and need a lot of data. (4* crafting mats, heroes, troops)


I typically do all of the new Atlantis levels pretty quickly. I could give you data from a single run of each stage if that’d be helpful.


Yes, please! If I get 10 people to do that I’ll have a great start and be able to see what looks promising quickly!


I don’t have much data as I don’t have tons of overflowing energy, but here are a few runs:


Even s1 has thin spots for item-specific loot data… in case anyone has some of that stashed away.

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I hope you back it up regularly…I had 30 supposedly tech savvy people update a spreadsheet and they kept messing it up. I ended up backing it up 3x a day to keep it safe.


That’s a good point.

It might actually be worth having a separate sheet for data entry, or even use a form that posts data to a collection sheet.


Are the drop rates per world energy point, or per stage run?

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I’m kinda paranoid about losing data … and I did make an entire separate sheet for data entry already–that is a great idea.

@KLinMayhem, All the results are drop rate per WE in the sheet, all the data entry is drop rate per farming run (or combined loot ticket run), and I do have a few oddball calculations that multiply it out for samples per farming run in there someplace


Yeah, S1 results are thin in places … but it has been farmed for a long time, so I don’t expect to find any big surprises there. S2 still has new things to discover!

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